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Indeed, there’s a whole set of paradoxes.

Those who wanted to “take back control” will soon realise that the Government’s (and Civil Service) Deal makers will be the ones who agree the UK’s immigration policy and that will inevitably be compromised with the need to make a deal. Is that what the Leavers voted for?

And I wonder how many are like my ex-neighbours who in 2016 explained to me that they were voting Leave as “there are too many darkies at the John Radcliffe “.
I wonder how they will feel as the UK makes more provision for fastracked visas from India?

But fundamentally… the Government’s own reports and those of independent analysts all said that the U.K. would be financially poorer: a lower GDP than we could have had.
That to me doesn’t mean that at best the poor will still be just as poor… it means they will be poorer.
For the rich in the UK… it won’t make a scrap of difference.

Paradoxes indeed.


I think we have had a good couple of days debate on some interesting and, indeed, important topics, even if JAR and Huw have been bit part players and even if Broadmoor couldn’t really understand the nature of the discussion. I have enjoyed our discussions and the explorations of our disagreements.

Best wishes to all,

Frog in a tree


JW - hi

I know how you like ‘bad’ news about the UK economy. Here’s some from the IMF (who obviously know’ diddly squat’ about economics!)

The UK economy will outpace eurozone for first two years after Brexit, IMF predicts
** Telegraph - Russell Lynch, Economics Editor, Davos **
20 January 2020 • 3:20pm

The UK economy will outpace the struggling eurozone in the first two years after Brexit, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted for the first time.

Britain also outpaced the monetary union in 2019, giving it three straight years of faster growth, according to the IMF’s latest forecasts.

The fund slashed growth across the eurozone, warning that a weaker German recovery and a slowdown in Spain will weigh on the region’s economy this year.

It also cut global economic forecasts again for 2020, but pointed to tentative signs that a worldwide slowdown is coming to an end.

Global growth will be 3.3pc this year and 3.4pc in 2021, the IMF said. This is down 0.1 and 0.2 percentage points respectively from its last forecast in October.

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John… I see you’ve been reading the Express and the Mail sites again. I know you have… don’t pretend any different.

The IMF report for the U.K. isn’t any different from the last 3 months ago… “growth is expected to stabilize at 1.4 percent in 2020 and firm up to 1.5 percent in 2021”
I note that the forecast assumes an orderly exit from the European Union at the end of January followed by a gradual transition to a new economic relationship… the latter is by no means certain.

And… Growth in the euro area is projected to pick up from 1.2 percent in 2019 to 1.3 percent in 2020… a downward revision of 0.1%.

Is that really the best you can do John?
The UK is suffering from Brexit uncertainty still and once the EU-UK deal is agreed years from now… and we have multiple FTAs agreed… also years from now… then we will be worse off than we would have been as members of the EU.
That’s what the IMF have already said… and the UK Government… and all independent reports.


If you think USA could successfully occupy Iran you’re even more stupid than you sound, not to mention blind to recent history.

No they couldn’t.

The USA doesn’t have conventional bombs as big as the UK had in WWII - which didn’t bring about any surrender, by the way.

Your strategy of dropping bombs on Tehran entirely misses 2 of the 3 main power structures in Iran which rather shows how little you know about the subject. Why even get involved when you know so little? Even if one surrendered the other two would continue to run the country in the same way, especially as your civilian killing strategy would have united the population against USA.


I’m quite happy with Iran shooting itself in the foot.

It has nothing to do with Trump taking them on militarily though, has it?

If the West have never got involved in the middle east the Islamic schism would have always ensured that they were too busy fighting each other to bother with anyone else outside of their own spheres of influence.


just think how much better we’d have done if we stayed in!

tick tock. If you make it past the end of Feb you have an increased chance of living to next winter.


Which just goes to prove the UK is still going to be a very attractive destination despite the wall to wall gloom of you and all the other whingers on here.


So John posts a link from the Telegraph…and you tell him he’s been reading the Express and Mail sites again. Do you honestly expect anyone to take anything you say seriously? You are the sort of feller that would argue a dog is a cat.

Simply pointing out that the IMF disagrees with your much touted assertion that we are heading for economic armageddon isn’t enough for you then?


Ok Eadwig, if you say so. We’ll all just pretend we are living in the 1800’s and nuclear weapons haven’t been invented yet.


