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But why invest in the UK? What’s the benefit? Access to the EU? No longer. What else? Reduced labour and social standards perhaps?


ha ha
Thats IF we get a quick deal with access to the EU at the same time bringing in Migrants from Africa and India.
The UK car industry survives
wages rising exponentially because EU migrants have left.
Brexit already costing as much as 40years EU contributions

I know you believed Turkey was Joining and the EU army lie and we send 350M a week to EU
You cant be this gullible


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You got me there Jar. I should have known that you had taken leave of your senses!



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You’re right mate!
I should listen to you rather than those ignorant kn*bbers at the IMF. :roll_eyes:

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Another pillock.

Listen to yourself John… aren’t you embarrassed by your childish twaddle?

It’s not about UK performance vs Spain or UK performance vs Eurozone… but UK performance outside EU vs UK performance within EU.

This is that the IMF forecast on that:

Since the specific nature of the new economic relationship between the UK and the EU is still unknown, we present estimates of the long-term economic impact under two illustrative scenarios for the post-Brexit relationship.

An “FTA” scenario, which assumes that the UK and EU reach agreement on a broad free trade pact, including an agreement on services trade, but with some restrictions on migration. In this scenario, UK output will be about 2½ to 4 percent lower in the long run compared to a no-Brexit scenario. This translates into a cost of about £900 to £1300 per capita.

A “WTO” scenario, in which the UK loses any preferential access to the EU market and adopts WTO tariff schedules for trade in goods. In addition, an even stricter migration regime is assumed. In this scenario, the decline in real output relative to no Brexit would be larger, between 5 and 8 percent in the long run (about £1700 to £2700 per capita). This estimate takes into account the effects of higher trade barriers, potential reductions in foreign direct investment flows, and lower net migration.

Our estimates of the long-term effects of Brexit on the UK economy are similar to those of other analysts.



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Okay, let’s switch the gist of those loaded questions around. So you’re claiming that UK will see no investment from anywhere in the world because of Brexit? If that’s your fixed position, I have nothing further to say beyond my previous comments.


Shows the Level of MEPS is no higher the JAR and HJ

A Brexit Party MEP has prompted derision after complaining that Britain will have no representation at EU level after it leaves.
June Mummery, one of the party’s 29 representatives elected to the European Parliament last year, suggested the loss of MEPs would make it hard to hold Brussels to account.
“The big question now is, who will be here to hold these people to account while they still control Britain’s waters, but the UK has no representation?” she tweeted.
Britain will lose its MEPs, EU commissioner, and seats on the EU council after Brexit – leaving it with no control over the bloc’s polices or political direction.


You are wasting your time Jack. These people have convinced themselves that the UK is a regressive vipers nest of racists and xenophobes, waiting at the ports and airports to stone any incoming immigrants or businessmen thinking about investing here.

The best thing to do is leave them to stew in their juices. The world will move on and the UK will do just fine.


The thing I don’t get about you Pete is that you love nothing better than throwing out a few insults but you can barely string a sentence together. You are living proof that not all remainers are well educated.


The Groper, a typical right-winger, once again demonstrates his belief in conspiracy theories about climate change and shows his intellectual inferiority to Greta Thunberg:

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at some point the GOV will have to move beyond silly games and bullshit statements and start listening to industry thats what they are trying desperately to avoid.
This article talks to
Andrew Varga of Seetru, a manufacturer of industrial valves. “Europe’s CE kitemark is gold standard and all that’s needed, but they spit on it just because it’s European: they want ‘Great British’ standards.”
To keep the treasured CE mark, Varga has taken on the expense of bringing in a German auditor three times a year, a new computer system and having staff check his 30,000 product configurations, his perimeter fences and staff security. In all it is costing £750,000 from his £11.5m turnover
will US trade deal compensate? “We trade with the US but a deal makes no difference. It’s hard to sell there as they prefer to buy American.
India? A deal will mean letting in cheaper, lower-quality Indian products.”
“Everything the government says and does suggests people behind desks with no concept of business, no consultation with us.”


Frog in a tree

Frog This is he when interviewed by sycophant piers morgan…


Hi Pete,

Indeed so, as will all those involved in future trade talks on both sides.

Re your link: It’s been apparent to many of us for a while now that Chancellor Javid seems to be parroting his advisers. Probably Cummings. That seems disappointing for he was once seen as a potential future Tory leader. So we may well ask, what’s going on? IMO, Polly Toynbee has got it wrong.

Most probably it’s more tactical hardball posturing before the nitty-gritty of trade talks with the EU. Neither side will want to end up with No-Deal as both will see a significant hit. So while these people may be transparent, to dismiss them as clueless chumps or not caring seems silly.

As I said earlier, for those of us who live in the real world, we can expect UK’s government to also make compromises. Some of that may be unpalatable to Joe Bloggs, but that’s by the by. Government will have to address new realities with a prudent flexibility. Yes, that may well mean more migrants from elsewhere & cheaper, lower-quality products from some nations, but was it ever going to be any different? - Regards.


You really are very ignorant as well as childish.

One is an IMF report detailing and forecasting the impact of various Leave scenarios on the UK… all of which are still relevant… and ALL forecast that the UK will be worse off.

The other is a recent IMF report that leaves the UK forecast the same as 3 months ago whilst forecasting that the growth in the euro area will pick up from 1.2 percent in 2019 to 1.3 percent in 2020… a downward revision of 0.1%.

You seem to wish to glory in the fact that the IMF have revised their forecast on the Eurozone down by 0.1%… whilst ignoring their forecast on the detrimental impact of Leaving the EU on the UK.


You can switch the questions around if you wish Jack but arsanias never said that there would be NO investment from anywhere in the world because of Brexit.
He’s pointing out that it will be worse than if the UK had remained in the EU.

Not difficult to understand really is it?


What a total prick you are.



So he’s asking me questions he already assumes he knows the answers to. Of else he wants subjective affirmations about ongoing future uncertainties, so by their nature they’re rhetorical?

Not hard to understand many things. Including that some here have closed-off minds & have already decided how things will be in the years ahead post-Brexit. Your talents are obviously wasted on BBs like this. Maybe consider applying for top jobs in the City. - I’m just a trader, grabbing opportunities to go long & short as presented by the ongoing chaos. - GL.


I didn’t say the “UK will see no investment from anywhere in the world because of Brexit”. I asked what would persuade investors to still invest in the UK. Your assumption was that:

“Relaxing some immigration rules for skilled Indians & other nationals is likely to be one of the compromises UK has to make to encourage even more investment from such nations.”

So, you believe there will be more investments and I ask why? Why would an investor prefer the UK over Portugal, Poland, Germany…? The UK just decided to be less attractive. How can this not lead to less investments? What can the UK offer that those countries don’t offer and is so attractive that investors don’t invest in that bloc but in a country that is in the same geographic region, but only loosely connected and with trade barriers? What can the UK do to level the disadvantage of not being a member?

The natural choice would always be to invest in the EU. Look at Tesla. Their first Giga factory in Europe will be built in Germany. Why not in the UK?