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Came across an interesting piece on BoJo s constituency where he holds only a very small majority.
Wonder if he chickens out and chooses to switch to a safer seat.

"UXBRIDGE, England , (Reuters) - Over the next few weeks, Sunil Paul and thousands of voters like him in this commuter town on the edge of London will be among the most important people in British politics: they could decide Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s fate…

Johnson, who called a snap election to break the Brexit deadlock, is the local member of parliament and is battling to retain his seat. He has the smallest majority in his parliamentary constituency of any British leader since 1924.

If Johnson wins the election, but loses in Uxbridge, about 20 miles from central London, he will have to stand down. This could alter the course of Brexit and would be the first time any serving British prime minister has been unseated.

Paul, a 43-year-old who sells satellite television, is just the sort of voter that Johnson needs. The problem for Johnson is the lifetime Conservative voter will not vote for him in protest at his support for Brexit, and claims he was parachuted into the seat in 2015 despite having no connection to the area…"

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Nigel Farage has claimed he was offered a peerage twice earlier this year, with the Brexit Party leader claiming it is one of a number of “baubles” put forward by the Conservative Party.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Mr Farage said: "That happened twice, but we are going back a couple of months. They thought the deal was that if I accepted that, we would only fight a few seats.



SBK, I believe there is a unilateral agreement (nothing to do with the EU) between France & the UK that prevents immigrants from crossing the channel and gives UK money to many French ports to prevent them crossing. IF the French were to ‘open’ their ports to immigrants trying to get onto trucks it would create a real headache for the UK, with thousands of immigrants (illegal or otherwise) reaching the UK and needing to be processed.

Somewhat like Turkey that has ‘threatened’ to let the hundreds of thousands of immigrants cross into Europe if the EU attempts to stop their Syrian/Kurdish offensive.

The UK (as ever) is in a very weak position in any negotiations (Free trade or otherwise) with the EU, USA & almost every other country on the planet.

Time to stop this Brexit madness and get back to making the UK great (small g) again!!


Yes, you’re right Oily.
That just shows how the UK Border Control isn’t fit for purpose and hasn’t been for years.
The Tory Government is also the main cause of this having slashed the numbers of officers and budgets over a period of years.

It is nothing to do with being in (or out of) the EU whatsoever… just a matter of UK resourcing and funding.


Farage says he not standing in the Election.



No surprise.

Why does Brexit Party and Farage get so much airtime?
They have a lot of MEPs but zero MPs.
A one-policy Party with nothing to say on any of the major issues facing the UK such as Climate Change and Environment issues.

Does the Leader of the Green Party get the same airtime as Farage?
Any of the Green Party policies talked about on TV?

Seems to be the same characters put in front of the cameras all the time.
A grubby, fixed charade of an Election process with mainly right wing Media feeding their journalistic scraps out to the masses.


disclaimer in the Telegraph
Wonder who wrote it ?


Even Sunderland having 2nd thoughts



He does like sticking his oar in.

“U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday urged British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage to come together to safeguard prospects for expanded U.S.-UK trade after Britain leaves the European Union…”

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So what is now clear is that one wing of the Brexit movement leadership is working for US Corporate and political interests (Faragists) and the other for the geopolitical strategy of Russia (Cummingists). And the UK is just a pawn in the game.

Is this what “Taking back control” meant? Great innit?




Its a start…

In last year’s local elections-
• Liberal Democrats gained 706 councillors and control of 10 councils.
• Conservatives lost 1,330 councillors and control of 44 councils.
• Labour lost 84 councillors and control of 6 councils.
In the European Elections we campaigned vigorously against Brexit winning 16 seats
more than Labour with 10, the Greens with 7 and the Conservatives with only 4.
Our party has been growing in strength. 50,000 new members have joined our party in the last
year. We now have more than 128,000 members.


Good to hear that the Brexiters are fighting like cats in a bag. Both Johnson and Farage have boxed themselves into corners and neither can back down without losing face. It would be so much simpler to agree to a second referendum and let the people decide…only they both know that Remain would win.

Meanwhile, Johnson and Corbyn compete on spending. So what was all those years of austerity about then? As it is, the Tories have swallowed their own sword and can no longer argue that Labour’s spending plans are profligate.

Meanwhile, we hear that Farage has been offered a peerage, not once but twice, in return for standing his candidates down. At least in the US this would be regarded as impeachable for offering a gift for political advantage. Our politics is rotten through and through.

Vote tactically against Johnson’s Boneheaded Brexit!


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another question we never got an answer for…
What would the US BUY from UK ??
AND just in… can this fraud be more obvious …


With the news that due to a whistle blower MI5 and MI6 are investigating any dodgy links that Cummings may have been involved with in the period 1993 - 1997 when he lived in Russia one’s mood is improved.

If it were ever proved that he was a foreign agent with snow on his boots it would certainly make him the best of his kind, having done more damage to the UK than Philby, Burgess, Maclean, Blake and Blunt put together.

The blocking of the Referendum Report by the Government is a clear admission of guilty behaviour by the Leave side. I expect it will get leaked anyway.




Met friends in Sheffield today who are considering changing their vote from Labour to Lib Dems for first time in their life. They are living in heartland Labour constituencies.


Having looked at the 2017 vote in my constituency it is clear that voting anything other than Labour would weaken the anti Brexit position. My MP emailed me this morning to assure me that they personally now support a second referendum and Remain. Otherwise I would vote LibDem.

Maybe your friends are in the old Clegg constituency Hallam in which case LibDem is the way to go. I hope they do their research carefully as it would be a bad idea to split the anti-Brexit vote and let the Tories in.

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No, but I am. Its not clear whether to go for Lib Dem or Labour in that constituency as yet (Labour beat Nick Clegg last time out but O’Mara has been a disaster). The history of that constituency until then had been a tactical vote to keep out the Tories who held it for decades until 1997 (92?). I’ve sorted out my postal vote today - or made sure it will be sorted out in my absence.

The friends I spoke of live in Sheffield central and other long-held Labour strongholds which make up all the rest of Sheffield.

I’m not saying they’re typical of Labour voters there who voted narrowly to Leave whereas all my friends voted to Remain. Theses seats will be some of those that the Brexit party seriously target, but I doubt they’ll ever be anything but Labour, although the demographics have changed markedly in Sheffield central in particular with a far younger, student demographic having moved in in their tens of thousands in recent years, so there could be a surprise there.


It makes you wonder what sort of a selection process Labour has to vet their Parliamentary candidates. The bloke has been a car crash since day one and has been a disgrace as an absent MP…still collecting his salary & pension (no doubt) but doing bugger all for his constituents.

Who are Labour going to run in Hallam this time…Bozo the clown!!! (NOT to be confused with BoJo the clown :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


O’Mara was selected as a candidate by Labour’s NEC. One might suspect that he was selected as a Momentum member. Possibly he got the gig because no-one thought that Clegg would be defeated.

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new survation poll shows 54% want remain so what kind of nutty party would push a thing like this through against consistant polls wanting to remain.