Brexit Wars 3



Since always. Whole populations of indigenous people without immunisation died.

Can you just go away? Vaccination deniers are among the lowest of the conspiracy theorists, because they threaten lives of people that cannot fight back - their children - and worse, the children of other people that for medical reasons are not allowed to receive vaccination.

I bet what comes next is homoeopathy.


The problem is that the populist movements have highly contradictory demands. The italian Lega wants to distribute refugees and Orbans Fidesz wants to stop exactly that.

The austrian populists lost 10% last sunday and the greek neo-fascists went from 7% to 2.9%.

The problem are now the Brits where the populists have a 5th cohort in the government.


Your obsession with Soros puts you in line with all sorts of weirdos from conspiracy theorists to neo-nazis. Do you really want that?


Arsanias, I guess he is trying to couterbalance (counteract) the ‘theories’ about who funded (is funding) the Brexit campaign…whether it be Russia or ‘big hedge funds’/billionaire media tycoons. This is ‘probably’ uncomfortable for Brexiteers because they might begin to think they are pawns of ‘big money’. So the inevitable attempt to deflect attention to the likes of Soros…a Trumpian tactic used against the Central American migrant caravans.

PS I expect Soros has made money out of Brexit…shorting the £ (just like some of our Remainer brethren here). An ‘opportunity’ is an ‘opportunity’ even if you don’t agree with it…I suppose.


arsanias - hi

Don’t care - one way or the other m8


arsanias - hi

Think what you like m8
I’m sorry if your lack of comprehension cannot distinguish between ‘take back control’ (a campaign slogan) and ‘ever closer union’ (a phrase written into all the EU treaties I quoted, which gives it legal status)


This is a gift with BREXIT… either way.
Loss already factored in.
“A day to remember in our time.”
Non starter or not…the Guy got the London traffic moving when others gave up.
Lets go for the gold…


not really sure what you mean but…
With all the giveaway Tory Bribes, Tax rebates and building hospitals (?) and increase of minimum wage anyone any idea how we are supposed to compete with India China and the USA.

mind you the Tories are such liars I guess nobody would expect them to implement any of them…


same again
“Take back control” but WHATABOUT "ever closer union "


Why the Tories will not talk to ITV …


Last one going to play golf in the sun…

Article showig why the only gambit left for the ERG Leave nuts of
“we will be on the streets” is just a desperate ploy because they have of course nothing positive to argue for this fraud.


Did I hear yesterday that the promise of FULL fibre to ALL UK homes (into the home wherever you live) has been quietly downgraded to ‘fast’ broadband?!..someone was busy one night changing the words written on the barn door!!


A slogan is a slogan and definitely not “legal status”. That is plain wrong just as your claim brexit was now required by British law.


I think Ross is talking about LLOY, but got the wrong thread or something. Easy done when you’ve just got up and the first coffee hasn’t kicked in …

Plus he lives in his own world very largely …


Johnson promised ‘Gigabit’ broadband ‘as they have in Spain’.

So, it could mean anything, and he certainly isn’t going to pay for it, of that you can be sure.


Hey, @SaraRacano, we don’t all have ‘Gigabit’ broadband. Keep down the size of your fake news graphic posts, would you please?


I see that the whole vaccination debate has been wiped. Its a pity because I, Eadwig et al had comprehensively debunked Sara’s nonsense for all to see.




Did you? Obviously someone is very uncomftable reading over the subject!


Usual Clatter Trap on the News.
“The sky is falling.”
Where do they get these guys… Men of straw …


Where did you see that Oily? If true then that’s quite a backtrack.

Superfast > 30Mbps
Ultrafast > 100Mbps
Full fibre connection > 1,000Mbps

Usually, you can’t achieve ultrafast speed if copper is involved… so I’ve no idea how they could have a credible plan to achieve that across whole of UK by 2025. Nor… as Eadwig says how they can afford to pay for it all.

Sounds like the sort of promise made when you know you won’t be in Government or probably Politics at all a couple of years down the line.