Good morning Jack,

You must be joking! The last thing a majority of Little Englander people want is more immigration from the subcontinent - and especially in Stoke on Trent, you can be sure. Denial syndrome yet again.

This is what Brexit is all about: “taking control of our borders” to keep out Asians, “Muslim terrorists”, and blacks and also job stealing Eastern Europeans. Then we can all become like Americans (except the black ones of course) .

A quarter of British people self- identify as being racist and 50% will tell you “I’m not racist, but…”. I hear a lot of the latter. It is not too uncommon to hear someone saying: “Hitler had the right idea, maybe he went a bit too far…”

Its a pity I’ve got to go to a Board meeting today and busy myself in trying to oust a nest of lazy, overpaid, racist, Brexit supporting staff otherwise I could have returned to “The War” and your absurd, contrarian denial that most of the German population did not know of the atrocities that were committed against the Jews (and other minorities). As we said yesterday, this did not mean that most of them supported such but were trapped in a totalitarian society where they had to acquiesce. However, such was the depth of the nationalistic fervour at the time many millions of Germans did dedicate themselves to Hitlerism and never wavered in their loyalty to him until Russian boots were walking in the centre of Berlin.

Hopefully, other right minded posters here will take up their cudgels and give you more of the beating you got yesterday.

Have a nice day!




They are all the same: lying, racist rags who support the Liar Johnson and tax dodging Billionaires.





It looks like I have to fill in the deliberate omissions you keep making in your slanted comments, whether by design or ignorance, once again. No wonder you make another feeble plea for assistance from others. :wink:

No-one would disagree with your gist about hardened attitudes from an indigenous minority in all areas. But since when has what the little people think (as seen by the knobs at the top) in areas like Stoke-on-Trent mattered much to any government? If push comes to shove, UK’s government will make any necessary compromises to boost investment in the UK as necessary. That’s a banker.

Enjoy your meeting, but try to lose that massive chip on your shoulder. - I’m off out, too.


Eadwig - good morning

One has to assume that any anti-Iran bombing strategy would be somewhat more nuanced than ‘bombing Tehran’ !

The USA doesn’t have conventional bombs as big as the UK had in WWII - which didn’t bring about any surrender, by the way.
The largest WW2 bomb was the ‘Grand Slam’ at 22,000 lbs . The USA does now possess the GBU-57 ‘Bunker Busting’ bomb at 33,000 lbs

If you think USA could successfully occupy Iran you’re even more stupid than you sound, not to mention blind to recent history.
True - but why would they even try? They can keep ramping up the sanctions to destroy their economy. Similarly, the USA is very unlikely to use nuclear weapons against Iran - but don’t discount Israel doing so in extremis.

However, there is a serious point looming closer when Iran has produced enough enriched uranium to produce a viable nuclear weapon of it’s own. One estimate I’ve seen is that this will come within one year now it is to increase production.

It’s almost certain that this will not be allowed to happen by either Israel, the USA or both acting together using ‘conventional weapons’. Israel has access to ‘bunker busting’ bombs (American GU-28 - 5,000 lbs dropped from American-built aircraft) and is developing it’s own bomb capable (details not released about capacity) of being dropped from it’s own F-161 Sufa planes).
The USA has the GBU-57 (GPS guided)capable of being delivered by either B52 bombers or B2 stealth bombers (most likely).

The probable scenario is that Iran’s nuclear facilities (and missile control centres) will be targeted (not centres of population), to remove this threat.



SBUK - hi

Of course they are! :roll_eyes:
BUT is the IMF lying (and racist) too?
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HJ - good morning
Based on long (too long!), experience on this echo chamber, there are three sorts of Remainer posters.
Prejudiced ones, stupid ones but only one who is both!
Name on a post card please … :innocent:
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Good morning John. You qualify on both counts. Where do I send my postcard?




FIAT - hi

As well as a 'democratic deficit and spelling problem (earlier post) - you have an additional issue …
there are three sorts of Remainer posters.
… a reading / comprehension deficit!
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Something else I’ve never said that pathetic idiots like you on this board keep attributing to me.


Hello again JAR,

Nevertheless, you still qualify as both a “prejudiced” and a “stupid” Brexiter (edit!).

What’s the address for that postcard?