Brexit Wars 3



So Carpet, you believe that commentating on one of the key aspects of the Brexit fiasco, i.e demographic change should be verboten? Nowhere will you find me saying that leave mortality is desirable, I’m just stating facts as I see them which impact the whole process. Its the main thing.

Another person with no commonsense and who cannot read properly is this Akis. To him I say that I can express myself eminently well, whether you like what I say is an entirely different matter. Akis is a ranter who likes his uppercase. As I am a linguist (self taught) and I strongly suspect that he is some sort of Johnny Foreigner. Probably one of those who seeks to fit in by being more English than the English. This is a common phenomena, hence we have alien stock Brexiteers such as Johnson, Portillo, Raab, Gove, Howard, Patel, Javid, etc.

I don’t have a xenophobic bone in my body but as an Englishman with a long lineage here I think that it is highly reprehensible that these people should seek to pull the drawbridge up behind them. Aspirational immigrants are the input which constantly revitalizes a society and an economy, especially in an ageing country such as the UK.




Happily though we have the “Surrender Act” preventing a No Deal Brexit and as you well know a Brexit with a “deal” is no Brexit at all.




Here it is advisory “non Binding” etc just another Brexit conn



Do you think Johnson and Farage represent the majority view on Brexit?

This polling data suggest otherwise with 55% saying it was a mistake to vote Leave:


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so the only benefit for Brexit is you can avoid being ridiculed on the thread… thats it…


Good point.

You must be fully in agreement with the democratic blocking of a No Deal Brexit by parliament?

Sound man.


This is the level of debate of the LEAVE campaign.
Can anyone be proud of our country letting these creeps into mainstream politics…
shames England…


Precisely Pete. It was a consultation Referendum. The outcome was too close for Parliament to enact the result and that is why despite all the shenanigans since it has not happened.

It failed these tests:

  1. At least a 60% majority needed for such a huge constitutional change.

  2. Only two of the four nations had a leave majority. Each should have had a veto.

  3. The devolved Governments were not in agreement with that of Westminster, then and now.




Businesses would be hit with an annual £15bn bill for filling in customs forms for trade between the UK and the EU in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to a British government paper published on Monday.


Obvious Eira doesn’t want an acceptable open border " deal " and is influencing EU. accordingly.
Same old 1939/45 attitude … Now basking with influx of Companies moving into Dublin.
Boris is wasting his time trying to be all things to all people.
There is only one outcome…and Lloyds is more than ready.
This should be fun. See Ya.



Here’s more polling evidence showing that Johnson and Farage do not represent the majority view. Very few support them on a no deal Brexit:

I think that you have been comprehensively outplayed this afternoon by those of us who have a better understanding of data.

All the best,

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Thanks guys, remember to come back here after the next elections :slight_smile:


hello Mr Dingbat,

I am not quite sure what you mean by:

Obvious Eira doesn’t want an acceptable open border " deal " and is influencing EU. accordingly.

I presume that by “Eira” you mean Ireland and not a district of Helsinki? If you mean Ireland then you could have written Éire. When you say “an acceptable open border”, acceptable to whom? Clearly not to the EU or to Éire. I think it is perfectly clear that the Johnson deal was designed to be unacceptable in a way that the May deal wasn’t.

In what way do you think Lloyds is more that ready?


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Maybe @rossx48 could also explain more about what he meant when he said a few weeks ago:

… because of.the never ending flood of little educated immigrants that were en- mass free-loading on our hard earned social structure and welfare system
A situation ,as we understand, had little consequence in London and the wealthy sections of the UK…but a tragic burden on poorer and less fortunate majority of the country.


Perhaps I might answer for Mr Dingbat? It was the usual xenophobic claptrap pumped out by our Europhobic press during the referendum. Dingbat clearly hasn’t done the research otherwise he would know that EU migrant workers are predominantly young, single and healthy and come to the UK to work. They have less call on our social services than our native population and contribute more in taxation than they take out in benefits and services. He has been duped by the racist popular press. He is truly a dingbat.


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Didn’t BoJo go ‘off piste’ during the 2016 referendum by saying - albeit briefly - that there could be a 2nd referendum to confirm the vote?!

Even Nigel has said it several times (before & after) that he would support a 2nd referendum. What’s not to like?! :rofl:


Eadwig, so you Voted to Leave by way of a protest vote ?


Angela Merkel tells Boris Johnson Brexit deal “overwhelmingly unlikely”, UK sources say

So much for the 27 having the final say , that’s another one for your collection petethenovice, Union my ****


I voted anti nazi


And what about the other 25302 that came…and still do every month to overwhelm the social system …without any UK control …being in the EU cabal?
The rich get richer and the poor get children.
I’m alright Jack…Politics.