Brexit Wars 3



Good jobs being lost day after day… This from 2 car factories in the North West

The Tory Bullsht wont be able to hide this for long…

Production of a key Vauxhall Astra variant is being shifted to Germany from the UK, raising fresh fears for the firm’s Ellesmere Port plant in Cheshire.
Vauxhall owner PSA Group will make the Astra estate in Russelsheim from 2022 - ratcheting up pressure on Ellesmere Port and its 1,000 staff.

Jaguar Land Rover is axing 500 jobs at its Halewood plant near Liverpool as Britain’s biggest car maker continues to battle against falling sales.
The company (JLR) is slashing more than 10pc of its 4,000-strong workforce at the site, which makes the Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport models.


SBUK - good morning

One should never be sucked in by this Remainer scam just to fulfil some needy urge to belong in the BW3 echo chamber.

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Why don’t we just export the Windsors?

Might be more scope for it as a post-Brexit economic boost. Sell them all off or gift them to the yanks as part of the Trump trade deal.


Ain’t that the truth?





SBUK - hi

Unless you hadn’t noticed … things are different now as compared with last year. JD has obviously recognised (and accepted), this fact.

Unlike you (and others), who seem continually to want to hark back to the past - and live in it!

As my old mate Marcel Proust wrote you Remainers are ‘a la recherche du temps perdu’ - in search of lost time.

It’s not long now.

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Rather, why don’t we deport the Cabinet before they sell out the country totally?

And can you really believe that an unelected, petty adviser is being allowed to shape the Defence policies and expenditure of the UK?! Someone who is a Russophile and spent 3 mysterious years in Russia.

Cummings is probably microfilming the coastal defence maps right now to find the best beaches for Putin’s landing craft (avoiding the machine gun implacements put in by Priti Patel to machine gun Afghans and Pakistanis try to land refugee boats crossing the channel).

This would never have happened in the days of James Bond. Although there were the cases of Philby, Burgess and Maclean and Blunt and Blake…

Not much point in the Russians bothering to spy here anymore as they’ve now got their men in control in Number 10.




I agree…
are you on twitter.
seen a post with the same photo as yours saying…
amazed meghan is so lovely coming from that bag of sht (her father )


serious question is this you or HJ ??


What a mess Parliament Square will be next week with all then incontinent old men kettled there and drunken neo - Nazi skinheads vomiting all over the place?

Let’s hope for a massive counter demo and a riot. Though there is still time for the Corona virus to hit London and for all transport links to the north to be suspended.




Yeah, well you’ll find that the clods in the northern basket case towns will told by Liar Johnson next year that they can have Madeleine cakes as the country can no longer afford Hovis loaves.




Pete - hi

Are you blind … as well as stupid m8? I answered this question already (post 26238).
Just to help you out at this difficult time - here is the answer I gave.

Not me m8 … the guy’s too well dressed :grin:

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Hah! Buffoons like you want to return to the 1950s! Mind you, that’s the way it is going. In fact 1956 is a good comparison when Britain was humiliated by the USA and lost a massive amount of prestige and influence in the world due to the Suez Crisis.




Good morning Inspector Clouseau

I am on Twitter, but certainly didn’t tweet that.


Shame It expresses your views exactly


Over a quarter of Britons think that the threats of climate change are exaggerated

It would be interesting to research to what extent this “quarter” overlaps with the similar proportion of people who are self-declared racists according to social attitudes surveys. Also, similarly, what is the age profile of this quarter of the population? I suspect that most of them will be over 50’s Leave voters.

There is likely a “well of ignorance” in our society.


Frog in a tree


As we now know, all people of northern European descent have a proportion of genes which are residual from the time of miscegenation with Homo sapiens. I would like to see a genome study undertaken on Leave and Remain groups. I’d put a lot of money on the result showing a clear propensity of Neanderthal in the genes of Leave voters.

Not, of course, that there is anything wrong with being a Neanderthal per se, but obviously they are bound to be a bit on the “slow” side and with their very large mouths not well connected to their brains (e.g. Francois and Farage and the lumbering Yeti Liar Johnson).




Still a depressingly low proportion. Progressive people, obviously Remainers that is, also need to work hard at avoiding products made in England and go for ones with EU, Scottish and Northern Irish provenance. Certainly one must avoid stuff and services supplied by Brexit supporting companies or towns.

This is not a difficult discipline as little is made here. We need to burn the English house down so it can be rebuilt to a better European standard.




Terry Christian was a remainer. I rest my case.


Good move by Walloons:




Never heard of him.

What we do know is that politics is show business for ugly people and there has never been such a grotesque assemblage of knuckle - draggers in the House of Commons as the ones we have now. They are nasty on the outside and on the inside.