Brexit Wars 3



Possibly he is suffering from paranoia. Time to call in the men in white coats?



I don’t wish him bad, but he seems to repeat every single propaganda slogan and some are really stupid. An example of easy to abuse pawns.

Or perhaps he has some malicious fun in upsetting people, but at some point it just gets dull.


Looks like it’s all over John…

Britain has turned against Brexit and would now vote to stay in the European Union, according to the biggest ever poll-of-polls.

The YouGov analysis for the Evening Standard of 300 surveys shows “concrete” evidence that the country shifted against quitting the European bloc in the year after the June 2016 referendum and has steadfastly stuck to this position ever since.

One of the most striking findings is that 204 out of 226 polls since July 2017 have shown Remain ahead, with just seven for Leave, and 15 ties.
So far this year, just one poll in the series has put Leave ahead, compared to 74 for staying in the EU.




Can you imagine yourself 20 years ago spouting such nonsense?

Those that you list “Remainers, duplicitous MPs, biased Speaker (colluding now with the EU) and liberal elite judiciary AHs who are working to overturn the referendum result” are simply those that you personally disagree with. All of them would have been counted as among “the establishment”.

Can I remind you that for our democratic system to work effectively there has to be space for our parliamentary representatives to disagree. That means that they can disagree with the government of the day or disagree with same sex marriage or, indeed, in favour of it

As for the members of the Supreme Court, the judiciary does not have a reputation as a left wing cadre. Their job is to interpret the law. Maybe sometimes we disagree with their verdicts but on the issue of prorogation it was a unanimous verdict, 11 to 0.

In my view, the establishment is neither to the left or the right. It is in favour of the status quo. Therein lies the problem for the Tories. They have lost their roots as a party of the establishment, with their feet firmly planted in the union of the Kingdom supported by the mercantilism which supported it all. Instead the Tories, or at least their right wing have abandoned their roots for a romantic vision of imperial and racial superiority.

I think the polling evidence is clear in that a slowly increasing proportion of the electorate believe that the Referendum vote produced the wrong outcome. Herein lies the danger for the Tory party.

Frog in a tree


The Benn surrender bill was the final nail that sealed the deal for Leave supporters imho, that alone is worth 100 red buses :joy:


I feel sorry for you even more M8 all the stuff you quote blaming Remainers etc and MPs who oppose Brexit is just to take the focus away from the LEAVE campaign who told you all.

  • it was easiest deal in history
  • They need us more
  • No downside to brexit
  • nobody threatening our place in single market
  • Irish border will be unaffected
  • Plus Turkey Eu army etc etc

Surely you can see there was a lot of stuff they told you was just bull…


Arsanias, when Jar does ‘open up’ it’s a bit shocking…firstly that he believes the rubbish he regurgitates…secondly that it is word for word what he is told to think by Farage, Bojo, Cummings et al…‘almost’ like he doesn’t have a brain of his own…or perhaps he doesn’t like to think for himself and prefers the ‘simple’ life of being told what to say.

Perhaps that’s why he never gives any reasons why he voted Brexit because he doesn’t have a vision of what Brexit has to offer the UK…because nobody has given him any reasons…apart from ‘Take back control’ and ‘350m per week for the NHS’ etc etc (which are just laughable now).


surrender bill

carefully chosen words to wind up and incite


You and your friends on here have learnt nothing over the last 3 years it would seem, your belittling posts are just cementing resentment Peter, keep up the good work, you are doing a sterling job :+1:


FIAT - hi

Wrong for you EU Groupies - yes
And that gives you the right to ignore it then - and call yourselves ‘democratic’
You may pronounce it that way - my spelling is hypocrites


It was not ignored. There was a fair attempt of many members of HoC - including many who voted remain - to deliver Brexit. The problem was that they could not agree on what Brexit means and you should have noticed that even the die hard Brexiteers in parliament voted against the deal that was made with the EU and that was a realistic option of leaving. They wanted something that went further, but didn’t realize that they would move away from something that could be a compromise. Typical hardliners.

Now, what do you really complain about? What is your point? That the parliament wants to prevent crashing out? Well, sorry m8, by doing that the parliament serves the majority.

Do you see any way of leaving that is backed by a majority? fucking, no!

Wake up, get mature, get over it. No version of leaving has a majority and while people slowly realize that it only comes with disadvantages more and more simply want to keep the status quo that has served the country very well.

I don’t know what is driving you, certainly not reason. What is it? Just enjoying being a nuisance? Even your vocabulary is childish m8.

Next time the UK triggers Article 50 it should ensure it has a majority backed route to follow. It’s laughable to start the leaving process without even knowing what version of leaving is capable of consensus. What a crap. And since then time was wasted without ever trying to clarify that question. What is that political class that talks about “delivering the will of the people” and all that waffle without ever asking the people what its will now really is? They should make a referendum and ask if any version of leaving gets a majority vs remaining and then either do what gets >50% or revoke A50 and use the next couple of years to find a way of leaving that finds a majority - and of course can be agreed with the EU if it requires a deal.

If I were a leaver I would ask myself if I’m comfortable pushing something through that is not backed by a majority and of which I cannot be sure - not supported by facts - that it will be good for that majority. Who wants to be held accountable if the whole thing brutally fails? You? You will disappear from the board and that’s it. Brexit is not the end - it’s the beginning of the trouble. You will be asked: “Why we are in that mess now? How did you vote? Why didn’t you change your opinion in face of all the known facts? Just because you wanted to ‘win’ and argument?”


You don’t provide reason for better treatment. Your posts are mostly mindless, fact-free and childish.


Strawberry picker and newspaper delivery 7 days a week, aged 12-13. Ten hours a week cleaning offices after school at £1 an hour 15-16 and later worked as a barman, warehouse picker and delivery driver to afford living expenses through college aged 20-25.

Not that unusual where I come from. Strange that you, @john.a.reeves, apparently find it so. Speaks to an upbringing of privilege and a lack of understanding of the real world others have to live in. Explains a lot.


Sheep following a fashion.


He probably does, the old “Whites Only” one, which he no doubt still sees as contemporary.

The odd thing is, the EU is packed with white people and the rest of the world isn’t. 75% of migration to the UK comes from the rest of the world and banning people from the EU coming here means that percentage will go up. I’ve always found that a strange motivation for the racist bigots who voted to Leave the EU.


No , There has been a well fought campaign to deliberately Block the will of the people Arsanias, and you know full well what the driving force of that campaign has been, to block Leaving the EU.
Now if you think the Majority of the voting public can be constantly told they are thick racist xenophobic OAPs that would be better off DEAD you are very much mistaken.
You may have a great following in this echo chamber of a BB, but outside is real resentment my friend, and the establishment will reap what they have sown.
You will find the HOC is a very different place once we have general election, and everybody in it knows full well also…hence the desperation to not hold an election.

Have a good day


Explains a lot - to people of little knowledge and lesser intelligence maybe.
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Maybe you should let FIAT answer the questions m8.


You appear to be advocating revolution and civil war - You do realise that is ultimately where such a tactic leads. Who’s side do you think the British Army will be on when it comes to a coup-d’etat?


Absolutely. This is the man that had faux outrage because some discuss changing demographics when every post he makes is pretty much designed to promote hate speech or those who use hate speech and seek to divide and rule.


Labouring in East London ha then…
bank worker and car park attendant. ??