Brexit Wars 3



II’m not a remainer, I’m a goner.

I not going to start googling “facts”. I merely posed two questions.

  1. Name the last great tech company the UK produced

  2. Britain has to compete for talent (remember Sterling is now Mickey Mouse), if you were a Russian software graduate why would you come to the UK?


Fynne Huwjarse

Did you miss this Video… It explains Brexit…


Brexit campaigners hate the EU tax avoidance clean up… and it would be worth Billions to HMRCbut the also back the Tories…


Spam filter is blocking your link Peter , Seems like it’s riddled with viruses, click at your peril


The Attorney General (Geoffrey Cox) has confirmed in the Commons this evening that we would legally have to pay a divorce payment in a ‘No’ deal scenario. He didn’t know the size of the bill but he said that when you leave a club you pay the bar bill.

I suspect the EU would want the full £39bn…and we would try to reduce that amount as much as possible.

It does show that Boradmoor was talking rubbish…as usual


Thought this might have got the ‘groupies’ agitated
eadwig - you miss the point (perhaps deliberately?), it will damage the EU economy most. We will get caught in the fallout. But us more if we stay with the EU - as you want!

Olovlam - ‘Italy is a wealthy nation… so the solution is there’ - strange argument. If true, why are French / German banks holding so much Italian debt and these rich Italians haven’t paid it of by now? In fact, Italy is trying to increase it’s debt rather than paying it off!

arsanias - OK, name the 'other economists. We can all then look at their theories / conclusions and make our own reasoned conclusions

PTN - would be happy to answer your post … however I cannot understand how your post has any relevance to the Eu and/or Italian debt!

macbonzo - there are some well-known ways people who disagree with a view can react

  1. It you don’t like the message - try to discredit the messanger (Stiglitz)
  2. Ask a question that if not answered, you can dismiss all the details of the argument as wrong and won’t happen. A specific date of the implosion of the Euro has so many variables that makes a specific date impossible. It doesn’t invalidate the trend of the Euro … at some point to either fail or be amended out of current recognition. The most rational argument is that there will have to be two (or perhaps more), euros. One at a level for the ‘rich’ northern countries with another for the poorer economies (generally the south) with an exchange rate set for a time, but available to be changed.

so what if Italian banks are up 2.5% today - the data was about FRENCH banks!

You will all be pleased to know that I’ve been posting recently as the weather has been c**p and I like winding up the ‘groupies’
Will sign off for a few weeks to get on with life and come back in a while to see if things on this BB have changed / improved.
Not optimistic …


JAR, if the Italians didn’t have any cash stashed under the mattress then they wouldn’t have any options…the fact that they don’t want to increase taxes is a political decision. Will their politicians ever tackle the debt? Not unless something dramatic happens or they are forced to. Politicians who increase taxes ain’t popular…the UK is a case in point…and France (obviously).

Don’t miss the vote next week…that’s when the fun really begins.

Edited: inclusion of latest French news on fuel tax


Some plain speaking here:

This article very much confirms the message that I pick up from young, educated Brits in France and elsewhere in Europe that Brexit has changed the country they loved and turned in on itself in a romantised view of the past. These young people are now turning their backs on the UK and applying for French, Irish, Portuguese and Italian nationality, whichever is the easiest.

As I said these are all educated, go-getting young people, all bi or multi-lingual with much more to offer our country than retired Brexiters. Each one worth much more in potential than some of the Brexiters I could name that frequent these boards who have difficulty in communicating even in decent English.


Frog in a tree


So you watched the Video and have no answer… says a lot about you…sad


Frog Good Link.

You will be able to tell IF Broadmoor Spam filter is blocking your link thats its true…,


No Pete , I’ve genuinely never watched or looked at any link you’ve posted fella, mainly due to your lack of credibility in answering the fact the remain camp lied profusely during the campaign to keep us locked into the United States of Europe.


The best policy Pete is not to rise to his provocations. Ignore him; it is the best policy.



Just Dont believe you…but just in case, the video by Stephen Fry goes into great detail about who lied and compares both camps… .


Yes true Frog but hes lying to himself more than anything else… I dont believe he didn’t click the Link but it must be hard for someone as brainwashed as him to see the methods used to conn.


RRW - Looks like you’ve ran out of sensible things to say now. There was a time when I thought you were presenting real reasons/facts why you think it’s a good idea to Leave the EU. Now, you’ve just sunk down to the same level as Broadmoor with childish remarks.


Fair enough, but, even the Jehovah Witnesses attempt to come up with a date when the World will end.


Pete your link showed up without problem. He is just trying to knock you off balance by pretending he can’t see your posted material or whatever else. More Brexiter lies I am afraid. Ignore.



You continually cite examples of things happening around the world (plenty of riuots and financial basket cases in many non European countries) and then blame the EU. Did anyone ever say the EU was a panacea for all problems?

Have you ever heard a single Remainer argue that the EU is the perfect solution and does NOT need reform?

No. Your arguments are false because they simply take one thing and then conclude that others are advocating the EU as perfect when no one is or ever has.


They have no positive arguments left for Leave so they take refuge in nationalism.


I don’t believe so. I would agree with you if we were in the Eurozone but we’re not.

I’m talking about how things stand now. If in 10 years, post Brexit, when we have a smaller economy, less trade with the EU and a smaller finance sector, the fallout will probably be less.

In the last financial crisis we bailed out Ireland and Iceland when we didn’t need to on the face of it. What we learned from the crisis was that we can’t predict where the tentacles of these crises lead. Political boundaries (such as being in the EU or not) don’t appear to matter when it comes to contagion.