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A Message from Richard Wilson

An update from Richard Wilson, Chief Executive of interactive investor

To our valued customers,

Brand Update

We have had the privilege to serve several hundred thousand customers for approaching 25 years. During this time, we have focused on providing the tools, choice and insight you need to support your investment needs. We have always been understated because it is about you, not about us. And today we remain relatively unknown to the general public.

So that more people can get to know us and, like you, take direct control of their financial future, we are taking some steps to become more visible. We are going to be clearer about what we stand for, and that we will stand behind the fight for sensible, transparent charges, freedom of choice, and unbiased information. To mark this we will refresh our branding so it is bolder, you will see this on the website and the mobile app.  

What does this mean?

We will fight to provide you with better value. As the country’s largest flat-fee provider we already provide the best value for many. Customers have different needs however and we can do better. In the next few months we will be offering different service solutions, so you can choose what is best suited to your needs.

We will fight for better choice. We already offer the widest choice of investment products. With 40,000 equities across the global markets, all the major currencies, a whole spectrum of funds, investments trusts, and ETFs, and rigorously-selected and researched products, such as our Quick Start Funds and Super 60, you have a large universe to choose from. We can do better. We are working on providing better guidance and search tools to make these choices easier including the introduction of model portfolios.

We will fight to provide better intelligence. With approaching 25 years of experience in helping people invest, we bring you impartial, expert content from our award-winning financial journalists, highly engaged community of investors, and daily newsletters and insights. We also provide free access to both Money Observer and Moneywise magazines online to help you make better investment choices. We will make it easier to access and read content with our improved news hub on the website. We can also do better at understanding what is relevant to you and providing you with insight in a form that suits you when you want it.   

We will fight to give you better support. Our award-winning platform and service has tools you can trust to help you become a better investor. We can do more. We will continue improving the App, improving the trading experience, making it easier for you to add and withdraw funds, easier to vote on AGMs, easier to model your portfolio, easier to see insights and reports on your trading. Today 93% of customer reviews are Excellent or Good. We need to be better. 

And, at the root of our commitment to choice, value, and insight, stands a financial institution where the security of your assets is sacrosanct. Interactive Investor administers over £20 billion of your assets, these are yours, not ours, and they are securely maintained within nominee and UK trusts.

All client money is FSCS protected and unlike banks it is not commingled on our balance sheet. With over £100m of net assets and no debt we also have one of the strongest balance sheets of any UK investment firm. We do not speculate, we do not lend and, courtesy of our flat-fee subscription pricing and commission credits, our profitable financial model is not dependent on the short term vagaries of the stock market. 

Join the discussion

We are excited about the opportunity to serve you. To serve you better we must listen. What would you like to see more of? What new products and services can we offer? How can we help you to be more financially independent? Help us fight for you by e-mailing your views to interactivehelp@ii.co.uk or contacting us via secure messaging. 

Thank you for your consideration and thank you for being a customer of interactive investor.

Richard Wilson
Chief Executive of interactive investor

February 4 2019