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Not often this happens m8 …but I totally agree with you. In fact it’s even worse than your description.
By a quirk of the Electorial Commission, I live in a leafy, quiet part of Sevenoaks Council but were ‘hived off’ to inject some much-needed intellectual quality and refinement to vote in the said shit hole.
However, bad though Dartford is it’s light years above Sheffield!


Older voters will indeed vote Tory or BP. However I think that a lot of the Labour vote is lot stickier than the Tories assume. A lot of Labour Remainers will vote tactically for LibDems. Tory toffs like JRM and the other idiot who supported him on the Grenfell comments will not help them as it simply reminds how much they are not at one with most people’s experience. The polling looks good for the Tories and they may well win but I think there will be some surprises in store.

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The unemployment and wage growth figures speak for themselves. If you compare UK growth to the G35 of course we won’t come out on top. You need to compare like with like and the G7 is probably a more meaningful comparison. What many believe is that there is a pent up wall of cash ready to invest once we get a decision on Brexit. There is also a view in the City that the pound will rocket and settle somewhere between $1.45 and $1. 60. A mini boom is a very likely outcome.

I’m not really interested in comparing figures. We aren’t going to agree anyway and we certainly don’t agree on the post Brexit outlook.

Right now I’m ore interested in the election. From the polling I’m seeing Labour’s vote is collapsing everywhere.


so I quote the OECD data via TUC and you come out with this bilge…eg
What many believe is
There is also a view in the City
figures speak for themselves WHAT FIGURES…
A mini boom is a very likely outcome.


That could be the biggest load of wishful thinking crock I’ve heard in a while…seen any unicorns lately, ‘probably’ eating candyfloss from the Magic Brexit money tree. :rofl:


The figures showing wage growth is outstripping inflation. The figures that show we have the highest rates of employment since the mid seventies. Are you wilfully stupid?

Do you work in the city Pete? No you don’t but I do. We’ll see who is right soon enough. First step is for Labour to get what is coming to them in this election, a proper a**e kicking.


Or it could turn out to be true in which case you’ll be troughing away at the humble pie.


As you well know, Huw, real wages (adjusted for inflation) are not yet back where they were at the end of the last Labour government. While there has been something of a recovery over 2018/9 wages have not yet fully recovered.

As we can see from the charts in the BBC article, working peoples’ incomes were severely squeezed in the middle years of this decade.

Assuming that you are not a ledger clerk in the city, you and your colleagues will not have suffered from the squeeze as the wealthy and higher professional workers have been largely been shielded from austerity wage suppression. And, of course, most of your clients, the wealthy have got even richer still over this decade and constitute an example of growing inequality as the money men skim the wealth that we all create.

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More likely Huw’s one of the Cleaners working alongside Broadmoor.


I have always thought that Huw was some sort of administrator. He is not without intelligence but he does not demonstrate the level of thinking of those that I know who were recruited into financial services from top universities. That being said, Huw does contribute at a higher level of intellect than some we could mention.


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I agree…Hugh ain’t dumb…he just acts dumb some of the time. He knows that Brexit is full of risks, with very little chance of rewards…but he cannot admit it.

Instead we get…“What many believe” and “There is also a view in the City” and the classic “A mini boom is a very likely outcome”. Gobbledygook obviously…but hilarious!


do you think because you say
The figures twice without saying what figures it makes them believable??


It sounds like the reason Johnson is keeping the report about Russian interference in British politics away from the public gaze is that it contains witness evidence that the Russians did indeed interfere. Of course, this would cast doubt on the legitimacy of the referendum result which might not be helpful to Johnson’s chance in the current general election.


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it must be something bad as it’s a risk not releasing the report as the conspiracy theories will go on and on…


“Nativity plays and carol concerts… for f*ck sake. What happened to the UK that shoving this religious propaganda down kids throats happened on the scale it is today.
No wonder we produce a nation of tardy, ill-equipped lardarses.” J_W

Same view as my own. I do not celebrate it nor believe religion should be forced on anyone.

Fortunately managed to more or less avoid it for the last 11 years . ( Unimportant to 99 % of Thais, fairly sure it is not even a holiday date here.)

Some bars/restaurants/hotels will do some decorations etc. but very much aiming for the foreigner expat and tourist market.




“Boris Johnson: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”

Posting a video clip from an American channel.It is from the end of July this year.

I found it hilarious.

N.B. There is some strong language in it.




If you bothered to read the whole thread you will know Pete raised the period from the general election in 2017 onwards. It is unarguably the case that real wages adjusted for inflation are higher than they were then. I may lack intellect (by whatever measure you apply) but I can at least recall what period is actually under discussion.


Frog I am assuming you are talking about millionaire politicians like Jeremy Corbyn and Lisa Nandy who from a millionaire family drawn £1.6 million in expenses

Interesting that you fail to point out that following the 2008 financial crash the UK was not prepared because Labour had spent all the money on their union friends there had to be austerity which Labour acknowledged as the conservatives sorted out the Labour mess
Yet the lowest paid pay virtually no tax and are better off this way
Wait until the loony tunes are in charge see the pound crash interest rates soar to protect the currency inflation go through the roof
Labour can’t be trusted and would be a disaster


Part of Eadwig’s earlier post said:

_Purchasing power has gone down. On average, real wages have been flat since the referendum. Nominal wages have risen, but below the previous 2% norm (ONS 2018). Consumer prices have risen to reduce real wages. Inflation rose sharply after the referendum and remained high till recently. In January 2019, it dropped below 2% for the first time since the referendum but is still at 1.8%. Growth in food prices, which was as high as 4.4% following the referendum, has returned to low levels of inflation (De Lyon et al. 2017). _

The data that I posted showed quite clearly that there has been something of a recovery in wages over the last two years from the low points of the middle of the decade. The point I was making was that over the whole period of Tory administration wages have been squeezed and even now are below what they were in real terms.

I also made the point that those who are wealthy and in well paid employment have not paid the same price as most working people.




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Well said m8 it’s all mumbo jumbo. Also we should ban all religious schools as they reinforce division.
My view is (to plagiarise that well-known LibDem slogan) bollo*cks to religion.