Brexit Wars 3



Stands to reason that she doesn’t want to see the Union break-up. Cameron gave that away in his book, which must have had her contemplating accomodations at The Tower.


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Maybe it’s the logical result of the undemocratic Remainer’s rejection of the referendum result and 3 years of agitation m8.
Hosea 8:7 - ‘they that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind’


how is it undemocratic to sit and watch Leavers fail?


An Evening Standard poll of polls analysis of support for Leave and Remain since the referendum.

YouGov’s Anthony Wells is quoted as saying “The polling evidence is concrete. The overwhelming majority of questions asking people if Brexit is right or wrong, or if they would now vote Remain or Leave, show a lead for Remain, and have done for over two years…

“The characterisation of the situation as People vs Parliament doesn’t really stand up when the public are split over Brexit. It is more a case of half the public vs half of Parliament.”

The polling evidence is clear in that there has been an increasing lead for Remain over Leave. So what is the “Will of the People”?

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‘they that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind’

Yes, JAR, that is what we will say if Brexit goes ahead and causes the predicted economic damage.



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Whatever the next election result tells us.


I believe Jar is talking about the blame game, which is now in full swing and he is also taking part in. Jar has swallowed the ‘Blame game’ strategy of Cummings/BoJo ‘hook, line & sinker’…which I suppose was inevitable.

“You can fool some people all of the time, you can fool some…”


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Helped enormously by the inability of the government to function & pass laws. Resulting from no party having a majority (sound familiar?) - had proportional representation resulting in many smaller parties. An obvious (though often avoided), consequence of PR.


Speaking of nails in the coffin for Brexit: another 1500 Leavers are off to join the choir invisible today, pro rata to Remainers. That’s why the polls are showing the swing to staying in the EU, plus the fact of most half way sensible people now realizing Brexit is pants.




… you cannot get a Remainer to accept election results


What!!!..there’s going to be a shortage of pants in the event of ‘No’ deal. I’ll have to add it to my list of things to bulk buy in the next few weeks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Toilet paper (tick)
  • Bakes beans (tick)
  • Frozen peas (tick)
  • Petrol (work in progress)…got a few saucepans full in the kitchen, need more saucepans though!!
  • Pants (work in progress)


Watching the news this morning I thought I heard Trump say that “The Kurds didn’t help us in the Second World War or at Normandy”. Not being able to believe that I’d heard such a moronic comment I felt all around my head to check that I had not banged it. But, alas, it was true enough, revealing once again that the leader of the “free world” is an utter cretin. What a fool Johnson is to hang on the coat tails of such a jerk.




In case any one is interested, here is the Kurt Schlichter article that inspired The Groper’s “Normandy” speech:

It is hard to tell who is nuttier between The Groper and Schlichter. Right wing politics obviously rots the brain.

Remember when it was said that Reagan’s brain had gone missing? Reagan was a genius in comparison with the current incumbent.

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Adolf having being bankrolled by the Establishment of course. Same here and now.

Maybe BANKSrolled was a Freudian slip there?




Ahem Pete, I think you meant “Quislings” there rather than “quiltings”? Unless you were referring to some sort of quilted carpet?




I preferred quiltings!!!



As a Remainer I fully accept the result but the current Boris deal is flawed and no-deal is disastrous IMO. It seems to me that Leavers are not going to get what they were promised. So, I just want to make sure the public wasn’t conned. If you’re so sure the British public still want to leave then you will have no objection to a confirmatory referendum. That would be very democratic of you.


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Let’s see what the General Election result says - as a democrat I will accept that.
Anyway, I thought all you Groupies detested referenda - unless(of course), you got the ‘right’ result


How many leavers voted against May’s deal? Do you blame them too?


so what is your point? We should also do away with democracy?