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ISA fees and charges

You could be up to £30k better off thanks to our low, flat fees.

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Important information - investment value can go up or down and you could get back less than you invest. If you're in any doubt about the suitability of a Stocks & Shares ISA, you should seek independent financial advice. The tax treatment of this product depends on your individual circumstances and may change in future. If you are uncertain about the tax treatment of the product you should contact HMRC or seek independent tax advice.

Stocks & Shares ISA fees and charges

When you open a Stocks and Shares ISA you will start on our £4.99 a month Investor Essentials plan. Should your investments grow above £50,000, you will move onto our £11.99 a month Investor plan. 

  • Investor Essentials plan: £4.99 a month. Our low-cost plan for those investing up to £50,000. UK and US trades are £3.99.
  • Investor plan: £11.99 a month. Our most popular plan. It includes your first trade free every month and you can add as many Junior ISAs as you need for your children. You can also add 2 friends or family members for free. UK and US trades are just £3.99. 
  • Super Investor plan: £19.99 a month. For super-charged investors. Your first 2 trades are free every month and you can add as many Junior ISAs as you need for your children. You can also add up to 5 friends or family members for free. UK and US trades are just £3.99.

All our plans allow you to invest as little as £25 a month using our free regular investing service.

Other fees such as stamp duty and foreign exchange charges may apply.

On Investor Essentials, you must be set up to pay your fees by direct debit, and receive your communications electronically. Full terms for our Investor Essentials plan can be found here.

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Analysis shows you could be better off by £30k over 30 years of investing in an ii ISA due to our low flat fees. This is just for illustration if all other factors were the same. The advantage of lower flat fees over time means that you could be significantly better off in the long run. By how much will always depend on your personal circumstances. More about our analysis

How are the ISA charges paid?

The easiest way to pay ISA charges is to set up a Direct Debit when you open your account.

If you haven't set up a Direct Debit then we will take payment from the available cash in your account.

Are there any charges for transferring my investments to an ii ISA?

No, it is free to transfer to or from another provider. However, you should check for any exit fees from your existing providers.

Keep more with our free regular investing service

  • Top up your ISA with a regular monthly direct debit.
  • It's free - you'll pay no trading fees with regular investing.
  • This 'little and often' approach can be less risky and more profitable.

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Free Regular Investing

Dividend reinvestment in your ISA

  • With interactive investor, you can automatically reinvest your dividend payments for just 99p.
  • The minimum dividend value you can reinvest is £10.
  • You won't pay tax on dividend reinvestment in a Stocks and Shares ISA.
  • Automatic dividend reinvestment can only be used on income received in pounds sterling.

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