Brexit Wars 3



“immediately after a leave vote” or " immediately after a leaving"? Are you sure you read it right?


She never said how much will be tax money, but she clearly said it would be partly funded with taxes. So again, reading (or listening) and understanding is key.


Go google it yourself A you will see I read it right


Again you lost the argument A £350m a week is going into NHS good grief you are clutching at straws


Arsanias, the original treasury forecasts indeed said that dire things would happen after the Leave vote…but the forecasters didn’t seem to understand that it would be 2 years after article 50 was triggered before we would eventually leave (even before the transition period was on the agenda). So Brexiteers have taken any negative predictions on Brexit and called it ‘project Fear’…they don’t seem to understand that we haven’t left yet & therefore still have the benefits of the single market & customs union. In some strange way because the initial predictions (apart from sterling collapse) haven’t happened they assume that a ‘No’ deal will be painless, possibly even a boost to the economy. They are deluded of course (IMO) :face_with_monocle:


So are you saying that Carney,Osborne et al didn’t understand the time frame but bless them it’s not really their fault, it’s those bloody brexiteers again who have cottoned on to this bizarre occurrence and tried to use it to their advantage




Seems the Leave movement is on its last legs and you’re getting desperate if violence on the streets is now your only argument for Brexit.


LONDON (Reuters) - Leaked British government papers indicate Ireland could face food shortages and a 7 percent drop in gross domestic product if the United Kingdom leaves the European without a deal, The Times newspaper reported on Friday.

Hard Brexit, the cheapest pickings might just be in Dublin.


Hungary and Poland on Thursday torpedoed a joint statement by EU employment and social affairs ministers intended to promote gender equity in the digital era because of objections to a reference to LGBTIQ, the initialism intended to cover the fullest panorama of gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and questioning individuals.


Link Doug ? I havn’t heard we are not Leaving the EU ?
Still a little bitter and twisted …times a great healer uncle lol

ps…Paris safe of an evening these days ?


far from “violence achieves nothing”, the reality is that the masses achieve nothing without violence - as shown once again by macron saying he wouldn’t back down; then he capitulated earlier in the week. meanwhile you have 700k nice and peacefully wandering through london banging on about brexit whilst expecting the powers-to-be to give a monkeys or pay them any attention. add some violence in the mix and 699k of those would’ve expressed their outright horror, but 1000 rioting would’ve achieved a million times more. Look at the poll tax riots.

Not that I in anyway condone violence. But that is the reality of it all.

Either way, I don’t see anyone taking to the streets if the original peoples vote is overturned. Unlike the french who appreciate their collective power, brits are generally a bunch of subservient, acquiescent folk.


Old Eyes


Is France safe is the more important question.

The vacuum at the heart of Paris, is bad news for both the French and European project.

People will question the relationships between the 2, Macron and the EU, but he was voted in on a wave of European hope by the French people, only to see his popularity declice to the lowest possible levels.

He’s unpopular in France, and amongst Europhiles, who believe he’s not the good European they once thought, but just a poor exponent of France First.

A France First than doesn’t satisfy French nationalist, French patriots or the void in European leadership.

So, he’s become for many a symbol of the failings of Europe.

He appeared on the scene heralding a new dawn for Europe, at a point that many thought the future of the European project looked dysmal. Raised their spirits for a while. Only to see “Europe’s hope” sink once again into the depth of unpopulaity, confussion and riot.

So the question is is France safe from it’s own wave of anti-EU’ism? I think not.


FWIW I think Macron is the most overrated politician I’ve ever seen. The man is utterly clueless, he gets literally everything wrong. He completely misjudged Trump by trying to be his best mate then insulting him. He destroyed the EU Brexit deal by telling the press that France would force us to stay in the backstop if we didn’t surrender fishing rights (thus making it even more impossible for May to sell the deal here). He has completely misjudged the mood in France by whacking a huge tax on diesel and then insulting the poor who are most affected (and who are rightly angry that they get shafted with the bill whilst the rich get environmental subsidies). Finally, he hopelessly misjudged German appetite for closer fiscal union (they will never sign up for it).

The idea that somehow he is Europe’s savior is the most laughable proposition I’ve ever heard. He’s a vacuous, arrogant, out of touch investment banker made good. He was elected from nowhere on, essentially, a combination of a protest and a stop Marine Le Pen vote. He has not bedrock of support which is precisely why it has collapsed to nothing so quickly. He has alienated everyone and united them against him in France. The man is a charlatan of the highest order and will not endure. Europe definitely needs a savior but they won’t find it in him.


Hardly ‘leaked’ IMO…it is common knowledge that the Republic of Ireland would be hit very hard by ‘No’ deal Brexit…a similar hit to the UK apparently. The rest of the EU would also be affected but to a lesser extent. Nobody wants a ‘No’ deal apart from a few hardline Brexiteer MP’s…the nutters in the ERG. Hopefully a ‘No’ deal is very unlikely…Grieve’s amendment should allow Parliament to make it impossible :face_with_monocle:


Meanwhile back in the Westminster Parliament yesterday, troglodyte “Sir” Christopher Chope (of objecting to the Upskirting and FGM bills fame) described Mrs May as “Deceitful, cowardly and supine”. So with her MPs in open revolt it looks like a taxi for her. I wonder who their next “saviour” will be?

What a mess the politics of the UK are. Its the inevitable result of the mob rule of a Referendum in which the voters didn’t have a clue what they were voting about. I mean by mob those who are football hooligan types, boiler suited big mouths and partly educated clods who cannot even spell “saviour” properly.

But to be fair, there was one sector of that electorate who did know what they wanted: old geezers who voted for a pipe dream and most of them have now died happy thinking that it was going to come about. How disappointed they would have been by now?




There won’t be one, you forget, toasters will be taking over the world.

Isn’t that your grand philosophy. The evolution of the most efficient, machines?

You never really expand on that, please do tell…I’m all ears and other interrelated parts with separate functions.


Huw… Smashing his Teacher @ 15 was atleast one achievement i guess ? Unfortunately he then went and lost all credibility by marrying her…Clueless


I think they’d be quite pleased at how its all going. May’s deal is going down and parliamentary gridlock means there is no majority for any other option…leading to an inevitable no deal exit.


HJ - good morning
I hope he stays around for years … and speeds up the failure of the EU project.