Brexit Wars 3



Another one of their chumps bites the dust:




Not sure what you are rambling on abt eg TUC and dogs but this report is from the OECD M8


I would take that as a sure sign that dementia has taken hold and would be on the first plane to Switzerland!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hard to believe this can be real but I think it is.
The Prime Minister of the UK



It’s almost surreal. Had it been somebody else, I would’ve said he seems drunk. But this is just typical Boris Johnson. Half the time he rambles & blusters on the hoof, with no regard whatsoever for the truth or any consequences. It’s embarrassing to behold as well as, frankly, occasionally amusing.

IMO, as poor as I thought Theresa May was, going by what I’ve seen so far, BJ seems by far the most inept UK PM of my political lifetime going back to & including Thatcher. - Regards.


As we all know Liar Johnson is a compulsive liar. But is he also a village level idiot and drunk?

I think we know the answer to that. What remains to be seen is how much damage he will be able to inflict on the country before his blagging career ends in disgrace?




I don’t know when that video was shot but he still appears to be making the claim that
“There will be no checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain and there will be no tariffs between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.”

Which has already been proven to be wrong… or a direct lie. Take your pick.

Even Stephen Barclay, the Brexit Secretary was caught out on this.
Barclay initially said that he did not believe these measures would be necessary when moving good from Northern Ireland to the rest of the UK.

Labour peer Lord Wood queried this, explaining that he understood all goods leaving the Customs Union would require such forms causing Barclay to then correct it saying:
“The exit summary declarations will be required in terms of NI to GB.”

The Tories… nor the general public… understand what they have negotiated.
But we have a hard border between NI and Ireland and a hard border between NI and rest of UK with the Tory Deal.


Part of the reason we are in this Brexit mess…

Trust in written press, Europe, 2018 (Eurobarometer)

1 Netherlands
2 Sweden
3 Finland
4 Albania
5 Belgium
6 Luxembourg
7 Denmark
8 Portugal
9 Austria
10 Germany
11 Estonia
12 Slovakia
13 France
14 Italy
15 Czech Republic

31 United Kingdom (out of 33)


You make me laugh. You bang on about fake news and people being played but don’t even read the stuff you post. If you read that article it says:

"The Trades Union Congress (TUC), which compiled the figures, said a decade of austerity, Brexit mismanagement and a fragile global economy had caused a slump in business confidence.

Frances O’Grady, the TUC general secretary, said: “The UK economy has fallen into the relegation zone – and you have to blame the manager. The current government is leaving the economy in a dismal state."


Did you read that bit Pete? No, you just saw that the article quoted OECD source data that the TUC has trawled through to find a couple of tenuous measures over a timescale that suits.


So not disputing the figures Huw? Just moaning about those who used the OECD figures instead eh?


ahh so you are saying that because the TUC compile the figures the OECD data is wrong??
Can you quote any other sources that say we are doing well??

heres another LSE

Evidence of the UK’s economic performance since the EU Referendum is clear: GDP growth has slowed down, productivity has suffered, the pound has depreciated and purchasing power has gone down, and investments have declined. In this blog, Josh De Lyon and Swati Dhingra argue that the impact of the Brexit vote on the health of the economy can now be evaluated with greater accuracy than previously.


You can find figures to suit any agenda if you cherry pick across the right timescales. If I sent you something similar over a timescale that shows the UK at the top you’d be disputing it.

Interesting that you think me challenging it is not disputing it.


Another Survation constituency poll, this time in Vernon Croaker’s Labour marginal of Gedling shows that Labour is keeping its support. In 2017 Labour won by 52 to 43% and in the referendum Leave won 56% the vote. This is the kind of seat the the Tories need to win to secure a majority. The Survation poll finds that voting intentions are:

Thank you Nigel!


Frog in a tree


Oh gee… so what was reported was… “The UK is one of the worst-performing developed economies in the world since the last general election in 2017”

Quite correct. So all you are saying is that if another time period was used then it might be different… so what? The report clearly talks about since the GE in 2017.


Maybe Johnson thinks that what he says in Co. Armagh won’t leak out?




I think most people are now so disengaged from the realities of any negotiated deal that they will believe whatever they are told even if it is total lies.
Plain fact is that removing the backstop from the May Deal has now resulted in the Tory Deal creating two more different borders… one between NI and Ireland… the other between NI and the rest of the UK… and they are trying to dress it up as something different.

Maybe the thicko Little Englanders will suck it up.
Basically… if you are thick… vote for the Tories.


Typical Johnson. He is nortorious for not mastering his brief. That’s how he worsened Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s situation in Iran. Too fond of the sound of his own voice to do his homework.

Frog in a tree


Show us some things that shows the UK is better off for having entered into the Brexit process, @HuwJarse

Maybe less unemployment right now, wage growth (one of your favourites, but lets measure it against RPI this time, or even CPI … and … I dunno, I think its a tough argument to make.

Or predictions over the next few years showing how we’ll make up what has been lost so far and go beyond where we otherwise would have been, if you can find any.

I don’t think anyone can actually put an economic argument together for Brexit based on any figures from any reputable body that hasn’t got an agenda to push. In fact, it seems an awful long time since people like Farage or Johnson or Gove have even tried to argue that case, using fantasy projections and unbelievable timescales for achieving trade agreements.


Bit rich coming from someone living in the cesspool of Dartford! What a frigging dump that is.




taking polls to one side.

in the end will large numbers of older Northern labour voters vote for Tories because of Brexit.
They will have to balance Tory Austerity, taking womens pensions, the state of NHS and all the things Tories have done to them in the past… I feel a lot will not vote or will stick with labour…
In Tory marginal seats Tory voters who want to remain dont have the same historical hatred of LDs and remain parties and I feel they will vote…