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The interactive investor (ii) Index gives a unique insight into customers' investment performance. Created in 2020, it charters the highs and lows of investments up to April 2024.

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The ii Index - Q1 2024

We’ve published the latest interactive investor (ii) Index (formerly called the ii Private Investor Performance Index). Each quarter, our ii Index does a deep dive into what ii customers are investing in, and how they have performed. Our Index data now goes back 4 years with the average interactive investor customer up 18.4% over the period.

Q1 2024 proved to be the best first quarter of any year since the index launched, with the youngest investors (18–25-year-olds) continuing their winning streak. ii’s youngest investors were up 5.1% versus +4% for the average customer in the first quarter of this year. This compares to the 4.15% achieved by the Investment Association (IA) Mixed Investment 40-85% shares sector. We use this IA sector as a comparator with private investor (ii) portfolios because of its mix of bonds, cash, and equities. 

ii’s youngest age cohort also outperformed other age groups over the 12-month period to the end of March 2024, returning 12.9% compared to 10% for the average ii customer. 

Gilt-y investing

We’ve also seen an increase in the popularity of bonds, following a surge in bond yields on expectations that interest rates will stay higher for longer. This has come at a cost to existing bond holders, as higher yields have an inverse relationship with bond prices

Download the full report from the link below.

Commenting on the Q1 2024 ii Index, Lee Wild, Head of Equity Strategy, interactive investor:

Despite having to navigate some dizzying twists and turns in the investment landscape since the start of 2020, and off the back of the longest bull market run in history, private investors managed to generate positive returns. The ups and downs of financial markets mean that our Index isn’t always going to make for comfortable reading. But this one-of-a-kind comprehensive snapshot of how self-directed private investors are faring reinforces the importance of staying invested through the turbulence, and how a well-diversified portfolio can weather market turbulence over the long-term.

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