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Eadwig - hi

Having read all the Groupies comments from your liberal ivory towers (or in JW’s case his Momentum ivory tower), I have to admit you have convinced me.
I’m right to think it’s a problem.
Here are some figures you might find interesting! … but then again they may not fit your ‘rose-tinted’ views.

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John - Who on this board has said that illegal immigration isn’t a problem?

As someone else said… the clue is in the name… ILLEGAL.


Got any stats on the deaths of the over 65’s?


Migrationwatch is hardly a neutral source of information. It is widely regarded as a right wing anti-immigration group.

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Yeah, and there are battalions of body snatchers out there from the planet Zog.

What is more concerning is this report that Liar Johnson is suppressing about how the Russians bankrolled and bribed the Leave Campaign and made the entire Leave votership stooges of smart guy Vlad.




Yep, all agreed. They haven’t won the 6-Nations for a couple of years either. Wales had a better crack at S. Africa than England in the semi I thought.
S. Africa games always go the same way… littered with penalties from the scrum.


Green is a Colonel Blimp crank and his organization is disgusting. I thought that he had died years ago and made room for a decent illegal immigrant.





Indeed. Whereas England were beaten comprehensively today, Wales matched them in the semis & were actually most unlucky to lose by only 3 points when conceding a penalty very late on.

Spot on re South Africa. In a way, without taking anything whatsoever away from them, from a Rugby purist’s viewpoint, I thought Japan were one of the best teams. I really wanted Japan to win. But as good as they were, frankly they had no chance against the sheer strength of SA. Especially in the scrum & SA’s lethal “maul”.

Back in SA the Springbox maul is called “slow poison”. It takes so much out of the opposition in the 1st half, they’re left significantly weakened for the 2nd.

Maybe in future Rugby can evolve with slight rule changes that allows more fluidity & emphasis on a passing game. Otherwise, it’s likely to be dominated by the same few sides for the next few decades as in the past. - Regards.


Yes, I guess it depends what style of Rugby the authorities want to promote but I suspect most people like to see more passing and running rugby… and tries.

I’ve never understood why penalty after penalty can be awarded without any individual bring carded. If they sorted that out and also only awarded 1 pt for a penalty rather than 3… it might go a long way to doing that.



Agreed. Considering the gruelling team effort taken to score a try for 5 points & that a conversion gets 2 points, it seems anomalous to award 3 points for relatively cheap penalties, of which many are easily given away for the most minor infringements.

I think the 3 points awarded for drop kicks during running play is fair enough, as that takes more effort & skill to implement. Less so for a penalty conversion. So hopefully they’ll review that aspect. A simple change in that law alone could improve the game no end.

Similar happened in football when they changed from 2 points for a win to 3 points & outlawed goalies from picking up balls from a teammates back-pass. Attacking football increased significantly. I agree that 1 point for a penalty conversion would have a similar positive effect on Rugby Union. - Regards.


I saw nothing in the link that you gave that blamed the EU for illegal immigration and everything seemed to underline what had been said - I.e. that the UK has all the powers it needs to control illegal immigration if it chooses to.


Many are given away because someone tackled to the ground simply can’t get away from where he has fallen through a forest of legs.

This rather underlines the point I made before about union being a none instinctive ball game. Only the highest skilled at the highest levels can actually play a running game that is great to watch. At almost all other levels (including international) the game is about grinding out yards and set-pieces and little chance of individual thinking or skill to shine.

They’ve never managed to get the balance right, imho.

Still, lots of people watch it, it supports a professional game now and therefore it is one of our industries of the future where people are going to have more leisure time. Holding the world cup in Japan was an excellent move to help widen its base. Lets hope it isn’t long before Argentina are back on their feet enough to hold it.


as usual you just post what you want to hear from any RW source with any DYOR…

The UK is responsible for its borders NOT the EU and we decided not to bother to count who was leaving so we have NO idea about immigrants in the UK from any country…
UK decision in 1998 not reversed by any Gov easier to blame the EU

we could easily have taken back control of our borders already under European Parliament and Council Directive 2004/38/EC, which allows EU member states to repatriate EU nationals after three months if they have not found a job or do not have the means to support themselves. In this month’s debate on the House of Lords EU subcommittee report on EU migration, I challenged the government on why we were not availing ourselves of this directive – Other countries, such as Belgium, regularly repatriate thousands of individuals based on this directive.


First an addition to “Migration Watch” - these haters are a throwback to late Victorian times and a class of cranks who pursued the sciences of “eugenics” and “craniology”. They are the worst sort of small minded , dangerous whackos. And I don’t like them.

Anyway, the EU PREVENTS illegal immigration into Britain which is not in the Schengen area of course. If Brexit happens I think they should let all migrants get on buses and trains and rock up in Kent for Britain to deal with.

