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What are you going on about? I haven’t even read the post to which you refer. Why do you feel it necessary to make these sweeping generalisations? I lost relatives in the war. My great grandfather survived the first world war but he left the trenches with a permanent limp (courtesy of shell wounds) and a husk of a voice because of mustard gas. I lost a great uncle in the second world war. He was from an impoverished east end family of 12 and won a scholarship to Cambridge, quite a thing at the time. He joined the RAF and was shot down over Holland. I will always remember how happy my grandmother (his sister) was when they found the wreckage his plane and she was able to travel over to see where he fell. She was in her 60s by then.

Nothing boils my p**s more than seeing politically correct, virtual signalling little nobodies like you trying to score pathetic points about rememberance. War touched us all, we don’t forget the fallen whoever they are.


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Succinctly put m8


Fiat, it could be that ‘they’ just cannot ‘vote up’ one of your posts (no matter how worthy the content & how much they agree with it)…it ‘perhaps’ shows a blinkered attitude. Personally I look at what people write and try to take each comment on it’s own merit. ‘Sometimes’ I struggle…because people I respect on the subject of Brexit can have really ‘strange’ views (to me) on other off-Brexit issues.

I find I have the same blinkered approach with many Tory MP’s (mostly ERG), whenever they open their mouths I automatically assume it will be ‘nasty’ mealy-mouthed comments (quite often it is)…but I still have to try very hard to give them the benefit of the doubt.

It is hard to see why anybody wouldn’t ‘like’ your posts on war cemeteries for overseas soldiers fighting for the Allies…we have to assume that ‘silence means consent’ & leave it at that …I suppose.



I rather think that you are a nobody compared to those in your family that fought in the wars. It still remains the fact that not a single Brexiter hearted the Post about the Indian War graves.

I shall be paying my respects to all the fallen and those who served on the 11th hour of the 11th day, including your relatives.

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I don’t come on here every day Frog. When I do periodically come on I don’t think “oooh I really MUST read every post Frog has put on in my absence”. The reasons for not doing so are manifest and include:

  1. You post endless amounts of s**t all the time, life is too short to read all that
  2. Most of what you say is complete rubbish and I have no desire to read it
  3. I don’t need to read your tosh because I already know what you think and there’s only so many times I can trawl through another xenophobia klaxon stream of consciousness b******s


Just reposting this so all can see what rubbish you post…

War didn’t touch me I was born in 1950 did touch my old man but he never spoke about it although he was in the thick of the fighting in the reconnaissance regiment.

He would have hated all the nuts using “we didn’t fight the war” to make an argument or political gain and most would have been too young involved the war


Let me ask you a question Pete, I know you struggle but…
Who raised the subject of war and rememberance and who whined about people not liking his post? Was it me Pete? Or was it arch remainer Frog? You people are obsessed with the idea that leavers are obsessed with the war to such an extent that you never tire of mentioning it or bringing the subject up.


Seems I have touched a raw nerve Huw. I can understand that not everyone reads every post …but not a single Brexiter???



Google translation (for the above)…“Because I’m blinkered” :wink:


Blame Boris for cancelling the nativity plays…did BoJo say, “Cancel Christmas?!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Well he is from ‘Yosser’ Hughes territory m8
I hadn’t seen any posts from Pete recently (until he answered me today). I’d assumed he had either died or gone in for his much-needed brain transplant.
Obviously, praise the Lord :joy: neither is the case!


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Perhaps he can take his mate along
Source BBC News:
Explaining his decision to vote Conservative at the next election, former Labour MP John Woodcock says he wants to “keep Jeremy Corbyn from Downing Street” and “stop him getting his hands on the levers of national security and defence”.

Mr Woodcock was speaking at the launch of a poster by the Mainstream campaign, alongside fellow former Labour MP Ian Austin, who is also backing the Tories in the election.

The poster reads: “Jeremy Corbyn: A disgrace to his party, a disgrace to this country.”

Or alternatively, wait until a few more ‘come out’ and try for a group discount


Nativity plays and carol concerts… for f*ck sake. What happened to the UK that shoving this religious propaganda down kids throats happened on the scale it is today.
No wonder we produce a nation of tardy, ill-equipped lardarses.


Well my family lost more members than you in the two wars. And I lost comrades of my own in more recent (pointless) conflicts. So there. You are just virtue signalling.




So I take it you don’t ‘celebrate’ Christmas in your house?!


So your amazing story is that some ex-Labour MP is criticizing… the Labour Party. Well whoop dee doo…


Celebrate it? You can’t really avoid it. I go through the motions of bringing a tree inside and throwing a few ornaments on it plus hang up a few Xmas cards.
But there’s no singing carols around the piano.

I’d like to think that schools are for educating children… and along secular lines… rather than giving the teachers an easy life and p*ssing around with their pathetic attempts at theatre.


They are suffering from the Judas complex.




Perhaps it is just a co-incidence that Woodcock was only two days ago offered a job by Patel.

Another co-incidence is that his current majority is 209.

Perhaps he was worried about having to apply for universal credit?

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Woodcock… that’s the same chap who used to be on right wing of Labour Party and who sent “inappropriate” messages to a former female member of staff.
Wonder what his pregnant missus thought about that?