Brexit Wars 3



Not again A we were told that immediately after a leave vote the economy would crash, unemployment would go up, there would be a need for an emergency budget, house prices would crash, there would be a recession immediately- take your pick non have happened lol
But they will in the future as every first year economics students know economies are cyclical and prone to shocks like 2008- not through Brexit though


Blimy Pete in the last budget Theresa May has put £350m a week plan into NHS



No surprise that some seek to twist what I wrote. The irony of then expecting basic respect for such antics. :wink: So-called “Project Fear” is hardly as biased as you assume or portray when most UK businesses, & nearly every respected independent institution who’ve done extensive impact studies on Brexit, warn of a significant economic downturn as being far more likely. That’s more about preparing us for the reality of Brexit than about fear spreading. - GL.


Broadmoor… the man of the City… and the football terraces… and the street… and our protector of democracy (whilst it suits him).
Thank heavens we have clued up people like him around to explain what’s happening out there… in the street.

Meanwhile… back in Westminster those crazy bunch of MPs we elected a few months back are only gearing up for #BrexitRef2.


I have said the Remain forecasts should have been for AFTER we leave because they could not have known what the deal would be and what a farce it has turned into. The Forecasts would be true in the unlikely event of a NO DEAL…but with media shouting Project Fear hard to see it changing many minds…

Vote Leave has been fined £61,000 and reported to the police by the Electoral Commission after the watchdog found “significant evidence” of coordination with another campaign group, BeLeave.

I think you will agree that Posting posts like these direct to 10 of millions just days before the Vote telling them that Turkey Serbia etc are joining and 72miilion of them could use the NHS and Millions would come and Live here. Is extremely effective and would scare and incite many into voting LEAVE… Now we know that was a disgraceful lie the vote should be Void or another vote.




This kind of stupid talk should stay on the Terraces…

Brexiters see this all slipping away, They have NO arguments for Brexit. No data pointing to UK being anything but much worse off.
So the last resort is to talk like a bunch of thugs, threats that we will be on the streets etc. even from MPS like BOJO.
The Sun has an editorial in which it threatens a “tsunami of rage” if Brexit is overturned, and cites the murder of MP Jo Cox.

They are not frightening anybody the campaign was all lies and we need to have a vote based on the facts as they are now…


Pete, surely you made that one up?

Are you really suggesting that on average each EU migrant will visit A&E more than two time a year. That’s more than I have done my whole life.



If Brexit is voted down in Referendum 2, it will be accepted as the people’s vote, bar a bit of bellyaching from some of our friends on this board who shall remain nameless…thay are not that bright anyway.



It’s a long time since we had that pleasure. Those were the days.


Pete please stop regurgitating the same old posters … apart from the space they take up no one cares!
All media is biased depending on the opinions of the author … did the leave campaign stretch the truth … yes of course it did and remains campaign was nicknamed project fear for a reason!!!
Even Carney’s recent “scenarios?” were worst case predictions and cannot be proven unless they happen.
But continuing to post the same old guff doesn’t prove anything either?


RRW, and when we vote to remain in the ‘Peoples’ vote that £394m per week will still be paid…why’s that? Because it ain’t coming from a Brexit dividend…it’s going onto the national debt and we will eventually have to pay it through taxes. Funny that!

So less of the creative accounting and stick to somewhere near the truth.


NO but these are just actual adverts they were allowed to post unchallenged just anything to incite… the authorities should have done something about it at the time…

Ignoring the speculative projection of “5.23 million more EU immigrants” by 2030, the link between EU citizens arriving and the strains on the NHS couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re more likely to be treated by an EU national rather than find yourself in the queue behind one – 7% of NHS nurses and 10% of doctors were born in other EU countries. Since the referendum vote we’ve seen a sharp decrease in EU healthcare professionals applying and an uptick in those leaving, aggravating the ongoing staffing crisis.


NO I am showing that the LEAVE campaign used lies to create fear about immigration to win the VOTE and it was all done by Facebook adds and the GOV should have challenged them

45 per cent of Vote Leave Facebook ads were on immigration…
They pushed the immigration message harder than any other in terms of ads sent online and the messaging could be particularly stark – arrows showing tens of millions of Turks or Albanians coming into the UK, for instance.

Link below from channel 4 so you can ignore…


Good for you Pete… it will make it easier to spot when the usual immigration scapegoats are made part of the Leave Campaign for #BrexitRef2.
They’ve totally lost the economic argument now… everyone knows that under any Leave scenario they will be worse off.
Noone believes there will be a Brexit dividend either.

So now… it’s just about Immigration… again.


But we need immigration (fruit pickers, NHS workers, builders, etc etc)…all we have to do is enforce the EU immigration rules in full (rather than having light touch monitoring…cheap but not what ‘the People’ want…apparently). Another Brexit red line dissolves away :face_with_monocle:


Really Frog :frog: so where do the remainers come on the genius scale repeating the same tired old statements


No we don’t O look at the massive negative effect of what happened when labour threw open the doors to Eastern European countries
Cultural carnage ghetto creation and services that just couldn’t cope with free movement
Uk working class workforce’s undercut by cheaper labour who instead of spending in the uk sent back to their homelands (understandably )


Fynne, He is making the Leave case stronger by posting stuff that’s never been published :wink: , yesterday he was posting links to stories that dated back to July as today’s news :joy: till his mate tipped him the wink, you couldn’t make it up as they both had to delete their posts :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


A lot higher, I reckon! BM1 not much competition. He’s not that bright as I am sure you know.




Evening Eric .