Brexit Wars 3



Congratulations…I bet you’re proud! :1st_place_medal:

O-level Question: How many continents are there? List them?
Jar: One…Europe




Over on the tinpot AIM oilie Hurricane Energy (shorting fodder) climate change denying board yesterday there was one of the most amusing posts I’ve seen for a long time, referring to my good self indeed:


This is obviously the same Dickhead that appeared here recently as Armageddon.
And now it looks like he’s speaking to himself using two monikers. FIAT & SBUK."


There is a serious point though: the inability of small punters to be able to process information, relying on “belief” and falling in love with companies which will one day make them rich. This is why so many get skinned like rabbits in the AIM game.




Too true…AIM is really a PONZI scheme designed to make a few people richer but the vast majority of people poorer (IMO).


If you are ever tempted to embark on a new career as a comic - make sure you allocate a whole hour to it so you can give it your best shot. :rofl:


Jar, with material like yourself ‘comedy’ must be easy!!

I’m still chuckling over the woman Leave voter on LBC radio when asked for ONE reason why she voted Brexit came up with “Because my fish & chips can be wrapped in Newspaper” (a classic bit of Brexit scatology)…so your ‘Joke’ about ‘Europe being the whole World’ isn’t quite up to scratch (IMO)…so really you must try harder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


what’s interesting is you cutting out a small part of my sentence below to make a stupid point.

does the Telegraph explain how we can have an EU army without UK vetoing it.

I am from near Liverpool m8 most up here think Brexit n Tories are run by southern public schoolboy crooks and having bojo Farage moggy running the country must by a real gift to the SNP.


Had a discussion today with a friend abt the Brexiter tactic of using
Will of the People . We voted for it. Democracy. How many votes will we have. What if LEAVE WIN again etc etc
anything to avoid another vote WHY ?
Yes they think they would lose but also
in another vote they FARAGE BOJO ETC would have to try to sell the benefits of leaving and as seen on this board.


pete - hi

My sympathy m8


Petethenovice, as you like to constantly ask questions but very rarely answer any , would you kindly be willing to answer a simple one from me ?

If we were to have another “Once in a lifetime EU Referendum” (say it’s called a losers last chance type vote) and the Leave side was to be fronted by Boris and Farage etc

Who would you genuinely want to see Heading up the Remain side ?


You’ve just proved my point.

anything to avoid another vote WHY ?
Yes they think they would lose but also
in another vote they FARAGE BOJO ETC would have to try to sell the benefits of leaving and as seen on this board.

AND you said …

I read all about the benefits of leaving back in 2016, and you have spent the last 3 years calling the majority uneducated or at best dying or at worst wishing us dead

Still waiting for 1 benefit ??? just 1…


GC - hi

You forgot an equally important question:
If ‘Leave’ won again would you accept the result?
PS I guess you and I know the answer already!


where are you from? Is this you?


100% Correct. Certain ii threads and many bulletin boards are chocca with stock lifers.
They love the company so much that any bad news is written off, argued against or deemed a buying opportunity… and anyone not equally in love with the company is a threat to them.

Unfortunately, I knew someone who got caught up in it all… put lots of money into a supposed cast iron certainty, a miner: Noventa… lost circa £400k on that… then repeated the same recently with a small cancer drug outfit (I won’t mention name as it is still trading)… and to my knowledge lost circa £250k… sadly he’s no longer with us. Sometimes, the real effects on people is too much for them. I note that the lifers on that stock are still at it… and whipping themselves into a frenzy every day about how the BOD are failing them.


Pete - hi

East London


What misery this whole Brexit knackers is. Young people especially are being stressed by this self - harming process as it is their European rights which are under threat of being stolen. Of course the crumblies will accuse them of being “snowflakes” and a dose of hardship would be good for them. Its easy for the older generation to think like that as they are nearly dead and are living the good life with fat pensions.

However, post Brexit there would be a return to austerity (not gone away anyway) and this would impact heavily on the mortgage paying 30s and 40s and they won’t be happy when their working conditions slide and many lose their jobs.

The selfishness of the Brexit supporters is astounding. They care not a fig for even British ex pats in Europe and even less for the EU citizens who have set up home here. They don’t care about the “Provinces” or the economy. Worst of all they cannot even articulate any rational reason for this retreat into Little Englanderism. They deserve to be hated forever by future generations.




as stated previously I would accept IF leave won…

Gov supplied reports on the effects of leaving not hiding then
They setup an all Party committee to explain issues and stop lies.
They stopped the Front page incitement…
They explained to Brexit voters that this lot was all lies…

I suspect you wouldn’t accept a remain victory but you would be a small minority…


Really couldn’t give a shit who heads up the Remain Campaign when we have #BrexitRef2 next year.

As long as we Remain in the EU and retain the benefits of the Single Market and being an EU member state… job done.


my sympathy m8.

Any Benefit for Brexit yet??


Cheaper eel pies?

Because we will be able to keep more of our own Thames eels rather than see them sold to the Dutch.




So that’s a refusal to answer a straight forward question then petethenovice, very classy