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Earwig - hi
Ian Austin MP on BBC ‘Today’ programme.
The Labour Party has been my life
Jeremy Corbyn is unfit to be Prime Minister
His advice to moderate / traditional Labour supporters - vote Conservative!
Seems a sensible bloke


Earwig - hi
Check out the BBC news site m8
I’t’s now on there!
So maybe the BBC is lying too?



I deleted it, he didn’t say it but he agreed that was his message. Poor man, very emotional.

His message should have been, of course, vote Lib-Dem!


Eadwig - hi

I guess as an MP he knows more about Corbyn and Boris than you, I and all the Groupies on this site put together.
His conclusion Corbyn isn’t fit to be PM - Boris is better deserving of moderate Labour votes.
Now that Watson has been ousted - how many more moderates will be leaving the Momentum Party?


Ian Austin has voted consistently in parliament to support Brexit and was an early supporter of an in-out referendum.

Whilst many of us cannot personally suport Corbyn, for anyone who might describe themselves as left of centre it seems a bit of a stretch to recommend that people to vote Tory in view of the damage that they have caused to many working class people and the services that they depend on. How could he recommend voting for the party that imposed austerity on the nation in order to reduce taxes for the wealthy?

Austin’s family include wartime jewish refugees and so it is no surprise that he so despises Corbyn but equality for one has to mean equality for all and the Conservative party is hardly innocent of deeply embedded racism as witnessed by JRM’s outburst over Grenfell.

Last night I saw Ken Loach’s new movie “Sorry we missed you” which told a story about a couple working in the gig economy. Austin would do well to go see it. An excellent movie by any standard.


Frog in a tree


swings to LDS in Redwood and Rabb seats and I heard labour talking about FOM


The worst thing about thick, sleazeball Donald Trump Jr. is that he thought it was fun to shoot a beautiful Leopard.

Additionally, he carries defective genes and is barely human. One of his lesser poor behaviours is the mincing way he walks, it is as if he has a broomstick permanently stuck up his jacksy. And maybe he has?

No lifeform comes lower than him on this planet, except for Donald Trump Senior of course.




I’m not sure if Rees-Moggs comment was racist as such. JW supported his views…does that make JW racist too?

No…I reckon they were stupidly asinine comments from a person brought up in an entitled environment of wealth, with no concept of life on the fringes of society. Crass, yes!..racist,‘probably’ not.


I think that JRM’s comments were grounded in his sense of superiority and it can’t be ignored that the victims in Grenfell were predominantly BAME so, yes, by implication I think we might infer (unconscious) racism.

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‘IF’ Labour stepped aside in Esher then the Lib Dems would have a really good chance of unseating Raab…but ‘unfortunately’ it aint gonna happen. ‘Hopefully’ the ‘sensible’ people there vote tactically & a more able Member of Parliament is elected for Esher.


It would be particularly good to see that nasty, wild -eyed, weirdo hypocrite Redwood booted out. I’ve never liked the bloke.




He needs to see a trick cyclist.




Interesting that none of our Brexiter friends have responded on the question as to why none of them liked the post I made about the Indian war graves cemetary. Perhaps when I queried this in my subsequent post by asking whether the fact that these fallen soldiers were of the wrong colour was too close to the mark?

It brings to mind a visit I made to one of the primary schools where I am a governor last year on Remembrance Day to see how the pupils marked the day. The pupils were very respectful and understood what the assembly was about. I would also say that that 97% of children at this school are of Asian origin. I cannot but conclude that these children were far more respectful of the fallen than our Brexiter friends on this thread. Next Monday I shall attend a similar event to observe how another primary school marks Remembrance Day. It is a predominantly white British school. I expect the same level of respectfulness. It is perhaps because of schools’ focus on cititzenship that younger people in our country are much less likely to grow up with the racist attitudes that we see among the Brexiter older population.


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SBUK - hi

Why not recommend yours to him?
Then again, judging by results, perhaps he needs a good one!


FIAT - hi

I don’t spend all my time looking at or responding to all the posts on this BB.
If some people don’t respond you obviously assume from your prejudiced position that everyone else who doesn’t join in your bout of virtue signalling has to be racist.
As well as being utter bollo@cs it shows more about your supposed moral superiority than you imagine.
I respect anyone who died fighting for this country (and indeed most others across the world), without distinction.


What a stupid phrase this “Virtue signalling” is. Its straight out of the Far Right handbook where all things good are deemed bad.

To them it is wrong to say nice things about nice people who try to do good things.

To them the truth is a lie. Facts are conspiracies. To hate is good.




Whatever JAR says, it remains the case that there were numerous “hearts” from Remainers and none at all from Brexiters. This alone speaks volumes and is worthy of comment. Nothing to do with so called “virtue signalling”, more to do with the values by which we live our lives.


Frog in a tree


So if you criticize something that is predominantly BAME that is, by implication, racist is it Frog? Those are your exact words. That is what you think is it?


virtue signalling ?
its not about being a racist or not its about being so much of a muppet that you let obvious racist tosh like this incite you to vote for a fraud…



Various threories in this about why, but all our political system have been focussing on for 3 years plus is the Brexit Fraud just to keep Tax havens