Brexit Wars 3



Well I certainly don’t! Fortunately Lady Buns is of a similar mind.

And I would urge Remainers not to be suckered into this commercialised scam this year. We need to finish off the British High Street altogether and get a recession going.

Above all do not buy Christmas cards or presents for family members or ex friends who support any kind of Brexit. I’ve been following this policy for 3 years already. Admittedly its easy for me, you may be surprised to hear?

And if you have the misfortune to get within earshot of a toddler tell it that Santa does not exist.




Having a discussion last weekend with a couple who came over for dinner and it became clear at least the guy was a Brexiteer. They live in some shithole in Cumbria. He was gleefully talking about how great it was that the freedom for EU state nationals to live and work in the UK was coming to an end… I was biting my lip by this point as they were my partner’s friends… certainly not mine. He then went on to explain how his daughter was going to be traveling and working in Europe for a couple of years having finished college… and how they were getting an Irish passport for her to make it easier to travel as one of her grandparents was born in Ireland.
I had to laugh out loud at him.


Why didn’t you poison him? A missed opportunity.



P.S. Trees belong outside, not in houses.


JW - hi
Good to see it’s giving you such pleasure m8


That reminds me John…you still haven’t answered this:

Whilst there are many potential improvements that could be made to the UK immigration system… you have failed to state any reason why it could not be done whilst the UK is still in the EU… and could not have been implemented at any point over the last few years.

So… why is that a reason for leaving the EU?

You also mentioned EU “uncontrolled” immigration.
I assume you are referring to the large numbers of migrants in their exodus from Africa, the Middle East (esp. Iraq and Libya) and placed like Afghanistan (to name some of the main sources).

Tell me what you think would be happening if there was no EU and no Schengen system (for those states that signed up to it)?
Do you think that the migrant crisis would magically have not happened?

There would still be boats coming to the shores of Greece and Italy… they would still be passing through those countries, there would still be some states trying to block them, some trying to help as much as they could and some hurrying them through as quick as they could.
There would still be lorries coming to English ports with migrants (from non-EU countries) trying to get in… IN or OUT of the EU.

So… again… do explain how the UK being outside of the EU is going to help stop such migrants (ie. asylum seekers and illegal migrants) from trying to get into the UK?
You think there’s be less trying to get to the UK if the EU didn’t exist?


Some would say that’s a touch hypocritical…‘perhaps’!

I have seen Muslim families incorporate aspects of Christmas in their lives (for the sake of younger members of the family…‘perhaps’)…possibly not to be accused of excluding themselves from a ‘Christian’ society…and possibly to have a bit of fun too.


Correct again


I just tell them that Santa won’t be coming to England ever again because of Brexit…Brexiteers don’t want his sort here…‘apparently’!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They cry a bit at first…but I just tell them to blame their granddad & grandma!!


Not really. I have no issues with Xmas except when people start dragging religion into it.


Its stuff like this that makes us think leavers are obsessed, but its more that the LEAVE campaign used this kind of stuff eg we didn’t fight the war for the Germans to control our army " and muppets like you couldn’t see you were being conned…

3 examples below 1st recent. 2nd WW dads army arrows 3rd Farage all obvious… You’ve been played



You haven’t seen post from me? ive posted as many as yourself …

and dont attack scousers…

Scots bloke met an old scouse drinking mate.
Scouser - Hows things
Scots bloke – I have a good job girlfriend dont drink much and a settling down
Scouser - yeah sure
Scots bloke – Honest and I’m getting married.
Scouser- yeah sure
Scots bloke - its TRUE venue booked guests invited Ive even ordered a kilt
Scouser - Yeah Sure Whats the TARTAN
Scots bloke - Shes in white


A Scouser goes for a job at sea.

The Captain asks, “Have you any experience away at sea?”
“No,” the lad replies, “but I’m honest!”

The Captain decides to take him on and off they sail. After three weeks at sea the lad is busy swabbing the decks when a big wave crashes over and sweeps the Scouser overboard.
The 1st mate runs to the Captain, “Captain, Capitain, you know the Scouse lad we took on, the one who said he was honest? Well the **** just ****** off with your mop!”





