Brexit Wars 3



wonder why so many are
Anti Meghan EU Migrants and Pro Brexit and TRump
support football team of black Asian muslim players
go to a match and shout to other team
BL*** P*** bstard etc etc etc


Evertonians, who live in Liverpool, have my utmost sympathy at the moment. Must be horrendous and has been for decades.


What we are losing in 60secs


That is far too simplistic. If it was shot down it will have been by the Iranians and the conflict there has been going on for decades and pre-dates Trump. Everyone was banging on about how killing that general was going to start world war 3 but in reality, it has just shown up how weak this Iranian regime has become. Sanctions are crippling them and an all out battle with the Americans now would finish them.


When was the last time you went to a football match Pete? I go every week and I never see that. I remember the 70s and 80s when the racist abuse was epidemic levels, bananas being thrown at black players etc. Yet another example of the false narrative that the world is becoming a worse place.

Also amusing how you jump on the Meghan bandwaggon to support your crackpot theory. She isn’t leaving the UK because of racism she’s leaving because she wants, as someone put it so well yesterday, to be the globetrotting global queen of woke.


Bandwagon is BREXIT TRUMP = mainly racist some dont even know it as harry said and reading the Express mail etc makes it easy…
I think you do know you are racist…


Stupid analogy

Dont need to lose my JOB to know Brexit is a disaster …

Any benefits for yet??


Meghan is leaving because of the RW press, as you well know @HuwJarse . But wait a minute, what about Princess Diana (see what I did there @petethenovice)?

Diana was on the receiving end of far more abuse than Meghan has ever received, and that was in an age well before Social Media. Heaven knows what it would have been like if it was.

But hang about, Diana was white. What was the reason there??? Ah but…

I would suggest that there is a ridiculous expectation that the women in the Royal Family are expected to be seen and not heard; the Queen aside. Smile, curtsey, shake hands but don’t dare speak your mind or have individual thought.

Meghan, a highly ambitious, single minded American woman (I emphasis the American, as they are brought up to be whoever they wish to be - a good thing), is everything that opposes the traditional Royal woman. And I think it’s this misogynistic take on things that annoys the establishment, not her colour. And which annoyed them about Diana.



How idiotic is that? Iran is 10 times the strength and 5 times the size Iraq was, and how well is America doing in Iraq?


Not a hope in hell Iran can go toe to toe with the Yanks

Iran isn’t stupid enough to go toe to toe with the US. Their whole strategy is built around asymmetric warfare, so they’ll do enough now to look good on Tehran TV then switch back to deniable attacks through their proxies.

I noticed while watching catching the arab/mid east media y’day that at least two ‘expert’ guests from Tehran mentioned (unprompted) the UAE as being the place you wouldn’t want to be if Iran decides to go to a step 2 at some point down the road.

Mind yourself @petethenovice



Whether or not the press coverage of Meghan has been racist or not is debatable. Outright racist commentary in the press would be unthinkable but a lot of racism is undercover or unconscious and can influence the tone of the coverage. I think it says a lot that Harry and Meghan seem to perceive that racism is a factor. As Bob Marley said, “who feels it knows it”.

I think it is undeniable that there is a problem with our popular press. Sure, Diana wasn’t hounded because of her race but more because she was loved by the British public and also because she was an attractive woman. Meghan is also an attractive woman and, also like Diana, an interesting person with a mind of her own. Unlike Kate Middleton both Diana and Meghan have not been prepared to subsume their personalities in their roles. Let’s face it, Kate is essentially boring…as is William, and as such attract less interest.

We can agree that Harry and Meghan are privileged but I don’t think that means that they have to submit to the unwanted intrusiveness of the press. They are still human and have their mental health, their marriage and their child to protect. I think that they have to have the right to withdraw just as we all do.

I guess another thing that has ruffled a few feathers is that Meghan makes no secret of her feminism and her compassion for others. Clearly she is not an identikit royal like Kate Middleton. She is a modern woman in touch with the spirit of the age who landed a role within the most conservative part of the traditional British establishment. Her experience demonstrates very clearly that the Royal Family is outdated and is heading to redundancy unless it reflects changes in our society.


Frog in a tree


I’m happy you will never be a politician. The problem is that such idiocy is now in the white house.

Someone said the same about Iraq: “finish off Saddam and all will be fine”. No, it wasn’t.


The Groper’s influence in the middle east has been lamentable. The assassination was done primarily for domestic political reasons to boost his flagging re-election chances.

Now it appears that the Ukrainian airliner was shot down by an Iranian missile. This would not have happened but for the assassination. An example of the law of unintended consequences. The Groper has the blood of the passengers on his hands.

Frog in a tree


No, Pete, It’s all in your head feller. You’ve got a fever, time to take your pill.


Why don’t you try acquainting yourself with some economic facts Eadwig. Iran is deep in the s**t.


How US tariffs are backfiring

As if we needed any proof that tariffs have costs for both sides.

Certainly, if I was a US consumer I would be pretty aggravated by the price increases levied on French wine.




And that’s good for… nobody. It puts the Iranian middle class in economic trouble. If people are busy surviving they will not stand up against the regime. Just the opposite of what people in Washington think.


clever but
Still not 1 benefit for Brexit
Racism heres how it works

Tell the stupid that all their problems are caused by Mexicans and Migrant Hordes gangs floods and that we will build a wall and stop them coming and thickos will believe our lies
Good one below every 4 minutes



Fishing will be one of the first issues negotiated and yet seems like rich Tories sold fishing rights off
What kind of country lets ppl own the sea??

Revealed: the millionaires hoarding UK fishing rights

A painstaking five-month long investigation shows that a small group of wealthy families control huge swathes of the country’s fishing quota


Crispin Dowler


More than a quarter of the United Kingdom’s fishing quota is in the hands of a tiny group of the country’s wealthiest families, an Unearthedinvestigation has found.


I don’t recall Pete saying that “the world is becoming a worse place“.
He was accurately pointing out that racism is still very much present in the UK and that the largely right wing media deliberately stir that up… just as they did in 2014-2016 with their false narratives aimed at boosting UKIP and the Leave Campaign based on stoking up fears over foreigners and immigration.

You can choose to ignore that for your own agenda if you wish but it don’t stop the truth.

I too go to football matches most weeks including every England and Scotland match (within reason)… and I still hear racist chanting every single week both on transport to/from the match as well as at the match.
Makes me wonder if you really do go to the matches you say or whether you are tucked away enjoying cocktails in the club hospitality.