Brexit Wars 3



One cannot get the staff!!..perhaps it’s because of Brexit.


They do have a female selected, there was a leaflet waiting at my flat today when i visited, but I didn’t have time to read it.

I can only think O’Mara was chosen due to his mental disabilities and it was seen as a right-on thing to do.

Locally, Clegg was known to be at risk because of his lack of support for Sheffield Forgemasters who needed government money (£80m) to ensure they had a hand in building all future Chinese Nuclear power stations. They lost the contract and the UK lost a lot of world prestige in the sector.

Nationally the student loans debacle was bad for Clegg in a very big student/university constituency (perhaps 25% of the electorate).

However, you might be right in that no one thought Labour would close such a big gap, I was certainly taken by surprise.


“The party said the £50bn figure - the amount that it has calculated will be saved over the next five years by staying in the EU - is based on the UK economy being 1.9% larger in 2024-25.”
Fighting fire with fire!..‘perhaps’ they will have a yellow (#FAA61A) and ‘charcoal’ (#151721) coloured bus emblazoned with £350m per week for the NHS!!


Not counting the senior Labour MPs who regularly appeared on the Russian propaganda TV station are they working for Russia or Corbyn being paid to be on Iranian propaganda tv is he working for them

Did you know that the single country that we have the biggest trade with is the US almost double that of Germany admittedly not yet at the level of the whole of Europe I don’t understand why you would. Not want a good relationship with the US and a good trading relationship with massive potential for growth
Stop spinning false news


good news is.
The gov has a report on Russisn interference …
wonder why they wont publish til after the election ??


asked this before…
What more will the US BUY from the UK IF we leave the EU and the NHS doesnt count…


What is wrong with any politician appearing on any TV station anywhere in the world? (As long as it isn’t banned at the time they appear on it)
Maybe you should have commented on what they actually said rather than looking for childish headlines.


Looks a bit weak compared to the spending promises of the other two parties. Far more realistic and reasonable according to the BBC fact checker spot they are running during the campaign. Not sure the electorate are going to be swung by level-headed promises and projections in this campaign.


That’s the real problem…the public (or a large %) like big uncosted promises on spending because they are too thick to realise that ‘they’ will have to pay for it…the ‘Magic Brexit money tree’ trick. The Lib Dem ‘promise’ of £50bn won’t cost taxpayers a penny in extra taxes…but they ‘probably’ wont realise it.


And this is what happens to many Tory Government ‘promises’…


brings up the point that… The Gov is willing to spend that money to LEAVE the EU and be much worse off .


Yes, it will depend on how well they can sell it on various TV debates (they’ll never be a fair debate laid out in the papers) and compare and contrast the net spending with those who promise to Leave (increasingly looking like Labour with a different deal as they fight back against Johnson’s promises) - by adding the cost of Leaving to their stated spending promises.

The Lib-Dem spokes-people are up against some tough and experienced campaigners that the Tories can wheel out. Not sure about Labour, difficult to know who is in favour enough for the core momentum movement to put forward for various national coverage.

The Brexit party, other than Farage, appear to be refusing to criticise Johnson or Tory candidates in public, even those opposing them in the same constituency. That appears to be Farage holding his fire while Johnson assesses his position in the polls. Johnson already getting pulled toward their position it seems by, i believe I heard, a refusal to go past the transition deadline of 31 Dec 2020, which is in no way going to give time to complete a trade deal … exactly what the Brexit party want.


Yes, the National Audit Office will be in the dog house releasing that just now. ZERO of 200,000 take-ups by people being offered a 20% discount on their new home.


From PollingUnpacked, a Survation opinion poll on Portsmouth South. This constituency was taken from the Tories in 2017.

The poll shows a 14% drift from Tories to BP and a 13% drift from Labour to LibDems, giving the LibDems a narrow 3% lead over the Tories.

3% is within the normally accepted margin of error for opinion polls so anything could happen. The main learning points are that the BP is making the Tory chances much more precarious and that Labour is, in this constituency at least, losing votes by not pitching strongly for the Remain vote.

Frog in a tree


Lets hope so soon, pity Labour are not really screaming about this, seems like it being left to Dominic Greave and the LDs…
Greaves is a great loss to the Tories not really any left who you can believe…

from the Independent today…

No 10 holds that the delay in publication is due to the need for the report to be extensively scrutinised for reasons of national security. This means it is unlikely to be published before Tuesday, when parliament rises, and therefore not until the after election on 12 December.

The government’s arguments have been dismissed by a number of senior former public officials including former cabinet secretary Lord Butler, Lord Ricketts, former national security advisor and chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee, and Lord Anderson, the former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation.


Just seen this Tory Poster…
Dont they realise we all use the NHS and everybody know its down the pan.
just shows how desperate they are…


Micheal Gove being asked why the Gov is sitting on he Russian report …
Cover up ?? Make your own mind up…


What “false news” have I been spinning? Can your addled brain think of one thing?




The links between Tories and RW US business lobby groups are well established and Liam Fox in in the thick of it.

The RW agenda is to have a bonfire of the regulations that protect us in luding health and safety rules and employment protections. They would most likely want to reduce anti-discrimination measures too. There have been reports in recent months about how the US corporate sector would like to take a can opener to our NHS and increase the prices of the drugs we buy from them.

There is no doubt that our civilised liberal society is under threat from this bunch of crooks.

Frog in a tree


Amongst the many cretinous things Farage has said in the past was how uncomfortable he felt listening to foreign languages being spoken when on a train in London. Better stop all them foreign tourists talking when they visit out Capital then? I wonder if this berk speaks Flemish or French when he is in Brussels, pocketing unearned money?

I see Corbyn is in Harlow, Essex today. That’s a bummer of a gig as its Farage land. Corbyn should bring up the subject of “Careless talk costs lives” and Farage’s big mouth: