Brexit Wars 3



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Heres another for JAR ect to look for Whatabouts must be some other Politician or remainer who arranged for a tier 1 entrepreneur visas for girlfriend…


Sara Racano got put on the naughty step by ii for posting links to a white supremacist website. She also expressed admiration for Enoch Powell so we know where she is coming from. On the wrong side of every argument. A stereotypical Brexiter: far right, racist and conspiracy theory addict.


Frog in a tree


Is there a conspiracy between so called “disaster capitalists” who have made big financial bets which will come good if the UK leaves the EU without a deal - and a government that is determined to leave on 31 October - do or die?
There has been a lot speculation, that er… speculators who help fund the Conservative Party are set to win big on their bets against the pound and UK assets if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.
The current strain of this theory runs something like this - you Conservatives deliver a no-deal Brexit from which we will profit and we promise to bankroll the party in the coming election and beyond

There are always plenty of fans of compelling and dramatic narratives like this - but they don’t usually include the former chancellor of the exchequer and the former permanent secretary to the treasury - Nick (now Lord) Macpherson.
Philip Hammond said: “Johnson is backed by speculators who have bet billions on a hard Brexit - and there is only one option that works for them: a crash-out no-deal that sends the currency tumbling and inflation soaring.”
Lord Macpherson then backed him in the following tweet:

Mr Hammond is right to question the political connections of some of the hedge funds with a financial interest in no deal. They are shorting the £ and the country, with the British people the main loser. #soundmoney




Johnson is deliberately trying to make Brexit a civil war so that he can be the winner even if the country is the loser.

Much has been written about Boris Johnson’s use of language upon his forced return to parliament after the unlawful prorogation that never was. Many who witnessed his exchanges with the Labour MPs Paula Sherriff, Tracy Brabin and Jess Philips remain deeply, deeply distressed by his inflammatory language and wholesale disregard for the safety of MPs, our families and our staff. While his subsequent calls for calm fool no one, his refusal to abandon the term “Surrender Bill” is significant. It signals he knows that he has lost the battle over Brexit.

He may well have always known he could not deliver Brexit by 31 October, though I am not sure he is capable of long-term planning spanning multiple months. But what he did know was that he needed to win over the ageing arch-Brexiteers whose main, if not only, attraction was that their votes would hand him the keys to No 10. And as Tory members wanted an unconditional commitment to Brexit, that was what he promised, with all the florid phrases his expensive education could muster.

But now Johson’s increasingly lurid language tells us he knows he has lost. He is not going to “do” and he cannot allow his political career to die, neither in or out of a ditch. And what is the one way you can lose and still claim to be a winner? Well, if what you have lost is but one battle in a greater war.
Johnson needs a war. Not in order to deliver on Brexit by 31 October — he already knows he is going to sell out a project he only embraced for short-term personal gain. All Johnson’s talk about the “Surrender Bill” is designed to cushion his own inevitable surrender. He has promised to “get Brexit done” but failed to make any credible proposals to Brussels and prison is not a pleasant prospect.

Johnson needs a war to enable his political career to survive his failure on Brexit. He needs to be a good soldier in a war against the establishment, that peculiar part of the establishment which somehow doesn’t overlap with the Etonian old boys Network. That is why he is deliberately alienating the very Labour MPs he needs to get a deal through this parliament, MPs in heavily Leave seats who are suffering intense abuse. He doesn’t want a deal in Brussels or in parliament, he wants to be seen to be waging war on Brussels and parliament



and so what? Is “continuing to bring Europe together and uniting further” something bad? Would you prefer “driving Europe apart and dividing it further”? Obviously, but why? To satisfy misanthropy?

Making what happen? “continuing to bring Europe together and uniting further”? ok, let’s go!

But still I think that is just a slogan that can be interpreted in a thousand ways just like “take back control”.


Since always. Whole populations of indigenous people without immunisation died.

Can you just go away? Vaccination deniers are among the lowest of the conspiracy theorists, because they threaten lives of people that cannot fight back - their children - and worse, the children of other people that for medical reasons are not allowed to receive vaccination.

I bet what comes next is homoeopathy.


The problem is that the populist movements have highly contradictory demands. The italian Lega wants to distribute refugees and Orbans Fidesz wants to stop exactly that.

The austrian populists lost 10% last sunday and the greek neo-fascists went from 7% to 2.9%.

The problem are now the Brits where the populists have a 5th cohort in the government.


Your obsession with Soros puts you in line with all sorts of weirdos from conspiracy theorists to neo-nazis. Do you really want that?


Arsanias, I guess he is trying to couterbalance (counteract) the ‘theories’ about who funded (is funding) the Brexit campaign…whether it be Russia or ‘big hedge funds’/billionaire media tycoons. This is ‘probably’ uncomfortable for Brexiteers because they might begin to think they are pawns of ‘big money’. So the inevitable attempt to deflect attention to the likes of Soros…a Trumpian tactic used against the Central American migrant caravans.

PS I expect Soros has made money out of Brexit…shorting the £ (just like some of our Remainer brethren here). An ‘opportunity’ is an ‘opportunity’ even if you don’t agree with it…I suppose.


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arsanias - hi

Think what you like m8
I’m sorry if your lack of comprehension cannot distinguish between ‘take back control’ (a campaign slogan) and ‘ever closer union’ (a phrase written into all the EU treaties I quoted, which gives it legal status)


This is a gift with BREXIT… either way.
Loss already factored in.
“A day to remember in our time.”
Non starter or not…the Guy got the London traffic moving when others gave up.
Lets go for the gold…


not really sure what you mean but…
With all the giveaway Tory Bribes, Tax rebates and building hospitals (?) and increase of minimum wage anyone any idea how we are supposed to compete with India China and the USA.

mind you the Tories are such liars I guess nobody would expect them to implement any of them…


same again
“Take back control” but WHATABOUT "ever closer union "


Why the Tories will not talk to ITV …