Brexit Wars 3



dont care as long as this fraud is stopped Lib Dems Labour some decent Tory like Grieve would be fine…

Any Benefit for Brexit yet??


Any Benefit for Brexit yet??


In fact the English regions weren’t interested in devolution. It was to be given to them but there was so little interest they didn’t even bother with a vote.


What do you mean, “another”? We never had one, we were told the vote was non-binding and so many people used it as a protest vote who would never have voted to Leave the EU


Ah well, they are still in the early days of denial then. The real lifers end up defending the board of directors against all comers. That is how they become lifers, because they keep believing them and keep averaging down on promises of jam tomorrow.


Unlike the Leave side, a Remain referendum campaign wouldn’t need a charismatic leader to sweet talk voters with fine words (usually full of half-truths, outright lies & misinformation with Johnson & Farage)…the Remain referendum would be led by the truth!! :rofl:



…the impact of Brexit on our economy becomes clearer to those with eyes willing to see and the brains to understand. The BBC reports:

Productivity figures ‘hammer home’ impact of uncertainty
The latest UK productivity figures “hammer home” the impact Brexit uncertainty is having on the business environment, says the Institute of Directors. Chief economist Tej Parikh said: “Unsure of what’s around the corner, businesses’ investment in the new equipment and technology that drives up their performance has been stifled. “Many companies are also trimming their investment pipelines for the year ahead to build up a cash cushion in anticipation of challenging economic conditions ahead. “Policymakers have been distracted from putting together the various pieces of the productivity puzzle, ranging from the skills agenda to infrastructure improvements. It will take a while before recent pledges by the Government on road and broadband networks filter into the productivity numbers.”

The likelihood of a no deal Brexit is impacting on the markets today with sterling and the FTSE 250 down by nearly 1%. Curiously even the FTSE 100 is caught up in the gloom and has fallen when the big fall in sterling would normally have prompted a rise.

Hold on to your seats folks!

Frog in a tree


Should see the death of this thread ? Is that a good enough one for you…


Ah , so we never had a once in a lifetime referendum in 2016 then , and those that voted only did so in protest …I had you down as someone a little above that claptrap Eadwig


LOL. Wish upon a star. If Brexit happens that is when the gloves will come off.




And I think we should thank Mr Carpet for his contributions to this thread even though they are content free. He does represent a dominant strand in Brexiter thought.



I would say the strongest issue amongst many working class voters in the north is that they have no conception of how small the amount is that we pay into the EU measured against the benefits we get out. No coincidence that the Leave campaign focussed on the money.

However, when you get down to brass tacks with them, its more about the fact that we give ANY money to the EU and the perception of fat cat EU civil servants on the gravy train being better off than they are. This from people I have personally witnessed boasting about sleeping through shifts in nationalised industries and/or who claimed dole in multiple towns or who worked at cash in hand jobs while signing on, just to give a few examples of how they were quite prepared to ride a gravy train themselves when it was available. Judging others by their own standards.

I think a lot of it is just jealousy. More likely it is just something to hate. No matter what they thought initially, they all seem to have moved to a more extreme stance now quoting Islamic terrorism, social housing being taken up by refugees and ‘the end of democracy’ etc as justifications. More and more group together with like-minded people who are all self-reinforcing their actions and previous statements.

Very, very unhealthy for our national culture and quality of life. A lot of things openly stated by people can not be taken back, but they are still neighbours that we have to live with.


From talking to people at the time I would guess that 2 out of every 10, minimum, voted leave as a protest vote against the Tories/ austerity/ the establishment/ general dissatisfaction with their boring miserable lives. The rest were dreamers of a past that never was and haters of change - specifically immigration - and brainwashed by the Kool Aid of the xenophobic exploitative right wing Press and ranting demagogues.




Don’t forget, the official fascist line is now that Brexit uncertainty is caused by Remainers. Unbelievable double-think which has been posted by more than one Brexiteer here and which I get constantly on social media.


No we didn’t. In your senility you have mixed up the Scottish referendum vote and the EU referendum.

Don’t forget Nigel Farage himself, your god, insisted that in the event of a Remain vote ‘the fight will go on’. Why should Remainers be any different? I wont ever accept the outcome and will always fight it as any sensible person would.

The fact is though, we were told that the 2016 referendum vote was none binding and yes, that did mislead some people to use it as a protest vote which they now regret. In fact, you must have a very narrow circle of friends if you haven’t heard this view expressed yourself.

That legerdemain alone should have invalidated the referendum as any kind of serious indication as to the view of the UK public.


I’ve noticed it too…the Benn Act (aka the ‘Screw Boris Act’) is being used as a weapon to blame Remainers for stopping the UK getting ‘the easiest deal’ in history (it was a 1,000,000 to 1 certainty ‘apparently’).

It’s like getting sued by someone for taking away their ‘human rights’ AFTER you talk them out of hurling themselves off Beachy Head.


Most if it was garbage and lies like the millions for NHS or keeping benefits like an EU member while making UK’s own trade deals. Controlling immigration was nonsense too, because either already possible or with the same difficulties no matter whether in or out. Note how JAR doesn’t want to talk about it. etc. pp.


Once again we see that the only possible deals with the EU are the May-style Deal (complete with a backstop) or a negotiated customs arrangement/customs union (the latter which has been the Labour Party policy for a long time).

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has clashed with other Stormont parties regarding the latest developments in attempts to get a Brexit deal.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Boris Johnson a deal based on the UK’s latest proposals was “overwhelmingly unlikely,” a No 10 source said.

The source also claimed she said a deal would never be possible unless Northern Ireland stayed in a customs union.

The DUP said it will not accept that, but other NI parties backed Mrs Merkel.


Absolutely not. David Cameron advised that the result was binding, no ifs or buts, and had to be implemented.


Start with the law.

The referendum was not legally binding. There’s no one source that can prove this statement true (although here’s a respectable one). That follows from the fact that the European Union Referendum Act 2015 didn’t say anything about implementing the result of the vote. It just provided that there should be one.

If Parliament had wanted to make it binding it could have done. It didn’t.