Now Eadwig, just think if Brexit goes ahead and free movement is ended then after 3 months in Poland you’ll become an illegal immigrant after being stripped of your 45 year old EU statehood citizenship. Courtesy of low - lifes such as JAR, Jarse and RRW. Yes I know you know this.

But then let’s also envisage Scotland becoming an independent country. Just as above why should Scots who have migrated here be allowed to stay as their UK citizenship should be voided? Not much difference. Just think of JW becoming an illegal immigrant after all these years? Impossible he no doubt thinks, being a special case. That is what I would have said 5 years ago about the theft of my EU rights.

We need fewer borders not more.




News just in that Stephen Dorrell, former Tory Minister then Change MP is to fight Bercow’s seat for the LibDems. No uptodate general election results due to it being the Speaker’s seat but in the Referendum it was 51% for Remain and 49% for Leave.

He might have a fighting chance.

Frog in a tree


Of course I’m a 100% behind the Lib Dems stance on Brexit but I have a problem with Jo Swinson. During the coalition Government she voted in favour of increasing student fees to 9K + and also the Bedroom Tax. No one with any humanity could support the latter cruel, penny - pinching policy.

That said, all Remainers should vote tactically to see off Liar Johnson.




Rugby balls, balls.

I just had to check what materials Rugby balls are made of these days. I was hoping to discomfort fan JW by discovering that they were still made of leather and pigs’ bladders. Alas, today they are made from natural rubber and synthetic materials. In the “good old days”:

"William Gilbert, and Richard Lindon started making footballs for the neighbouring Rugby School in 1823. The balls had an inner-tube made of a pig’s bladder. Both men owned boot and shoe making businesses located close to Rugby school.[1] In 1870, Richard Lindon introduced rubber inner-tubes and because of the pliability of rubber, the shape gradually changed from a sphere to an egg. Lindon and Bernardo Solano started making balls for Rugby School out of hand stitched, leather casings and pigs’ bladders. The rugby ball’s distinctive shape is supposedly due to the pig’s bladder, although early balls were more plum-shape than oval. The balls varied in size in the beginning depending upon how large the pig’s bladder was.[2]

Lindon’s wife was responsible for inflating the pigs’ bladders. Unfortunately, this job didn’t exactly meet current health and safety standards; if the bladder was diseased, this was going into Mrs Lindon’s lungs.[3] In fact, she contracted a lung diseased thought to have come from years of blowing up pig’s bladders, and died.[1]" (Wiki).

What a silly game.





Good to know, but preferably no innocent creatures would be harmed for any reason. Sadly, reality is still very far from reaching that standard.

Indeed, as many of us know who’ve read books about the so-called “good old days”, they were anything but on many levels. Chronic poverty, squalor & disease were rife even in wealthy nations like UK. Animal welfare non-existent. Little remotely good about anything, bar that if you lived away from the city you led a quieter life & probably breathed cleaner air than today.

Many sports seem “silly” to a degree. At least Rugby fans always retain their civility, win or lose. Compare that with the tribalism associated with football, which turns many grown men into violent idiots. Latter seems far sillier. Or the dramatic rolling around from multi-millionaire footballers like Neymar each time he’s touched. Embarrassing to say the least & one reason why I rarely watch football. But to each their own on this. - Regards.


Indeed. Unless UK and Scotland agreed to something like the UK/Ireland Common Travel Area where Irish and UK citizens have the right to live, travel, work and study in either place (which I assume would happen) then you wouldn’t be allowed to stay in UK unless you applied for some ‘settled status’ like might happen between UK/EU or if you became a UK citizen (and then you’d have problems if you wanted to go back to Scotland).



Came across an interesting piece on BoJo s constituency where he holds only a very small majority.
Wonder if he chickens out and chooses to switch to a safer seat.

"UXBRIDGE, England , (Reuters) - Over the next few weeks, Sunil Paul and thousands of voters like him in this commuter town on the edge of London will be among the most important people in British politics: they could decide Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s fate…

Johnson, who called a snap election to break the Brexit deadlock, is the local member of parliament and is battling to retain his seat. He has the smallest majority in his parliamentary constituency of any British leader since 1924.

If Johnson wins the election, but loses in Uxbridge, about 20 miles from central London, he will have to stand down. This could alter the course of Brexit and would be the first time any serving British prime minister has been unseated.

Paul, a 43-year-old who sells satellite television, is just the sort of voter that Johnson needs. The problem for Johnson is the lifetime Conservative voter will not vote for him in protest at his support for Brexit, and claims he was parachuted into the seat in 2015 despite having no connection to the area…"

From and more at