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This is the real issue… and it will be very difficult to stop happening with any UK-US FTA.



The initial reporting of this Polish man did report it as a Brexit-related xenophobic attack. Subsequently doubt was cast on this and the verdict of the court case did not support this view.

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This shows labour and Tories doing badly in London
Labour down from 55 to 39 Tory down from 33 to 29 Lds up 9 to 19 since last election.
Leaders rating Corbyn Bad = 65 Bojo = 59 swinson = 30
cant beleive Bojo is not 100.
all looks better for Libs its like the 2 mai parties have missed that most of the UK dont want Brexit…


The polling data appear to show that the LibDems are being successful in attracting Remainers. I couldn’t read the whole article as it kept blacking out, most likely due the lack of memory on my ipad. But I think I got the gist. Like the comment I made about Portsmouth South earlier, it seems to confirm that Labour is suffering for not having taken a pro-Remain stance. However, or “whatabout”, I haven’t seen any polling data from Labour areas of the north and midlands which might show how Corbyn’s fence sitting is playing with Labour Leave voters. FWIW, I think that it is well established that Labour voters are by a large majority for Remain and Corbyn risks losing many of these northern and midlands supporters to the LibDems. There is a cabal of Lexit supporters at the heart of the Labour leadership, including Corbyn and Milne, who have prevented a much more strongly pro-Remain stance being taken. They may bring disaster down on the party.

By the way, did any of you watch the excellent “Dispatches” last night?

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no but will watch on catchup


A reminder on the adverse economic impacts of Brexit… any version of Brexit… including the latest Deal:




Yes the Judge did but I don’t believe it. I think he was trying to keep the lid on things or was just naive. Can you imagine the kind of witnesses who came forward to defend the perpetrators? The fact is that anti - Polish sentiment was rife in that town. And there have been numerous instances of abuse and attacks on people who were not speaking English or looked different on public transport which have been filmed and shown on TV. Since the Brexit campaign kicked off xenophobic and racist attacks have soared. See for example:




Example of above English language fascist





You are entitled to your opinion but you were not actually a witness to the event. I have, therefore, to place more credence in the judgement of the court.

Irrespective of Brexit, stuff happens especially when behaviours are influenced by the intake of alcohol.

I have no doubt at all that since the referendum that migrant workers have experienced heightened levels of abuse.



As I said above…



That’s the thing with you Frog you are too nice and always seek balance when there is none.

I have heard such racist abuse myself and it has been given licence by the utterances of leading Brexiteers who have fanned a small flame into a fire which has scarred this country and it’ll last a long time.




100% correct. The Nice Brigade… the clamp-down-on-telling-the truth’ers are out today in force.

I have seen numerous examples of this on the streets especially on my excursions to London where prats like that drugged up blonde hag feel they have been given the OK to abuse people simply for speaking their own language. They usually do it in packs and more often than not against women.
I’ve been in queues where Polish speakers are chatting away with each other… then when they leave the shop, someone will make a remark about “getting our country back”.

All delivered courtesy of the likes of @HuwJarse, @Trisco and @john.a.reeves .


Swinson is coming across well in her campaigning and may well be adding to the appeal of the LibDems. Where I am less sure is how she will stand up to agressive questioning from the likes of Andrew Neil.

The LibDems pitch is not for massive borrow and spend and may well appeal to centre ground voters.

All this, added to the polling data, indicates that they have got off to a good start.

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Strange, isn’t it? Growing up in York you were surrounded by people talking strange foreign languages, especially American, all year round.

We were taught from a very young age at school how we should always be polite and helpful to visitors to our city. Later at grammar school we were taught not just the same but also how important to the city economy tourism was as an industry. Never more true than today.

The largest industry in the world, travel and tourism, and Britain is one of the top destinations many people wish to visit from all over the world. A large part of our population seems intent on self-destruction when it comes to earning our way in the modern world. The Brexit effect certainly seems to be keeping visitor numbers below where you would expect them given the weakness of GBP.

I was glad to hear an advocate for travel and tourism on the radio this morning urging us NOT to cut our travel but to maximise our time when on our travels. When asked the obvious in-vogue question about climate damage from flying she said something like ‘have you considered how many countries are absolutely dependent on tourism and how damaging it would be to people’s lives around the world if we all stopped travelling?’

Not least to the UK, I might add. Not only is it probably our biggest industry and one where we can actually compete globally, there is also the reverse issue of travel broadening the mind. Something a lot of our population could do with a dose of rather than spending all their time drinking in ‘The Rovers Return’ in Tenerife or the Costa Del Sol when they do actually go on holiday abroad.

As for this single clip, judging by the look of the woman I think she had something more wrong with her than a dose of xenophobia. I’d like to see her speaking ‘Brazilian’ though.


J_W hi

As you are obsessed with immigration - you may find this article interesting!

France to set ‘annual quotas’ for migrant workers in taboo-breaking move

President Emmanuel Macron has told his camp to lead the way on immigration or be dismissed as a “bourgeois party”. CREDIT: REUTERS

Henry Samuel, Daily Telegraph Paris
5 NOVEMBER 2019 • 3:44PM

Starting next year, authorities and bosses will earmark industries in need of qualified staff and make it easier to hire foreigners to fill the gap, said Labour minister Muriel Penicaud.

“This is about France hiring based on its needs. It’s a new approach, similar to what is done in Canada or Australia,” Ms Penicaud told BFM TV.

Others measures due to be official unveiled on Wednesday by prime minister Edouard Philippe include suspending health care for asylum seekers and illegal immigrants for the first three months in the country.

Sounds sensible and something we should do - maybe it’s not all bad in the EU?



Sure… isn’t that what I’ve been saying all along?
The UK already has powers to deal with immigration from both EU states and outside the EU.

This article is about France introducing quotas for non-EU immigration. The UK already has used quotas by the way… didn’t work well.


you’ve just shot a major part of the argument for Leaving the EU in the head.
and all so we can be worse off…


Anne Milton, one of the Tory MPs who had the whip withdrawn, is to stand as an independent in the general election. She won 54% of the vote in her Guildford seat in 2017 against second placed LibDems at 24%. The Tories will obviously stand a candidate and possibly the BP which would split the RW vote drastically. Would the Liberals stand down their candidate to give Milton a chance of retaining her seat? Or will they try to win it from her?

Johnson may come to regret removing the whip from so many of his MPs.


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I am sure in your petty remainers world you know exactly what is in the report
Unfortunately it has not been published as such we have no idea what it says so stop making it up
Equally if it shows that Russia has been interfering then this should be dealt with which I am happy to say
Unlike Labour who refused to believe Russians were responsible for the Salisbury poisonings I trust MI5
Just imagine the chaos if Diane Abbot was put in charge of security


You would think surely Bojo would want to make the report public just to make sure other parties didn’t make up stories… that is unless the report implicates the Tories and be bad for the election??
pretty obvious

This below about Grieve
Dominic Grieve, punctilious to a fault, says there is NO credible bureaucratic reason why the Security Committee’s report on Russia and elections could not have been published before the election. Which means the PM cannot complain as conspiracy theories spread like a virus

and this from July….
asking IF Boris Johnson could have been compromised by an alleged Russian spy.