Brexit Wars 3



Hi macbonzo

You are of course correct as usual.
The majority of homeowners are not loaded up with debt and as you say own outright.
Also they do not seem obsessed with house prices.

I know several Italians with more than 1 home. Not in debt.




This is your morning Frog “Xenophobia and Racism K L A X O N”


I have only been talking about how such attitudes affected the Leave campaign and the motivation of some to support Brexit. You seem to be a bit touchy about this theme. Apologies if it upsets you.



Yes such a shame that minds are so closed…
The video showed …
That the EU isn’t banning straight bananas
That Migration is good for the UK
80% of economists say we would be worse off.
How racist our press is according to the UN
How lies were told abt not only Turkey but Iraq Joining (wonder why)
Calling migrants cockroaches same as the Nazis.
You wonder IF leavers are becoming insensitive and turning blind eye.


This morning the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that the United Kingdom can decide to remain in the EU. And that we don’t need the consent of the other member states. That puts the decision about our future back into the hands of MPs– where it belongs. or they can ask us in a peoplesvote??


As Lord Kerr has been saying, the UK is able to unilaterally decide to cancel its Article 50 declaration. All it would take is a vote in parliament…simples.

Personally, I would prefer an extention to Article 50 and a second referendum.


Frog in a tree


so would a lot of people…
Final Say: Petitions of almost 1.5m names handed into Downing Street demanding new Brexit referendum
The Independent’s Final Say petition alone carried over a million signatories calling for a new referendum


These problems are caused by the EU or would not exist without the EU? NOPE.


Yes Frog, and here is the thing. It means Brexiteers who want to do the job properly can now unilaterally revoke it…and then trigger it again the next day thus resetting the clock. That would give us a full 2 years to prepare for a no deal scenario.

I wouldn’t get too cocky about this ruling if I were you.


Everything is now in place. Downvotes over coming weeks. Majority of MPs behind #BrexitRef2 following that.
Prepare for the campaigns starting up in the New Year.


“No dealers” are a small minority in parliament so I won’t lose any sleep over your suggestion…but you are just desperate and knew that any way, n’est pas?



I did enjoy the ‘Brexit means taking back control’ government making the case that we should not have control over A50 withdrawal.

Also enjoying the BBC and ITV both making plans for the ‘leaders debate’ on Sunday…is there nothing that Brexit can’t turn into a farce?


But will TM actually answer a single question? She seems to never ever answer what was asked.


Yes, JW, May doesn’t listen much. She makes up her mind and carries on with what she decided in the first place. When you look at what she has done by constructing an exit agreement behind the backs of Brexiter cabinet members and two successively opposed Brexit Secretaries its quite an achievement.



Probably not, but which politician does? She is awful in front of the camera. Jezza isn’t much better.

Not sure what the point of a TV debate is? Neither will answer sincerely (if, as you as say, they don’t dodge the question). You have TM in one corner giving her argument for Brexit (despite being a remainer) and JC presumably giving a backing for remain (despite wanting Brexit).


For TM it’s a final act of desperation before she resigns (after the downvotes)… and for JC it’s because he has to be there. All pretty pointless… but great for the popular Media.


PTN, MP’s have the option to revoke article 50 unilaterally but it seems unlikely they would do that because it would directly go against the spirit of the 1st referendum. A 2nd referendum would be a democratic means to find out what the nation actually wants (& we could choose to stay) but I don’t believe that a ‘Peoples’ vote could happen before 29th March 2019. So todays advice from the Advocate General of ECJ seems fairly irrelevant.


It isn’t irrelevant but yes… not a major deal.
Before that judgement, all the 27 EU states as well as the UK Government needed to agree to revoke Article 50.

What is now likely to happen is an extension to Article 50 is first agreed with the EU… in order to conduct #BrexitRef2 in Summer 2019.
It will prove be useful then after the “No Brexit” vote in #BrexitRef2 to then unilaterally revoke Article 50.


Hugh, an interesting concept…total rubbish of course. I don’t believe even BoJo or Rees-Mogg would be so cavalier with the spirit of the law :face_with_monocle:


Perhaps they are going to have a video link between the two studios…with May at the BBC & Corbyn at ITV.