Brexit Wars 3



So many of the Lies are just HEADLINE big numbers like £350m/week


FIAT, there are lots of MP’s saying that a 2nd referendum would be betrayal of the first vote…Parliament have to implement the ‘will of the people’ but if they cannot it has to go back to the people to make a decision. Even if that was to Leave on ‘No’ deal, TM’s deal, a Norway deal or even…‘Let’s call the whole thing off’.


Hard to Betray this something comes out every day heres the latest..Arron Banks again

The company which the Electoral Commission suspects may have been behind Britain’s biggest political donation has no registered address - meaning it has failed to fulfil a key legal requirement - the BBC has found.
Rock Holdings is a firm registered in the Isle of Man and controlled by Leave.EU founder Arron Banks. The Electoral Commission’s ongoing investigation of Leave.EU funds was referred to the National Crime Agency.
Mr Banks denies any wrongdoing.
But BBC Newsnight has found that Rock Holdings has no official registered address on the Isle of Man and that it is therefore “in default”, meaning it is not compliant with company law on the island.


Good luck with that. Don’t you keep up with the news? The people don’t think this Brexit idea has worked out very well so far. Many people now regretting they made a big mistake voting to Leave. The politicians have got it all sorted to vote out a ‘no deal’ Brexit and to cancel A50. Unless some miraculous rabbit is pulled from the bag, I think you’ll find we’ll still be in the EU on 30th March and that a 2nd referendum is coming. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


@Uncle_Doug - We can expect to hear a lot more about “the streets will erupt”, “water canons will be out” and “democracy is dead”… and other such bullshit once he gets to realise what is going on.

The “No Deal” is as dead as the DoDo.
It’s now only a matter of whether a tweaked Deal can be voted through on 2nd reading or whether Article 50 is extended either either with the intention of negotiating a new Deal and/or for #BrexitRef2.


So we pay in 137 million a week and get 2,600 million out do we ? Just to be clear your graph is telling us we get 2.6 billion pounds a week out of the EU.

There’s a reason noone clicks on your links Pete


Every one of us on this BB is ignorant as each other (remainers and brexiteers) as to how things will eventually pan out. No one knows. Not me, not Broadmoor, not Frog, no one. We all have our opinions as to what will happen, but no one knows.

There was a people’s vote, Frog, and it happened in June 2016. I’m well aware that democracy is not static at all. But you cannot ignore it just when you feel like ignoring it. Unfortunately, the vote was to leave the EU and as a consequence you have to give those that won the vote the time to actually do what the vote says.

You may refer to polls, but they tell us nothing. Polls predicted a comfortable Clinton win, the main polls said remain would win and Corbyn would win the last election.

If you believe in democracy, then you should swallow it.


Old Eyes.


I may be out of touch but is there really a prospect of Brexiteers taking to the streets in large numbers if “Remain” appears to be prevailing?

I think Rod Liddle recently said:

“A failure to leave won’t lead to riots on the streets. It will lead to a sullen acceptance that you can’t beat the establishment - it always wins in the end."


Democracy is a system of Government… not a Referendum vote… Democracy is being played out in Parliament right now by the people we elected to represent us.

The “No Deal” is dead. Just a matter of whether there will be any agreement or not on any form of Deal in next few weeks… if not the consensus of MPs will vote for #BrexitRef2.


Yep… I’ll be out there cheering.


I think you are right here.

She is signalling at least one amendment (I reckon there’ll be more) in order to sow the seeds of confusion before the main event.

Against a backdrop of arm-twisting, threats, hints and false promises - one of which may yet be to move aside to give the Brexiteers more power in the “transition” phase - she’ll get this over the line yet.

The DUP’s threat of ‘vote this down or we’ll support labour in a vote of no confidence’ is a counter to that, though, I would think. There are plenty of Tory MPs who’d rather not fight a general election at the moment (“Fear of a Corbyn Planet”). I think it’ll definitely be knocked back on Tuesday, then the real fun will start. But that it’ll eventually get over the line in some form or another, though.


