Brexit Wars 3



The way things are going and as the polls start coming out, we’re going to start seeing some movement in fx rates again soon, after a relatively steady period.


Major plus point the Lib Dems have they are the only party of the 3 in England who will say the Truth
eg BREXIT is a Sht idea and we will all be worse off if it goes ahead.
She may be being optimistic but why not 54% of the population agree on brexit and the way the LIBs are being attacked by the Tories shows panic IMO.

They may even end up taking Moggys scalp this article from the type of paper you will like…


Remember the £350m a week LIE on the Bus and the many other Brexit Lies…
Bojo etc cant really use lies like that now too many eyes on the him now…
This from the BBC…

By ignoring inflation and double counting
Johnson says: £34 billion
Reality says: £20.5 billion
Johnson says: £14 billion
Reality says: £4.3 billion


Thanks for that one Pete. As a school governor I appreciated the explanation. Certainly the schools I am involved with, which are in deprived or very deprived areas, our budgets are at their breaking points. I’d go so far as to say that if it wasn’t for the pupil premium additionality we would be drowning. The PP funding is intended to pay for staff and support for pupils from poor families but as the overall budgets have shrunk so have these forms of support for PP pupils and the others. Pupil Premium was one of the best initiatives pushed on the Cameron coalition government by the LibDems.

I think what we are seeing in the Tory campaign is a pattern of lies and misinformation. And it has only been the Tories. And Johnson had the cheek to talk about one nation Tories after sacking a load of them from his party!

Its going to be bloody.

Frog in a tree


yes I seen a Tory Leaflet saying what they had done for the NHS. Problem they have is we all use the NHS and know the state it is in and its all thanks to the Tories.
one Labour thing I thought was good was a commitment to removing car park charges it must be really hard for ppl on low income if the have to visit family sometimes twice a day…


And in many places the Nurses and doctors have to pay too - to go to work in these hospitals!

Moreover, I heard that the average take the hospitals receive from parking is 15% with the car park operators keeping the rest!




Isn’t it cheaper just to employ a chap with a cap who patrols the car park… rather than outsourcing it to some car parking company?

It’s not difficult is it.



You are talking commonsense. Stop it or people will think that you are stupid.




Typical outsourcing so all the profit goes to some business…


Maybe you should invest in Park24… a Japanese outfit who own NCP nowadays.


The NHS car parking franchise…it wouldn’t be owned by an American company, would it?!

A sign of things to come…‘perhaps’!


Maybe… many of the NHS car parks were operated by ParkingEye… a company now owned by Macquarie… again available for Pete to invest in on the Oz exchange.


I like the LIB DEM idea t say they will spend £50 bill or so on servces because it brings up the discussion that the Tories are planning to give the EU that kind of money and then leave for us all to be worse off.

New @YouGov poll for Sky News
Con 36% -2
Lab 25% ±0
Lib Dems 17% +1
Brexit 11% ±0
Green 5% ±0
Taken up to yesterday, with changes from 1-4 Nov


Did he jump or was he pushed?!


Further to my earlier post with the photo of the Commonwealth Wars Graves Indian cemetery in Montreuil Sur Mer, I noted that there were six “hearts” but I was surprised that these were all from Remainer folk and not a single one from our Brexiter friends. I took it that the “hearts” were not in recognition of the quality of my post but rather out of respect for the fallen soldiers.

Given that this was not a partisan Brexit-related post why was it that not a single Brexiter paid their respects? Could it be that our nationalist Brexiter friends are not at all patriotic and willing to salute these men who had fallen for the British Empire? Or was it simply that these fallen men were all of the wrong colour?

I know that many of us are thinking of our fallen soldiers as we approach Remembrance Day. I know that @trader_jack will be one of these patriots as he also posted a photo of his visit to this war grave cemetary a few months ago.

In sadness,

Frog in a tree


I believe that is why parking charges were introduced, because hospital car parks were filled by the staff’s vehicles. Also the reason they were so expensive (I think they are generally lower now) was to stop staff using them anyway.

Which just goes to underline that most of our hospitals were built at a time when architects still didn’t expect most members of staff to have cars.

That wouldn’t surprise me. However, if the hospitals managed them then all staff involved would be on the NHS budget … and civil service benefits.

Unless of course you nationalised car parks in a leap of ‘joined up government’ … The workers would still all be on fantastic benefits, but at least the NHS wouldn’t be employing people who know all about parking ticket machines etc


He says it is a personal decision and will still be campaigning for Labour - his timing stinks though, he’s moved the headlines off the Tory chaos.


Eadwig, doesn’t everybody say it was ‘for personal reasons’…‘perhaps’ he found a horses head in his bed & got ‘the message’. Very strange timing as you say…I reckon Tom Watson has been on a journey over the last couple of years and ‘probably’ just feels his path is in another direction (away from Mr Corbyn).


How the US treats whistleblowers…


Well, no one was twisting his arm when he said it and Corbyn has praised his contribution and support and all seems amicable on the surface between those two at least. One thing his timing did do was take the headlines on the 10 O’clock news, so at no point during the news cycle on the day they launched their campaign did the Tories get the main headline with any of their policies.

In fact the biggest headline they got was Johnson likening Corbyn to Stalin, the largest mass-murderer in history. If I liken the far-right’s tactics to those used by Hitler, Brexiteers go all huffy. Its the latest thing pioneered by Trump … ‘we can say anything we like, but don’t you try it’.

Unfortunately its another Labour seat vacated by a moderate which I’m sure the NEC will fill with a more manageable and no doubt left-wing candidate. That may help Corbyn’s campaign but it isn’t good for the inclusive government he is promising to form. Its easy to include everyone if they all have the same views.

A survey conducted in the last few days among the general public found that they could only put a name to 4 faces from Westminster going into this election. Corbyn, Johnson, Gove and Rees-Mogg.

It says something about the state of UK politics at the moment and also perhaps underlines what an issue-led election this will be, rather than personalities, although it does also mean the ambitious have every chance to come to the fore and stake a place in UK politics for a generation or two if they have what it takes.