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Indeed, the Brexiter Right are so wrapped up in their own nationalist rhetoric that they cannot see that others, including the EU do not share their worldview where everything can be reduced to Britannia Rules the World and that everything is for sale at the right price. Specifically they have never been able to see that the EU is founded on an ideology of transnational cooperation and solidarity.

Easiest deal in history?

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Kishan Devani

Another knob. Billions in the British Empire ? There is no British Empire.

Almost always an angle though

“To book Kishan Devani as the politics speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing …”

I have left his email address out.

Is this what UK politics has come to ?



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And you did I suppose?



If you watch the vid it is not Kirshan Devani that commented on getting back to the British Empire, it was in fact one of Farage’s finest political thinkers.

Devani just retweeted the clip.


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I don’t object to EU migrant workers. Those who do object shoukd step up to the plate I think.

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Correct. In fact, Kishan tweeted:
“RT if you are as gobsmacked as me…#BrexitShambles


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As I’ve said before nor do I…
As long as they come on a quota system to do jobs that they are needed for and pay taxes.


Thanks FIAT

My apologies, did not watch the video.
Fairly pre occupied with other matters.




Personally I don’t understand Twitter…why would someone re-tweet (I suppose that’s what RT means) something they object to. It’s advertising something you oppose.

Kisrhan Devani is a Lib Dem who defected from the Conservatives…so he was a ‘bad’ guy (a Tory) but he’s now a ‘good’ guy (LD)…confused, you should be!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Indeed it’s proven that celebrities who re-tweet abusive comments from Trolls are doing the Troll a favour and spreading their hatred. What you’re supposed to do is block the Troll…or ignore them.


Not necessarily. We need to expose the Brexiteers for what they are… you only do that by showing footage of them in action.

Next… would be good to get some footage of John in action at his next Tory Party Meeting counting “gays” and “ethnics”.


Just like today then?

I thought you wanted the Oz system… which is based on needs of the economy and rules… not caps/quotas?

Sounds like you don’t know what you want… which I can believe… you having voted to Leave EU… but don’t know why… nor how… nor what to replace the lost business with.



The current system worked well enough. Pretty much supply of labour followed demand. So, no jobs no migrants. I posted FullFact info yesterday which showed that EU migrants contribute far more in taxes than they take out in benefits and services. They help to pay your state pension. There is no need for quotas and permits which requires more civil servants and employer costs. The current arrangement is pretty much self regulating. In any case, as JW can tell you, EU arrangements allow us to deport those who are not self sufficient and have not contributed taxes. No need to leave the EU to control this.

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That’s up to you m8


Basically Retweet is to share a message as wide as possible and yes sometimes if you RT everyhthing you can be sharing the wrong message.

In this case the content of the Video was the main point NOT the guy who retweeted. The guy in the video and his mates talking about getting back to having an empire of billions just shows how some not all BREXIT supporters have been affected by the nationalistic and xenophobic campaign.
I think the more reasonable Brexit voters who see this kind of thing the better many will be saying thats just NOT me…


Well let’s see Pete… of those who voted Leave 3 years ago, the official breakdown (from me) is:

2.5 million - racists
3 million - xenophobes
4 million - selfish dotards
4 million - couldn’t really care less either way
3.9 million - thick and easily taken in

So, maybe some of the 4 million who couldn’t really care less either way will get to realise that… and maybe some of the 3.9 million thickos too… but not much hope for the rest.


No dont agree a lot of reasonable people were badly misinformed by a well funded campaign that used fear incitement and English nationalism as a tactic that always works well.
Thing is to get them to see that they were told such obvious lies and that changing their mind is no crime and maybe we will see people blaming the aholes who caused this
eg Farage Banks Bojo Cummings and they should be taken to task now…


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They are certainly doing that m8
Remainers, duplicitous MPs, biased Speaker (colluding now with the EU) and liberal elite judiciary AHs who are working to overturn the referendum result.
That’s why the tactic of the people vs the establishment is a good idea
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Worth reading. That sentence cannot be stressed enough:

"He has failed to understand that no-deal is not the end of negotiations. It is merely the transfer of negotiations into a context in which the UK has sabotaged its own standing."

"It is simply not going to be able to live without striking a deal with it."

"No-deal simply transfers the negotiations to a scenario in which the UK is facing sudden trading and economic chaos. It will go back for a deal, but in a weaker position than it enjoys at the moment."

Not difficult to understand.

Absolutely staggering that Cummings believes the UK can pick an order in which to negotiate deals with EU members. He really doesn’t know the EU negotiates as a bloc? That idiot is advising the British PM? No wonder Johnson is so clueless that he is even avoiding press conferences with EU emissaries.

"It’s a pitiful state of affairs, on a moral and intellectual level. But most importantly for Britain, it is also pitiful on a strategic level."

I can only agree.


You are brainwashed. Were you always so weird? Sectarian…


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Yes m8 - thanks for asking