Brexit Wars 3



Someone been predicting the collapse of the Euro… or the EU ?


More likely to do with the silly file size of those last 2 posts you made. I have a relatively good connection and I thought my computer had frozen …

Check the size before posting in future is my advice. Its easy enough to reduce them, just save them in a different format like .gif.


It was OK on my phone…


I don’t think the whole of the vaccination debate has been deleted. Certainly some of the early exchanges are still present including my posted NHS advice. I expect that ii have a concern with anti-vacc conspiracy theory being posted on their message boards.

Frog in a tree


Sorry about that…I flagged some of the SaraRacano vaccination garbage because it was ‘fake’ news (IMO) and didn’t deserve airing. The downside is that it removes the opportunity to debunk the myths, misinformation & half-truths.


Pete hi,
Presumably you have the same comprehension ‘issues’ then m8?


Heard it yesterday - possibly part of the Tory party conference - but don’t have a reference. At the moment the best I can say is it’s hearsay or my imagination (unlikely because I don’t have one :wink:).

I haven’t been able to confirm the full-fibre backtrack…but ‘presumably’ BoJo’s speech might mention it or more detail will come from the policies agreed by the conference.

The broadband industry have given a list of requirements they need to deliver on the BoJo full-fibre pledge. They are more than willing to attempt to deliver on it…but there would be a huge cost (which would undoubtedly increase from initial estimates). ‘Perhaps’ why ministers & the treasury may be trying to downgrade expectations.

As far as I’m aware the government doesn’t even require full-fibre on new builds (as part of building regs). It is always more difficult & costly to retrofit things like fibre optics (as far as I’m aware). But promises are easy when one has a ‘Magic Brexit Money Tree’ to pay for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Its OK for you ross, you’ve had your time and have nothing to lose.

The current older generation must be the most selfish as well as the most stupid in English history.




SBUK - hi
See you’ve been busy ‘liking’ arsanias & Pete’s attempts to say that a political slogan (take back control) has equal status as does part of EU treaties (ever closer union).
I thought you, at least, had sufficient intelligence (unlike others), to appreciate the difference.
Perhaps I was wrong m8?


I think he brought all the vaccination thread in just to needle everyone . good reason to ignore…


Johnson mentioned it on his first interview with the Today programme yesterday morning. I’m sure it will be still available on the BBC web site. I don’t believe he used the definitions you gave, which may have been purposeful, of course. ‘Gigabit’ I definitely remember and I don’t see how you get away from that being 1024Mbps.

Interesting idea including a certain level of connection in new build properties, Oily. Why not? You wouldn’t build a new property with no gas connection these days, would you?


Perhaps you missed a pertinent letter (on the issue of schoolchildren requiring to be vaccinated before attending school), when you read the Daily Telegraph this morning!
I have reproduced it here.
Our local cattery will not accept animals that have not been vaccinated. A vet’s certificate is required as proof.
What’s good for cats is good for kids?


I don’t care M8.




I think you missed pertinent words from my post. I guess talking about anything other BOJO lies cheating groping and Fraud is what you want but I have highlighted the words you missed…

I think he brought all the vaccination thread in just to NEEDLE EVERYONE . good reason to IGNORE…

PS are you and SARACAMO the same person ?


Pete hi,
No m8 - I’m unique


An audience member at a Conservative conference event addressed by Boris Johnson joked that Jeremy Corbyn should be hung, footage shows, amid growing concerns over the use of violent language in politics.
Video from a reception hosted by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) at the gathering in Manchester also shows another member calling the Labour a “traitor”.
The event was hosted by DUP leader Arlene Foster and the party’s parliamentary leader, Nigel Dodds, and attended by Mr Johnson.

In the clip from the prime minister’s speech, posted by Sky News, he can be heard suggesting that Mr Corbyn should be invited to “step quietly into a rocket” and sent “into orbit where he belongs”.
But an audience member shouts out to say Mr Corbyn should instead be told to enter “traitor’s gate”, while another simply shouts “a noose”. The comments are greeted with laughter.

Mr Johnson tells the audience: "Northern Ireland is part of the union with Great Britain, it is part of the United Kingdom, and let it remain so forever.
“Let’s get Brexit done, let’s get Stormont up and running again, and then let’s get ready together to invite that threat to the union, Jeremy Corbyn, to step quietly into a figurative rocket and then let us send him into orbit where he belongs.”
Mr Johnson also praised what he called the “seething sea of faces” at the event, adding: “I know that we unionists are in good heart, and that we will prevail.”
And he agreed with an audience member who suggested that a government led by Mr Corbyn would be “humbug”, saying: “Yes it would.” The mention of the Labour was greeted with boos and cries of “shame on him”.



Personally I would…natural gas isn’t that green. Better to have solar panels, ground source heat pumps (if possible) and low carbon technologies…especially as the UK is supposed to be carbon neutral by next Wednesday afternoon!! Why build new houses with out of date or dirty technology.

This middle class affectation for log burning stoves makes one’s extension look & feel wonderful…up to the point you aren’t allowed to use it because of the dirty air they create that get into peoples lungs…after that it’s just a big lump of useless metal.


As you say ‘Gigabit’ is speeds in excess of 1024Mbps…which is full fibre into the house (no copper).

But don’t forget that BoJo doesn’t have a grasp for numbers (or the truth)…in evidence his recent £400m per week to the EU claim and of course his ‘pork pies’ to Thailand & frozen kipper malarkey.


I think Sara is the poster previously known as Hardcore Uproar.
Perma bear and vaccination/pharma hater.
Seems to hate every thing as it goes.

JAR, do not know but different posting style, assumed was jarfurank previously but could be totally wrong on that.

Markets selling off hard LLOY down near 2 %




Soi - good afternoon.
Spot on - lost my previous 'handle, when iii changed.
The clue is in J Arfur Rank
(Explanation added)