Brexit Wars 3



Ok, you’re like a 66 year old putting their hands over their ears and shouting rather than listening to any debate.

One thing for sure is there is no need for democracy for people of your mentality, which undermines a lot of, in fact the ONLY argument, for following through with Brexit from here.


Same ole remain guff :roll_eyes:

You seam a little irate this morning? :joy:


Typical of you to get it completely wrong. I’m as happy as I have been for some time based on the fact that Brexit now looks more than likely to be cancelled completely.

By more than likely i put the odds of complete cancellation and return to the status quo at >50%

And that would be fantastic for the country!


So Boradmoor lied about not being able to see the link. …and he doctored an image to create ‘an alternative fact’…I think we get the picture (or not in his case). The scary thing is that he ‘works’ in the financial sector (probably not that surprising unfortunately) :face_with_monocle:


I wouldn’t be so sure, in the event of a so called peoples vote I suspect a lot of non obsessive remainers, myself included who feel uncomfortable about the apparent stage management of this current situation might be inclined to jump ship.


I think you are right (as I posted myself recently) therefore best not to give them another vote at all.
Just stay in the EU, take the original non-binding vote as advisory and non-binding and the subsequent waste of billions of pounds on discussing Brexit and preparing for different scenarios as a practical joke.

HoHo. We can all take a joke in Britain, surely?


Allch, into what?

What would be your ‘preferred’ choice of Brexit…from what we ‘currently’ have on the table (if you can figure out what they actually are…struggling myself).


April 1st joke?!..oh dear, it would be too late by then…we could have egg on our face.


A – THIS WAS YOUR POST on 5th November

No Peter, The majority voted to leave the EU, Leave the Customs Union and Leave the single market, anything less will be seen as a failure in Democracy .

B Brainwashed ?? Farage has already done his work on you…
To Leave the EU by default-- Hard to think even you would believe that now , BUT you did believe the stuff below so maybe…

Imagine how stupid the LEAVE campaign thought some voters were. Making it look like Syria and Iraq were joining as well? Hook Line Sinker


Hes says he works in the Financial sector?? yet he spends all his time posting here…
I do but Im retired…


Possibly he works in the City but it is very clear from his poor standard of written English that he is not that bright and probably works (if at all) in a very lowly position.




I know…it is silly of me to believe anything he writes. A 100% fantasist…he’s probably preparing for the riots on the streets he’s been predicting. Can you have a one person riot? A melee perhaps :wink: (oops…that’s a little too French…could upset some people…sorry!)


Keep posting the lies Pete…Your limited supporters love it :wink:

I’ll see you on the 29th March :wink:


The odd thing is that I have found that those who object most strongly to any discussion of racism…are racists themselves. Have you ever noticed this Huw?



Thanks for posting this on a Public forum, Strange thing to do as you sit as a School Governor Correct ?


You get back to work… Your boss wants a cup of tea and the floor needs brushing…


I call it Frogsplaining.

You can call people anything you want (uneducated, racists, xenophobes blah blah blah) but if you use the queen’s English to do so, spell your words and form your sentences correctly, all under the veneer of a false politeness…………ITS OK!!


Huw, He is harmless enough , As long as you don’t follow his predictions you’ll be financially ok :wink:

I’ve a genuine concern that with his strongly held views he is considered appropriate for a School Governance role, But hey ho , I’m sure if he is ever asked to account for his public postings and personal attacks he’ll be ok and survive.


Cmon There’s letters to be opened and the toilet is filfy


Pete…That’s great fella, Now your proper funny and all that, But you need to know when to quit as you start to lose the audience if you keep on, So why not grab a werthers original and sit back and watch a bit of youtube ?