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Closed End Funds

A distinctive approach to maximising returns from closed-end funds

Currently in our universe, we have approximately 290 investable* closed-end funds trading on a discount. Through our intense focus on closed-end funds over decades, we have developed a unique and detailed research process which enables us to know, with confidence, which asset classes are worth investing in and are likely to bring the greatest reward to the investor. We put time and effort into understanding the underlying holdings and engaging with the Boards and management of closed-end funds with a view to optimising shareholder returns. AVI has decades of experience working with closed-end funds during which time we have honed our knowledge and skills allowing us to offer our investors diversified sources of returns and increased opportunity sets.

*AVI estimate, ‘investable’ is defined as closed-end funds having a market cap greater than £100 million. At 31 December 2019.