Brexit Wars 3



surrender bill

latest = Will of the people…
Get Brexit done

the fact that they all come out with the exact same phrases says in all brainwashed…


Latest is Julia harley Brewer RW mouth on question time… not much changed…


Isn’t this the same woman who allowed the far right Brexiteer to appear on about 5 different programmes posing as a local audience member?


FIAT - hi

Yes during school holidays - before it became ‘Canary Wharf’ & the ‘Yuppies’ moved in there were functioning dock and many factories, and contrary to Eadwig’s (wrong) assumption, no ‘upbringing of privilege’.
Worked in a bank whilst at grammar school and car park attendant during university vacations.
PS all part of making me the well-rounded, intelligent, wordly-wise and good looking individual I am today


Eadwig - good morning

Ever thought about putting your brain in for a service m8?
I ‘advocated’ nothing about ‘revolution’ or ‘civil war’. Pure (wrong) assumption on your part.
I support the election strategy that will show how democracy has been frustrated by the (liberal elite / Remainer) establishment
PS the service shouldn’t take long as it’s IQ dependant!


Eadwig, it’s ‘probably’ because the average Leave voter didn’t realise that Trade agreements with the rest of the world could include an element of ‘free movement’ of people,as well as goods & services (for example the Indian gov have indicated any trade deal will allow access to the UK for their workers). Leave voters may still not understand the paradox…they are replacing EU workers with Australians, Indians, Americans, Mexicans, Chinese, Philipino, African, etc etc.

They are ‘probably’ in denial of the facts…that the UK will be desperate to sign free trade deals and will have a very weak hand in negotiations. Any Trump (if he survives)/American trade deal will benefit them excessively…NHS will be given to them on a platter…American farmers will have free access to UK for their produce produced with fairly low standards, etc etc.


What is the will of the people?

A) to leave with TMs or another - probably similar - deal
B) to crash out without a deal
C) to remain

Which of those options has a majority?

Who is that “driving force”? The Illuminati?


Hitler’s tactic.


arsanias - hi

Thought it was only us Brexiteers that harked back to the war!


That is what I said. Your weasel words don’t hide the fact that it is a low-life strategy of divide and rule through hate speech with no long-term plan (or care) for dealing with the social fallout.


@arsanias is absolutely right. He isn’t harking back to ‘the war’, he is describing the tactics used by Hitler to gain power which resulted in world war.


Yes. The latest tarif slapped on (subsidised) American bio-diesel is an obvious move by a No Deal concentrated Johnson government to get themselves a chip to bargain away later.


UK GDP shrank -0.1% in August…risk of UK technical recession will be closer than expected and will depend on the September numbers. Available next month.

"The UK’s economy is expected to avoid a recession despite new figures showing a surprise contraction in August…

…Reuters reported that the ONS said the economy would have to contract by an unusually large 1.5% in September for this happen."


The government!!?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Now we know you’re joking! :wink:


The British armed forces swear an oath to the Queen - and we all know she is a Remainer


Which begs the question - why do you assume Remainers wouldn’t work at similar jobs?


oilo - hi

Deadly serious m8!


It has nothing to do with the war. The war was more than a decade later. Hitler started his people vs. establishment campaign in the early twenties.

Trump is doing the same with his "media vs. people " rhetoric. It’s deeply undemocratic, because it tries to brand anyone with a different opinion as an enemy.

…and now it’s the brexit campaign.


I thought we had a civil war that resolved all that…hopefully we don’t need another one!

Not sure Queenie is ‘known’ to be a Remainer.