Brexit Wars 3



Have to feel especially sorry for the Brit retirees who chose somewhere in Europe.
Hard crash in GBP/EURO.
Many on fixed pensions, many too old to go back to work.
Spain the most popular choice by far.

"Spain increasingly is the Brexit flashpoint with increasing uncertainty for British citizens living there. This week, EuroCitizen, a group defending the rights of Brits in Spain and Spanish citizens in the U.K., released a report that finds it is incredibly slow going for British expats applying for Spanish citizenship…

The Spanish process requires two exams including a language fluency exam, on the way to getting the right to even make the official application. Once you get to that point, “approvals appear to be random and have no relation to the date of application,” states the report. About 77 percent of applicants – even some who applied just after Brexit in 2016 – are still in limbo.

This all appears to be due to a rush to apply for Spanish citizenship by expats wishing to remain in the European Union.

• For all expats, Brexit has been about reciprocity. European Union countries are only willing to make special provisions to keep Brits in place if the United Kingdom does the same for their citizens.

It was just assumed everyone would play nice. Then on 23 September, Spain dropped a bombshell: Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell told the British government that if he doesn’t see evidence the U.K. will assure the rights of 180,000 Spanish expats, the deal in place to protect more the 365,000 Brits will get far less generous.

In March, Spain approved no-Brexit rules regulating all aspects of daily life including pensions, university degrees, driving licenses, healthcare coverage and work permits. But that decree gives the Brits two months post-Brexit to reciprocate…"

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Crocodile tears. A cynical, calculated move to repent when the damage is done.




Our Greek immigrant friend might need to sell either his yacht or villa.


it’s a first but so much more those disgusting bigots should apologise (upload://wpF84qjR1aY2Jq9twGRpt8GQ4f3.jpg)


A clear Hate Crime or Incident… the creators and publishers of it need to face charges.
I wonder what would have been said if similar remarks were made about Jews?

Can be reported following this:


Even if Turkey was joining the EU… what exactly is wrong with that?



This fits: “inciting others to commit hate crimes”.

Leave.Eu should be a proscribed organization.




At the time of the Referendum a Leaver goon I know said it was because they were Muslims and there would be a lot of Jihadi terrorists amongst them.

Of course Turkey is deemed good enough to be in NATO and to be a cheap holiday destination for Leave voters.

It would be a better place without Erdogan though.




I’ve travelled around parts of Turkey as well as work there for an oil company for a few months… the people there are very friendly and go out of their way to help people travelling around.

I’d swap any one of them for this bunch of thick, arrogant, unknowingly privileged arseholes in their shite Northern pub:


Actually, you are right. The 3 months rule existed already. What Cameron negotiated was that an EU subject must have spent 4 years in a country to be eligible for receiving welfare benefits.

Combined with the 3 months rule it means the person must have contributed for almost 4 years before possibly benefiting. That’s a pretty good deal for the host country.


Yes… the Free Movement Directive (EU Directive 2004/38/EC) has been available for the UK to implement for 13 years!

It hasn’t done so. Other EU states have and do make use of this Directive.

Reason: No UK Government has perceived it as an issue worthy of addressing ie. not a real issue.
Politically it would have been a good idea to counter the claims of idiots like @rossx48, the UKIPers and Brexit Party.


Mr David Sassoli, head of European Parliament, visited Johnson today in 10 Downing Street. Afterwards he spoke to the press - alone!

Is Johnson even at his home and without protesters too coward to make a joint press conference? JAR please enlighten me. How do you excuse him this time?


The UK, by choice, implemented the freedom of movement rules 2 years before the rest of the EU to encourage immigration and thus boost GDP (although that wasn’t the reason given in public). Also, I think that date was 2004, 15 years ago. I stand to be corrected, but that is my memory of events.

It was around that time the Indian restaurant opposite where I live in Sheffield first acquired an Eastern European waiter.


Yes, it is true that under both Labour and Tory administrations there was an unspoken policy not to make difficulties for would be migrant workers because our aging population needed them. I didn’t see the likes of JAR, Mr Carpet and Dingbat rolling up their sleeves to pick strawberries or work as waiters.

Frog in a tree


WoW Strong words. Samala Rafic


Even Daddy joins the Protest…
LONDON (AP) — The father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has joined climate protesters in London, after his son urged the demonstrators to pack up their “hemp-smelling” tents and leave.
Stanley Johnson told Extinction Rebellion demonstrators that they had “exactly the right things in mind” with their demand to slash carbon emissions to zero. He also said the eco-movement was “tremendously important. … It is absolutely clear to me that we have been moving far too slowly on the climate change issue.”


“Demented Cummings”. Irish Times (decent newspaper).




I am sure this guy is one of our Brexit posters…


Still waiting for any serious Brexit benefits but here are a few for being IN THE EU…


Brexit Supporters are revolting…
Nick Ferrari says that the “offensive” Leave.EU poster featuring Angela Merkel makes him embarrassed to have voted for Brexit.
The poster for the pro-Brexit group depicted Angela Merkel with the slogan “We didn’t win two World Wars to be pushed around by a Kraut.”