Yep, Liverpool, where you have to break into someone’s house quietly, for fear of disturbing burglars.

I went to see my uncle the other day.

He said “I’m ******* sick of being here, I’ve got scousers to the left, scousers to the right, scousers above and ******* scousers below.”

I said “I understand that uncle, but you’ve got to remember one thing,
you are in prison after all.”

Heh, heh,





Speaking of crime and drug ridden places where many people live in destitution and despair: Stoke on Trent - worse than Liverpool where humour at least still survives. So I’m told.

I remember a former employee of mine, who used to ring me up occasionally, saying (a couple of years ago) that he had just visited a friend in Stoke and asking if I had ever been there? I said “No, what is it like?” And all he could say was: “Jeeez, jeeez…jeez!”

And the funny thing was… he was living in bloody HULL at the time!

So why on Earth do penniless Stokies vote in Tory MPs as well as being pro Brexit?

Are they concerned about Labour’s plan to hit the very wealthy with swingeing taxes?

Are they worried about the nationalisation of the utility companies which might hit their shareholdings?

Are they hoping for a higher IHT level?

Do they think that the Tories will really drive all “foreigners” out of their town?

Its a mystery. Someone should check their water supply.





Good question. A significant aspect of the truth is as sad as it’s plain ugly.

Having been born in nearby Newcastle-u-Lyme, Staffs, I’ve seen S-O-T area go rapidly downhill at close hand. Stoke-on-Trent is actually 6 towns. Hanley its city centre. You’ll know that it once had a thriving Potteries industry, lots of coal-mines & steel works. These offered jobs for life. Grandparents, parents, sons & daughters were sometimes employed in the same places, same time. All gone now!

Where once you had a proud people, hard-working & tough, but fair-minded (I recall back in the 1990s Stoke-on-Trent was cited as the most generous area in UK for donations to charities per capita), now you have widespread resentment, anger, plus plenty of scapegoating.

The area has a high immigration population. Many Pakistani, Roma & Polish. Pakistani & Roma frequently at odds. The fallings out invariably involve knives & machetes. Serious aggro. Stabbings are rife. Formerly, it was something people read about in bigger cities. Also cheap drugs, for eg., “monkey dust”, are available all over the city.

Previously, the BNP, like the Brexit Party now, found that such widespread discontent, combined with chronic poverty & very poor education standards, was ripe for exploitation. Too true! Hence the popularity of Nigel Farage & his ilk in these parts.

As you say, it’s frustratingly self-defeating & there are significant numbers who’d agree in North Staffs. But such is the firm mindset of many others, I’d say this area is currently close to being lost to reasoned political argument. The left-wing here are generally hated by many as extreme right-wing propaganda has convinced them that most of their ills have been caused by various forms of Socialism. That’s the gist of it. - Regards.


If you replaced ‘Scouser’ with ‘Tory’ the ‘joke’ would be even funnier (IMO) :wink:…although your Uncle could also be on a cruise ship…I suppose!!


So, Liar Johnson was invited into the Tetley Tea factory today in Stockton on Teas (Boom, boom). Another target for the boycott list, not that I’d drink such awful weak grog anyway. Liar Johnson was actually allowed to play on the production line and was seen picking up packets of the stuff. Beware: you might buy one which he has touched and you never know where his hands have been.

Stockton, now there is a crumbling mess, where life expectancy in the town is only 64 for men. It was of course a mega Leave voting town. More proof that voting for Brexit is bad for your health.




So the Bribery has started. How can they promise this spending when we will be so much worse off if they manage to force any version of Brexit through and be paying around £50bill to the EU next year. Just desperate lies… At least labour are saying they will tax high earners whereas Tories want tax cuts at the same time??


The world we are living in when we have politicians like this here and the US…

The president of the Freeworld…
accused President Trump – along with his children, Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka – of conflating charity with politics, repeatedly using charitable donations for personal, political and business gains, including legal settlements, campaign contributions and even to purchase a portrait of Trump to hang at one of his hotels…