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ii Super 60 methodology

ii Super 60 investments

How we pick the ii Super 60

The Super 60 is designed to provide a menu of high-quality choices suitable for all investors, regardless of experience. These are not personal recommendations but a trustworthy shortlist of rated investments from which you can choose. Our flat-fee pricing means you can be assured we have no vested interests in the selections.

Below is a summary of our robust selection and monitoring process. A more detailed version is available here.

Initial screening
We look at hundreds of available tradeable funds and pick the most viable for full review.


Performance analysis
Funds that have delivered consistently superior returns (or lower tracking errors) are selected.


Cost assessment
Those we consider to be unreasonable value for money are filtered out.


Risk profiling
Any with relatively poor risk characteristics are eliminated.


Qualitative assessment
An in-depth look at how a fund is run, using external analysis for added detail.


From a 260-strong shortlist, the 60 we believe to be the most suitable are discussed by our Investment Selection Committee.


Review and refresh
Selections are continuously monitored. Any that fall below our standards are flagged, formally reviewed and potentially replaced.

The process, selection and ongoing management of the Super 60 is also monitored by ii’s Investment Governance Committee. The Selection Committee fully reviews the Super 60 every quarter and repeats the entire selection process once a year.

Note: this is an abbreviated version of our methodology. For the full version please click here