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Schroder Income

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under review This Super 60 fund is currently under formal review. Find out more

Asset Group Asset Sub-Group Investment Category
Equities UK equity income Adventurous

Selection rationale:
Managed by Kevin Murphy and Nick Kirrage, this fund operates under a rigorous deep-value investment approach.

Murphy and Kirrage’s investment process starts with several valuation screens. They aim to identify companies that are trading at significant discounts to their perceived fair values and take a three to five-year view on the stocks they are buying. The key difference here is the greater focus on dividends. They are ideally looking for stocks with a high dividend yield and income growth. Unlike many peers, they are willing to invest in companies that have cut their dividends if they believe it reflects an inflection point in the company’s strategy and share price.

Significant deviation from its FTSE All-Share benchmark, in terms of the sectors and sizes of companies it is exposed to, can result in a performance profile that looks erratic on a calendar year basis. It did not do well in 2015 or 2019, for example.

The managers believe that, given the strong run by growth versus value over the last few years, it could be time for value funds to outperform once again. Their deep value style makes this a good complement to a core UK equity income fund.

Income is paid half yearly. The fund currently yields 6%.

Please note: As a result of recent extreme economic conditions, many companies have temporarily stopped paying dividends or have significantly reduced the amount they are paying out. This means the income that is likely to be achieved by funds and trusts in the near future may be far less than the historic yield quoted in the portfolios.

September 2020

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Under formal review Under Formal Review

The Schroder Income Fund is included in the ii Super 60 list of rated funds as an Adventurous option within the UK Equity Income category.

In line with our stated methodology, the investment selection committee decided to put the fund under formal review on 3rd August 2020 following an extended period of underperformance. Our in-depth review process will consider the various factors that contributed to the return profile of the fund, and will include a review of the team, investment process and portfolio positioning.

(3 August 2020)

Risk warnings

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