Brexit Wars 3



not just Germany the whole of europe and the wider world is laughing at us. thanks to Bojo and stupid ppl who believed the tosh fed to them


He’s parasitizing Britain, sucking money out of it and boozing it away in the sunny southern EU.

Nothing wrong with that other than being a hypocrite who is biting the hand that feeds him in the civilized EU whilst contributing little or nothing to the UK.




So Liar Johnson has found out already that the so - called “Special Relationship” now amounts to Britain being as important to Trump as the Kurds who he stabbed in the back a little while ago.

Trump doesn’t give a toss about how many US military or innocent civilian lives get lost following his reckless move. Still less British ones or those of any of his allies. His goal is to deflect attention from his impeachment and get the mugs in his base to rally around the flag.

Meanwhile we can expect the supine Liar Johnson to fall in line and when Trump tells him to jump he’ll just ask “How high?”




It might already be becoming clear to those who wanted to give Liar Johnson and Dominic Goblin the benefit of the doubt that this Laurel and Hardy duo are going to go down the pan.

Cummings has now been seen to be what he is: a clown who thinks that he is The Mekon and is a laughing stock with his sci - fi babble. He’ll be shown the door soon enough by the grown ups in Whitehall.

And as for his boss Liar Johnson, what a lacklustre blusterer he is. He has had to rely on Cummings because he has never had an original, intelligent thought of his own since he was old enough to stand up.

Due to these con men and the gullibility of the English public the Union Jack is going to look like a threadbare doormat once the EU, the USA, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, China, India and probably Spain and Argentina, etc., have trampled over it.

Mrs May, remember her? No of course not. But Liar Johnson and Cummings will unforgettably go down in history as the pair of donkeys, leading a herd of them, who ruined Britain.




So the Iraq parliament has voted to kick the Americans out of their country. The Groper’s response was that Iraq would have to repay the billions spent building the American airbase near Baghdad.

Isn’t this a bit like the Mexicans were supposed to be paying for the Wall?


Frog in a tree


It just exposes the lie of why the US forces are out there in the Middle East.
Being in Iraq was never about fighting ISIS. In fact, the Iranian commander they just assassinated has done more to destroy ISIS than any US General.

The US are an occupying force in Syria where they are unwelcome… and now Iraq.

Time for them to go home.


Britain has 400 troops in Iraq. Trump’s self - serving action left them exposed to immediate heightened danger and orangehead never even bothered to warn the so called British Government. They are now locked into their bases just trying to defend themselves. Its pointless them being there unless we are still locked into the mindset of the times of General Gordon and the Siege of Khartoum.




The EU defence capability minus the UK is basically France. As Macron has seriously mishandled his relationship with Trump he needs the UK to help repair it. There won’t be any trampling going on from that quarter.

The US is about to unleash massive sanctions on the EU (the current 25% sanction on wine is rising to 100% and will hit France hard). The Americans want the EU to open up their agricultural markets to the US and Brussels has said no. Net result, sanctions because the US don’t like the $185 billion trade deficit they have with the EU and want to do something about it.

These are geopolitical realities Buns, inconvenient truths for doom mongers like you.


Brexit will weaken the pan European military capability which is part of Putin’s plan - the one you voted for.

The EU don’t give a stuff about Trump who they regard as aberrational and ephemeral. Macron has not mishandled Trump - nobody can deal with such and untrustworthy plonker. There is no way the EU countries are going to sacrifice their own farmers and allow inedible US gunge food onto their plates.

The EU is the world’s largest economy and trading bloc. Hence Liar Johnson will soon be forced to row back into it in one way or another. The wonderful trade deal with the USA Britain craves is a fantasy. Trump will soon be a footnote in history. Nationalist nonsense rubbish will fade as the world returns to the real issues of dealing with climate change and free trade without bullying from the likes of the crook currently in the White House.




The Right Wingers will destroy the Earth

It is striking how much the Right Wing and Authoritarian rulers across the world are climate change deniers.

  • Putin
  • Chinese Communist Party
  • The Groper
  • Scott Morrison
  • Bolsonaro
  • and many others.

Hardly surprising given that right-wingers are significantly more like to believe conspiracy theories. Our young people need to rise up to save the world and their futures.


Frog in a tree


They will give a stuff when he ramps up the sanctions. I see they are sending Phil Hogan, the new trade commissioner over, to plead for clemency. It is going to fall on deaf ears. He may be an untrustworthy plonker but the EU has no choice BUT to deal with him. They are all out of other options.

Only if the EU chooses that path. The UK will quite happily maintain the existing arrangements in exchange for a reasonable trade deal. I’ve no doubt Bojo would prefer that outcome.


All bodes well for the UK then when they have to deal with the US on their own.


Brexit results in the amount of money raised from new UK listings being almost halved compared with the year before to £3.7bn.



Meanwhile… the reality for the UK: car sales crisis due to Brexit being the “biggest clear and present danger”.

Good news for reduced emissions though and that Brexit voters in car manufacturing places like Sunderland might get their come uppance.




I notice JAR is back I thought he had left maybe he has thought of a benefit for Brexit.

I guess BOJO with be waiting for instructions from TRUMP…

Posting this again cant see how any sane person can not see through this dangerous madman… I feel sorry for all my US friends who must be even more ashamed…


As more warnings come from Tata over the Port Talbot steel manufacturing it’s well worth remembering the likely impact of a No Deal Brexit on the UK steel industry… it’s death:

"UK steel industry ‘likely to be obliterated’ by no-deal Brexit… a “no deal” Brexit would mean the UK would leave the EU, and all related agreements and bodies, without a transition period. No preferential tariffs would be in place for UK exports to anywhere in the world. "

When the Welsh start complaining when Tata eventually pull out… we’ll remind them of this.


Confessions of a slaughterhouse worker

One skill that you master while working at an abattoir is disassociation. You learn to become numb to death and to suffering. Instead of thinking about cows as entire beings, you separate them into their saleable, edible body parts. It doesn’t just make the job easier - it’s necessary for survival.

There are things, though, that have the power to shatter the numbness. For me, it was the heads.

At the end of the slaughter line there was a huge skip, and it was filled with hundreds of cows’ heads. Each one of them had been flayed, with all of the saleable flesh removed. But one thing was still attached - their eyeballs.

Whenever I walked past that skip, I couldn’t help but feel like I had hundreds of pairs of eyes watching me. Some of them were accusing, knowing that I’d participated in their deaths. Others seemed to be pleading, as if there were some way I could go back in time and save them. It was disgusting, terrifying and heart-breaking, all at the same time. It made me feel guilty. The first time I saw those heads, it took all of my strength not to vomit.



They need to offer better products. Trump’s steel tariffs do the opposite. An industry that is protected by tariffs is less innovative. Long term they are hurting themselves.

Apart from that is your deficit number misleading. With services included there is no deficit. You should know that. I quoted the numbers here already, but brexiteers inherently ignore facts - if not, they weren’t brexiteers.


Thats says it all about HJ and the other Brexiters here, they cant produce any arguments of benefits of this farce and come out with nothing but childish one liners and made up figures… …


off to Dubia to visit my niece for a week…

Thanks to the Orange idiot its more of a worry now…