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Coronavirus: Views and insight from inside ii

Insight and Ideas

Analysis and opinion on how to steer your investments through the coronavirus crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic is uncharted territory for investors. For some, it is a new investment opportunity, while others are looking to minimise their risk. 

Investors often look to pick up some bargains when markets decline. History shows that the markets are likely to rebound in the future - potentially providing good returns over time. 

Please note: past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Moira O'Neill, our head of personal finance, gives her top tips for managing your investments during this time.

  1. Keep your investment costs low
  2. Use your tax relief
  3. Don't rush into decisions
  4. Time is on your side
  5. Consider drip-feeding your money
  6. Check your risk levels
  7. Think about your whole financial picture
  8. Protect your family and dependants

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Lee Wild, Head of Equity Strategy

"The big takeaway from this latest round of research is the 10 percentage-point drop in people ‘doing nothing’ compared with our first poll a month ago, and that is reflected in the 11 percentage-point increase in respondents increasing market exposure.

“It’s possible that some of this enthusiasm may have come during last week’s brief rally, but not all – there are still plenty of buyers around it seems.

“In just a week, we have seen a 13-percentage point jump to 39% in respondents thinking the FTSE 100 becomes a buy at 5,000. This likely reflects last week’s brief rally, with investors perhaps wishing for a second bite of the cherry at 5,000. With the market bottom impossible to call, they may get their wish.”


We are running an ongoing poll looking at people's plans for managing their investments. The latest poll was held between 25 March and 1 April.

The latest poll revealed:

  • 44% are doing nothing - down from 48% previously
  • 45% are increasing their stock market exposure (up from 38%)
  • 8% are reducing stock market exposure and moving into cash (down from 11%)
  • 3% are reducing stock market exposure and moving into gold (up from 2%)

What are ii customers investing in?

  • 58% of ii customers favour shares
  • 21% are investing in trusts
  • 9% are investing in passive funds
  • 5% are choosing ETFs

As for what point the FTSE 100 becomes a 'buy', 39% said 5,000; 31% said 4,500; and 16% said 4,000. 14% said they would wait for it to go even lower.

At ii, we are committed to putting you in control of your investments, regardless of what level of risk you are interested in. 

Our Super 60 and ACE 30 guides have been picked by our panel of experts, purely on quality and performance and free from commercial incentives. They cover a range of different sectors and regions, with options from core to adventurous. 

Regular investing helps cushion the impact

Our free regular investing service can help you ride out rough patches in the market by investing little and often. It does not guarantee better returns than investing a lump sum but, over a fixed period, you will have paid the average price of the share. This reduces your risk and gives you a smoother return. Read the full article

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These articles are provided for information purposes only. The content is not intended to be a personal recommendation. The value of your investments, and the income derived from them, may go down as well as up. If in doubt, please seek advice from a qualified investment adviser.

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