Brexit Wars 3



I agree. He could barely talk this morning and to agree people should vote Tory (not any party other than Labour, but Tory), after working all his adult life for Labour, shows he’s lost touch with reality and/or lashing out for personal reasons. I’m not sure why the BBC gave him so much time on air, to be honest.


I disturbed a burglar last week. I told him there was no god.


They’re going to borrow it and send the bill to the next couple of generations.


I don’t necessarily have a problem with that, by the way, its a better plan than austerity. Unfortunately I don’t trust Johnson or Corbyn or either of their close circles to actually manage large borrowings in order to fix many of the UK’s chronic problems … and we can’t afford to get it wrong or to spend years on public inquiries into how the spending should be best put to use.

First and foremost - lets make things better for the generations that are going to have to repay the borrowing and give them every chance of doing so without completely crippling them in terms of their lifestyle choices and freedoms.

I think starting the spending planning from that stand point would at least guarantee the bulk of the money was channeled toward the correct priorities. Get that process wrong and there will be no chance of achieving the stated goals of improving life and prosperity for everyone.


More calculations on the effect of this fraud this time based on bojos deal…


SBUK - hi

Virtue signalling is the promulgation of supposed moral superiority by someone and the associated group acclaim of the same views.
What we see all the time from the Groupies’ self-proclaimed virtuous ‘high ground’


Eadwig - hi

It’s politicians that will be handling this m8 - of course it will be f***ed up


Being told there is no god can be quite disturbing…I suppose! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They don’t have to be inept at such things. And if we all think they are, which I suspect we do, what’s the answer when 100s of Billions are at stake? It’s our money after all.


Labour are ‘probably’ even worse than the Tories regarding building up a huge pile of debt…it wouldn’t be so scary if ANYBODY thought that politicians knew how to invest that money wisely. It’s a mad reaction to the austerity years…suddenly politicians want to go on a spending spree. Affordable as long as interest rates stay low, but scary if they don’t. WE ARE F#*KED…Brexit is just the first course to this madness.

Sheffield is flooded…is this the end of the world…or the end of Brexit?!


Perhaps you need to look at yourself…we are on the ‘high ground’ because you are at the bottom of the lake sucking scum! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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From the sh*t hole I saw when I went there m8 …
Hopefully the end of Sheffield.


Eadwig - good morning

You are obviously upset by this news and (as I’m a kind person), I think this might cheer you up m8.



The Lib Dems at least are being more fiscally prudent…they have found £50bn down the back of the Brexit sofa…it involves cancelling the order for the ‘sofa’ and spending the money on something else!

Unfortunately the chances of them managing to Revoke is very small…so it looks like we will be stuck with a big ‘fancy’ Brexit sofa that is bigger than we can handle (unless we ever get a 2nd ref under Labour, of course & people finally vote to stop this madness)


The worst performing major economy since 2017 leave the EU to be much worse off
Then labour n Tories will borrow 100s mill at low interest ?
At least the Lib Dem idea means we are not in such a bad state and will have some pride back.
what a shsm



By that do you mean vote Conservative to stop Momentum getting into power?


If only it were mill’s :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Says the TUC…

In other news, Momentum confirm they will shoot your dog if you vote Tory.


I haven’t got a dog. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…or cat…or goldfish…or fleas!



You’re OK then…
You can safely vote Tory m8