Brexit Wars 3




I read an article the other day which annoyingly I cannot find now which was about the massive stress British retirees were under in Europe. Being elderly and with numerous medical needs they are at their wits end because of the threat to their free health care. Many are too old and poor now to return to the UK. The crash in the value of the pound as also hit them hard. After achieving their dream of ending their lives in the sun and civilization thay are now at their wits end with some considering suicide as the only way out. This would mean more blood on the hands of Brexiteers who also stirred up racial hatred before and after the stupid Referendum.




Well ok, and now the UK doesn’t know how it wants to implement it. There is no majority for crashing out and none for TMs deal and probably none for any other deal that is acceptable for the EU.



How coincidental it was that Leave.Eu released the “Kraut” poster on the same day Cummings was briefing out anti German lies about Mrs Merkel’s phone call? A British version of Goebells is alive and well.

That vile poster is gut - wrenchingly sickening. I hope someone finds a law which this fascist style propaganda has broken. Its a clear incitement to xenophobic hatred.

As a student I shared a house with Germans who had great affection for Britain. God knows what they think these days? As each day passes I become increasingly ashamed to be English. I apologise to all in Europe for the way Britain has been dragged into the sewer.




The same lie again. It is not! Read the act and try to understand it. The act empowers the government to trigger A50, but does not force it so nor does it disallow the government to revoke A50.


There cannot be an open border between two different customs areas. The border has to be between Ireland and NI or in the sea between NI and the British Island.


As always you are correct. Apologies.
However, refer to wording “backstop”
As in Teressa’s description…which is probably the solution to this problem
With possible review every four years …What What.?
Why is the world so complicated?


Which is btw one of the points Cameron asked the EU to accept in order to win the referendum. The misjudgement was that he thought people would be intellectually fit to understand the changes he got from the EU or even care about it.


Yeah but remember what Theresa May said. ‘No one will lose out because of Brexit.’

What she really meant was anyone who loses money that they get from the EU will have it replaced by the UK government. Millions of us are losing out indirectly through no fault of our own. Even if we could quantify it there is no fund to apply to for recompense. Plus, how will years of stress on your family affect their long-term health and well-being?

All for what? I can tell you the feeling of being punished for having done nothing wrong is exceptionally strong and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it doesn’t push some people over the edge.

The gleefulness of some people about the suffering caused is never condemned by anyone, especially overt Brexiteers, yet they complain when factual demographic information is discussed about, of all shock, horror things, that older people die!

Unbelievable ‘I’m all right Jack’ myopic, tunnel vision, little England selfishness.


It’s not. A poorer UK population will result in more credit defaults. Yes LBG has now a bigger capital buffer, but that doesn’t mean it’s fun and without effect on earnings and price.


Arsanias, your analysis (above) is the core of the Brexit paradox. Unfortunately Brexiteer’s and BoJo in particular either don’t understand that or choose to ignore it in the hope that bluster & bullying will find a mythical solution.

The only way to guarantee an end to Brexit is another referendum (IMO).


Absolutely, Arsanias. It is widely expected that any form of Brexit will damage the UK economy and is likely to cause recession. In those circumstances many businesses will fold and many will lose their jobs. There will be an increase on defaults on loans including mortgages. It is simpleminded to think that this will be anything other than damaging to the banking sector, including Lloyds.

Frog in a tree


“A poorer UK”? Mmm?
With an open world market at its feet?
Hard to believe…but then ….


It’s not open. It will be more closed than now, because in case of no deal:

  1. the UK will lose tariff free trade with it’s most important trade partner, the EU
  2. the UK will lose all trade deals the EU has with other countries
  3. the UK will lose its trade under WTO terms, because it was represented at the WTO by the EU
  4. Point 3 means that the UK will have to apply to trade under WTO terms, but some members already expressed their opposition. Apart from that the UK will have to file applications for a couple of thousand product lines. That takes time.

So, which “world market at its feet” are you talking about? I’m getting tired of people that obviously have no clue about what they are talking about and worse spent 3 years since the referendum ignoring all critical information. I don’t think you are intellectually fit to even submit a vote at a referendum.


" All the companies that have collapsed or moved abroad since Brexit…

Before the collapse of Thomas Cook, the company had warned that uncertainty over Britain’s future relationship with the EU meant bookings were suffering. However, the government has today insisted that there was ‘no Brexit connection’ to the collapse of the holiday firm. Health secretary Matt Hancock said that its collapse was due to long term problems with the business, with the consumer shift to online bookings causing problems. But, with a number of companies warning about the impacts of Brexit uncertainty, here’s a list of all those who have either gone bust or moved abroad since the vote.

Ahead of Britain’s departure from the EU, the chairman of Dyson announced that his firm would move its headquarters to Singapore. Sir James Dyson was accused of hypocrisy, having been an ardent supporter of Brexit.

The head of Ford Europe, has warned that ‘no-deal Brexit’ would be a catastrophe for its business. Steven Armstrong said the motor giant would have to look at its ‘manufacturing footprint in the UK’ as a result of the decision to leave the EU. The company has already closed its plant at Bridgend, which resulted in 1,700 job losses.

Barclays The bank has moved £166bn worth of assets from the UK to Ireland. It said it could not wait ‘any longer’ to implement contingency plans to deal with Brexit.

Lloyds of London The global insurance and reinsurance firm said it was working on transferring all European Economic Area (EEA) business to its new Brussels subsidiary before the end of 2020… "

From and plenty more at



You mean that Cameron asked for something that we already have?


Imagine LEAVE going too FAR now thats a stretch just shows the anti Brexit feeling now…

Arron Banks apologises for xenophobic tweet targeting Merkel
Leave.EU co-founder says it went too far.


still waiting for any Brexit benefits?


It wasn’t just the language in the poster, it was the photo of Merkel they chose which was suggestive of her making a Nazi salute. No better example of Brexit’s racist motivation sentiment in my view.

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Quite. Demographic churn is key to sociological change. Only 20 years ago, with the prevailing attitudes of the day of the majority of the population, who would have thought that the changes in society we have seen since would occur? Examples: the ban on smoking in pubs and workplaces and same sex marriage. Technological change is also more rapid than people appreciate: what kind of phone did you have 20 years ago and what kind of gadgets do you have in your car now that you did not then?

Oddly due to the success of a black propaganda campaign - mainly aimed at the older generation - by vested interests English society has slipped backwards. This will not stand for too long IMO.

As the previous generation slips away so will its grip on progressive, younger society.

Its a truism that: “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” Joseph Stalin (maybe).

Where we are right now with Brexiteers is that they have lost empathy with anyone who is different to them. They have been brainwashed by self - serving gangs into believing that they are being besieged by legions of enemies such as the EU, immigrants, asylum seekers and us Remainers. We are just statistics to them and our lives and well being mean nothing to them as they wallow in their hatreds.




Before Leave.EU deleted the tweet calling Ms Merkel a “Kraut”, both Mr Banks and the organisation’s communications director, Andy Wigmore, defended it.

After initial criticism, Banks responded on Twitter: “A German leader suggested annexing Northern Ireland and said we can only leave if we agree. Our response was mild!”

We should all report it as a Hate Incident to your local Police force.