Indeed, although most teaching of English goes on abroad rather than in England. Students have to have to have a good command of English before being accepted onto degree courses here.

English is the international language of business and that is partly what gives our education industry a natural advantage when competing against other states. An interesting development is that more and more universities across Europe (and no doubt elsewhere but Korea is the only other one I have heard of) are now offering degree and advanced courses which are taught 100% in English. I would suggest that’s not the same as immersing yourself in a culture to become fluent, but it does show how important the language is seen as being.

Unfortunately there is a ridiculous international convention of defining students within immigration figures. This government did challenge that convention but failed to bring about a change. Rather than simply ignoring the ruling the rule remains so the figures of around 450,000 foreign students continue to be included in our ‘migration’ figures.

Interestingly, a student who does 9 months at college and goes home for the summer doesn’t qualify under the definition of migrant given elsewhere recently on this board, but is included in the figures.

The sector was growing at about 7% p.a. prior to the Brexit vote (it is now contracting despite only 7% of foreign students being from the EU) so the NET immigration figures were skewed by around 30,000 a year, around one third of the cap the government wishes to place.

30,000 additional foreign students p.a. paying 50-100% more than their UK counterparts effectively subsidised UK students as well as brought in around half a billion more each year in accommodation costs (must be paid in advance), visa and airport taxes and general living expenses. Multiply that by the full number and it probably dwarfs the fishing industry.

Theresa May passed legislation to make getting a student visa much harder - yet still included provision for foreign students to bring with them, e.g. a parent if they are classed as dependent on them. An inexplicable loophole to me.

The other major factor is that to retain world class status you must have world-class lecturers and they are also being denied entry under the same limitations.

Much more to say on the subject but faulty internet connection stops me from doing so at the moment.


Democracy is not a one off event. An event based on lies and corruption that happened in June 2016. An event that affects our economy, laws, trade, security, freedoms and way of life for generations to come. Since then, look at the mess we’re in, not to mention the money and time wasted. So sorry, but I’m not swallowing anything. It gets clearer every day that a 2nd vote is inevitable.


People dont click my links mainly because they dont want to see Lies and adds sent to Millions of ppl which represents cheating on a huge scale and the referendum should be void because of it.

The photo I posted was what we pay (less rebate) vrs we gain from being in the EU included in the gains from common rules, standards, banking, research trade etc vrs WTO…

Figures like Boris Bus 350m /week ignoring rebates and BM 39bn ignoring farmers subsidies, infrastructure projects, pensions of british EU staff, are just straight off lies


Sorry to repeat this but its important… THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY…

LEAVE adds reached “tens of millions of people” in its last crucial days, after its spending limit had been breached

Professor Philip Howard, director of the Oxford Internet Institute, at the university, said: “My professional opinion is that it is very likely that the excessive spending by Vote Leave altered the result of the referendum.

“A swing of just 634,751 people would have been enough to secure victory for Remain.


Your right Jack Project Fear is a disproven crock of lies we had a people’s vote time to move on


So what about the additional 6 million spent by remain over leave and not counting the project fear lies leaflets sent to every home by government
Without that leave majority would have been much higher


RRW, whoaaa , your not to mention what the remain camp did ? Jezzzzzz you’ll soon be pointing out that the remain voters were clueless as to the direction of the EU , IE: A European army ? They couldn’t possibly have known that was on the cards when voting to remain so let’s have another Vote after the people’s peoples vote…to decide if the remainers want to remain after all.

It’s heading for 100% nailed on Brexit via WTO , TM will stubbornly see to it.


What lies?


I’ve stood on many football terraces up and down the country and the mood is volatile believe me, The establishment is in for a mighty shock if it try’s to ***** over the man on the street. Democracy will be dead.

Ps…I’ll leave the keyboard warriors to have their 5 mins of fame crying about Zimmer frames, They are clueless to what is happening on the streets.