Brexit Wars 3



Eadwig -hi,
So men should be ‘compensated ‘ too.
It seems like every problem can, and should, be solved by money being thrown at it!
Well at least that’s a fundamental trait of the left in politics .
It seems, very few people ever consider that government / public spending should have a limit.
It seems that any concept of ‘prudent spending’is irrelevant and no consideration is given to any thought of prioritisation involving stopping spending in some areas to allow Money to go to more ‘important ‘ things.


seems like we have allowed the Tory media to turn discussion from Brexit to antisemitism
and which party is the most racist


I think JAR missed the point…



If women are, yes.

I was given far less notice (7 years) of my private pension age being extended 5 years. Men and women caught by that interference in private pensions should be compensated if similar compensation is going to be thrown about.

I don’t agree that women, or men, should receive any compensation, by the way, on this issue.


We are moving on now to the fact that the Tories have been telling fibs about not negotiating US insurance and big pharma access to the NHS. 541 pages of outright lies, in fact.

The NHS is going to be the biggest privatisation in the history of the world under a Johnson government. That is the message from the far right and Labour need to keep hammering on it.

Not to mention the lowering of food standards to allow in what are currently illegal products from USA. There is a Tory politician getting laughed at right now on the radio trying to say we will have the strongest food standards in the world after Brexit. He also wont deny the lowering of standards to allow this. Avoiding the question like mad.


Yes, animal welfare standards, food and environmental standards are not going to be advanced and certainly not better than we have today being part of the EU.

Each individually negotiated deal with much larger countries and blocs is going to reduce and erode our standards.
Yes, that will be a choice of the UK Government… but NOT the People of the UK who will get no say in this happening.

The standards achieved within the EU have been very hard won over years involving pressure groups, multiple consultations across Europe and much discussion. Lobbying from those that opposed them from Government and large industries to save costs and increase profit was always intense but so was the response from pan-European organisations involving their public.
Even these are watered down from where they should have been.

The UK on its own is simply going to rip up all those standards while proclaiming its in our control.


I see that Labour’s campaign policy so far extends to keeping highly regarded Labour Remainers like Keir Starmer & Emily Thornberry well in the background. Reportedly, the thinking behind this is to avoid alienating more Brexiteers across their traditional heartlands where Farage’s Brexit Party is hoping to damage Labour’s chances. Dear me!

IMO, possibly another ill-considered error as both are not only excellent speakers, they also offer fence-sitting Remainers a solid argument for voting Labour. Not least those who wish to Remain & have never voted Labour before, but may do so purely as a one-off to get a 2nd Referendum.

Both Corbyn & Swinson need to face reality. Without each standing down MPs where the other Party is much better placed in marginal seats, Johnson most probably wins his working majority. He won’t need a big one to get Brexit done. Nearly all the moderate former Tory MPs have been hounded out of the party with death threats & other abuse to be replaced by Brexiteers.

What may Johnson’s Brexit mean? Probably a No-Deal hard Brexit as they’ve set a ridiculous deadline of end of 2020 to renegotiate complex new trade deals. All neutral commentators who are knowledgeable about these processes say that’s nigh to impossible.

No wonder the ERG are glad to back Johnson’s WA. They know, as does Farage, that their bigger prize awaits them by the end of next year. - GLA.


The farmers have said exactly the same and say that they need to see our standards in primary legislation before they will feel there is any degree of protection for our current standards.


From the BBC website:

The IFS says Labour’s offer to compensate Waspi women, that is those who have had to wait longer to collect their pension after women’s pension age was brought into line with men’s, looks disproportionate viewed against the party’s proposals for helping people on welfare. “They would spend considerably more over a parliament on the so-called WASPI women, a group who are relatively well off on average, than the additional sums they are providing to the much bigger group of much poorer working age benefit recipients.”

This really says it all doesn’t it? In its desperation to drain support of older voters for the Tories, Labour has made this very expensive offer which should be very much less of a priority for any Labour administration.

It is notable that despite their lacklustre campaign that the LibDems have at least secured top marks from the IFS for its fiscally responsible manifesto plans.

The IFS also says that austerity is “baked-in” the Tory manifesto. Sadly this will pass by most of those who have been the victims of Tory austerity.

Frog in a tree


The Tory policy until very recently was to bring back fox hunting and end the Hunting Act legislation; their Manifesto says little to nothing about animal welfare other than some vague words.

The Lib Dems have a few points in their Manifesto on animal welfare but don’t even mention fox hunting or the Hunting Act.

The Labour Party has promised to strengthen the Hunting Act and have a 50 point animal welfare manifesto.



It has been proven time and time again that the 2 factors that have far and away the most bearing on an election result are the relative popularity (or otherwise) of the party leaders and the economy. Given that…

  1. Corbyn is incredibly unpopular and;
  2. Despite the constant wailing on this BB the economy has been doing ok and employment is at record levels

…the result is a foregone conclusion. Especially when you factor in Labour’s utterly ridiculous stance on Brexit.


Yep… like 2017 was a foregone conclusion eh?


Just remind me Huw,

What is the UK’s GDP growth currently?

Also what are the predictions for GDP growth after Brexit?

Also, how do NHS and Education funding levels compare with 2010?



Boris Johnson too frightened to do an interview with Andrew Neil. Speaks volumes about this PM. Probably too scared of all his lies being scrutinised & exposed. As awful as Theresa May was, this poor specimen of a PM seems to set new lows with every passing week.


Utterly irrelevant Frog. What is relevant is that people have a job and wage growth is starting to pick up. It is how they feel that matters.


Huw, you are not utterly stupid. Of course GDP matters, as well as investment. Project fear largely came to pass with the exception of a fall in house prices. It is notable that despited the fall in the value of sterling that exports have not boomed.

I suppose if you close your eyes all the bad news will go away?



Mmm… so the Euro collapsing… and the EU imploding… I guess they won’t be interested in those things. Or it might be that they know it aint gonna happen.


To any Tory voters thinking that the Brexit Deal in front of them is a good one… the DUP is launching it’s Manifesto and they have said:

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has reiterated its opposition to Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal at the launch of its election manifesto in Belfast.

Deputy leader Nigel Dodds said it would be dangerous “to the economic and constitutional position of Northern Ireland”."

Mrs Foster said: “The DUP is committed to a deal that works for the whole of the UK and which does not leave Northern Ireland behind, with no border in the Irish Sea.”
source: BBC News



This is about how the ordinary man in the street feels when he votes. Most people are utterly clueless economically and couldn’t care less about GDP or investment.

As for your assertion that project fear largely came true, pull the other one. We were supposed to have had the mother of all recessions with -2.0% GDP.


Mate, I know you love an argument…with anyone…about anything but I really can’t be a**d with you today.