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ii WhatsTrading

Sign up for ii WhatsTrading – our innovative solution keeping active traders up to speed with the top buys and sells from our customers and giving you the chance to capitalise on trading opportunities.

Utilising the WhatsApp broadcast channel, ii WhatsTrading is a first for the UK Financial Services industry, providing lunchtime updates on the top buys and sells so far in the day, with links that will take you directly to the current price – helping you stay ahead of the game.

WhatsApp is a fully encrypted service, so you’re details are protected.

Timely trading insights

If you’re interested in securing these timely trading insights you can do so by following the instructions below and subscribing to the service:

  • Add 07725 621 695 to your contacts (save as ii WhatsTrading). Please note - broadcasts will only be delivered if you have us saved in your contacts list
  • Go into your WhatsApp, click on new message, select WhatsTrading and send us the message “JOIN”
  • N.B. Please ensure you send this message via WhatsApp – we are unable to guarantee subscriptions for those sent via text
  • You will receive a welcome message and your daily lunchtime updates will follow
  • We will aim to subscribe you within 24hours – however, in periods of high demand, it may take up to 2-3 working days for you to receive your first message
  • To unsubscribe from the service, simply send us a message saying “Unsubscribe” at any time

Important information

WhatsTrading is a broadcast only service which doesn’t provide service for incoming messages. If you have a question or query relating to your account, or our services, please contact our Customer Services team. Contact details for the team can be found here.
WhatsApp is a fully encrypted service, so your details are protected. However, please be vigilant. Your security is important to us, if you receive a message you deem to be strange or out of character for us, please contact our Customer Services Team immediately.