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Some news that doesn’t get reported by the RW press:

The children’s care system is in crisis after cases hit a 10-year high amid “unprecedented” and “unsustainable” demand, the government has been warned.
The children’s commissioner has urged ministers to launch an independent review after new figures revealed the number of youngsters in care has soared by more than a quarter over the last decade.
Official data collated by the Local Government Association (LGA) show there were 78,150 children in care in England at the end of March 2019.
This compares with 60,900 children in care at the same point a decade earlier, the LGA said.

The above is buried away or not even mentioned in the news today due to all the hype and fuss about Harry and Meghan. So a 28% increase in children being taken away from their families since 2009. In the decade between 2009 and 2019, there was also a 53% rise in the number of children on a child protection plan and a 139% increase in Section 47 enquiries, where a local authority believes a child may be suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm, the LGA said.

Let’s see if Boris and the Tories will do anything about this. They haven’t bothered in the last 10 years so I doubt it.


Good post Doug.

Also passing under the radar is the fact the A&E waiting times are at a record due to a shortage of resources and staff. Sadly the numbers of children in care and the problems in the NHS are products of Tory austerity policies.

I suspect that many of the children taken into care may not have been “removed” from families but simply given up due to poverty.

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Does this make any of us proud to be Brits ??

Conservative MPs have been branded “inhumane” after defeating a bid to force Boris Johnson to act to reunite unaccompanied child refugees with relatives in the UK.


He already lost a load of seats in the N.E. through his ideological stance against supporting the Northern Powerhouse. Thousands of locals who were prepared to back SXX with their own money have lost it because the government wouldn’t act as guarantor for a loan.

How many times do you think he can kick these people in the teeth and still get them to turn out for him? They may not support a hopeless Labour party, but they sure as shit wont bother going to the polls to vote for someone who has lied through his teeth about regional help and already given them what they wanted in Brexit terms anyway.

I look forward to the day that a Westminster government announces actual spending in the North of England that amounts to one tenth of the cost of a single London-centric infrastructure project such as Crossrail or the Olympics or The Thames Tideway Tunnel or Terminal 5 or Runway 2 or Runway 3 or the Dome or the Jubilee line or Canary Wharf and associated transport infrastructure, including the only high speed rail line in the country from London to the Channel Tunnel.

Did I miss any? Just a couple of dozen. But you get the idea.


No @trisco… that’s all good. Just a shame that most of your post only dished dirt on two of the Royals over their costs and travel.
If the thrust of your post had been about how it was high time to abolish the Monarchy then I’d have more respect but as it stands it’s just a bit of a moan about two of them taking a back step from the Royal Family.


@trisco here is the lesson for today. If your football team plays badly, you are allowed to moan about the white players only. Next time Spurs lose don’t you dare be telling us that Ndombele or Danny Rose had a bad game without taking at least 4 white players to task. Imagine those poor Brighton fans when they’d had enough of Chris Hughton.


… and of Brexit. We mustn’t forget that the Brexiteers voted to keep EU qualified health workers out of Britain. Perhaps it should be a test in A&E triage Bleeding, Breathing and Brexit supporting.



You once asked me about my carbon footprint from flying each year and I reckon I’ve averaged around 325kg p.a. of CO2 for the last few years.


Err…they were the topic of discussion, ergo my post was about them and solely them. If Frog had made a post about the wider family, then I’d have commented accordingly. But it wasn’t.

Nice try though. 1/10

I daren’t moan about old Jose - I’d hate to be labelled anti Portuguese.


Is that more or less than you expected?




More, I suppose. I had never really considered it before. The good news is the airline I use improves efficiency every year and the flights I now take are on a much more efficient aircraft than previously (Airbus 321neo)


The reasons you gave applied equally to every other member of the Royal Family… yet you chose to make comments only of one couple.


There are reports coming from US intelligence sources that the Ukrainian airliner may have been brought down “accidentally” by Iranian missiles.

There were 176 innocent lives lost when the airliner came down.

If it turns out to be true that it was shot down then in my view The Groper will have the responsibility for all the lives lost.

Frog in a tree


Christ above. You argumentative weirdo.

Secretly, I think there is a whole heap of pentup sexual frustration with you but, hey, that’s my armchair diagnosis.


@Trisco you should keep your sexual fantasies to yourself.

I see Kane is out for a few months… looks like Jose might not be around too long.


Managers come and go. Jose won’t be around too long and frankly I won’t lose sleep one way or the other.


Just before Christmas, Nicholas Barr (LSE) was asked by a 16-year old what he thought about Brexit and how it would affect members of Generation Z personally. In this letter, he explains why he believes Brexit will lead to four sorts of potential loss, as well as making it much harder to tackle the climate emergency.



this is pathetic .
who would believe anything you US says on this issue
suits blame IRAN
suits them not to blame boeing
suits them to say accidental and how would they know if it was or not…

Trump is losing it


not much for play for anyway

Everton complained that the Liverpool team who beat them should be drug tested for Calpol…