Brexit Wars 3



SBK is certainly a lot cleverer than you Fynne!



So what is so offensive about people wearing clothes proudly displaying the Union Jack fynne?

And who are you to set the standards of discussion, given that you have never had one thing to say of interest to anyone?





There is nothing more offensive than the stupid, ignorant, racist, self - harming project that is Brexit which has damaged millions of lives already, including those of friends of mine.




… and I thought he was the one whinging about the value of the euro and spoiling all his plans to retire in a warmer climate
:thinking: … nope :joy:


pete - good evening

Why is it then that I (a Brexiteer), seem to be the only one here concerned that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon to destroy Israel and kill thousands - if not millions of Jews.
Unless, of course, as it’s Israeli Jews it doesn’t matter unlike European Jews in the 1930s / 40’s
Seems like hypocrisy to me m8


Indeed Fiat,

As I have said before there were numerous Concentration camps that were in plain sight, cheek by jowl with large towns within Germany. Those who now believe that these were not places of mass extermination should visit one of them and get the proper story.

I’ve been thinking also that counterintuitively the vast numbers of people who stepped off the trains at Auschwitz-Birkenau were “fortunate” in that so many of them were taken straight to the gas chambers and did not have extended periods of suffering. That was far from the case at those sites in Germany such as Dachau and Ravensbruck in which pole hangings, beatings to death, barbaric medical experiments and deliberate starvation and disease was used to kill them. The latter methods being so exemplified by the Belsen camp at Bergen in Saxony:




Perhaps, JAR, Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons in order to deter attacks from the US and Israel. Before The Groper pulled the plug on JCPA Iran was abiding by the agreement.

What we need in Israel and Palestine is a two-state solution based on the pre-1967 borders with security guarantees for Israel and the other countries in the region. This would be in accordance with UN resolutions.

Frog in a tree


FIAT - hi

Perhaps I’m right … you don’t care about Israeli Jews m8


You are, in fact, totally wrong as any brain-engaged reading of my post would show. I might as well infer from your post that you would celebrate a nuclear attack on Iran but as my brain is engaged I doubt that that would be true.



Broadmore talking about posts from months ago…

This is what scares me England’s image being this Bojo etc…
Worldwide laughing stock


They want more money. They will have more money and step aside.


I don’t believe many thought “it was necessary”. That’s probably a minority. The majority probably tried not to think about it, but that’s the normal human reaction to challenges that you can meet with great effort or avoid. Even more when you have to manage your own survival. Only few are brave and act and most of them remained unknown. Hiding a jewish neighbour in the cellar, supplying with food, bribing officials to get a visa. These things happened and people didn’t talk much about it.

After the war it was the big failure of Adenauer, but also the allied powers not to investigate and prosecute more of the guilty ones. They even undermined efforts of the righteous people who wanted to draw more attention on the crimes that happened. They wanted Germany to function and integrated with the West without asking too many questions. Wernher von Braun, SS officer with a whole concentration camp at his disposal in Peenemünde. The OSS cleaned his files so he could be employed in USA. So much for the morality.


The arabic side has always rejected such plans. Did they change their position? Hamas didn’t. I think officially only Egypt and Jordan did. Some like the Saudis did inofficially, but would the change their states policy?


Certainly most Palestinians who are citizens of Israel want a 2-state solution but it’s not necessarily the 2-state solution most people think of here and in the US.

You have to face facts with all this… the Jewish historical claim to the land is based on a fictional story.
The state of Israel is based on Judaism and their Government passed laws making Jewish supremacy legal and that treat all others second-class citizens in their own country.

You can dress it up any way you want but that’s a fact that most want to forget.


Starting to like Charles
but not much for the special relationship with Trumps USA…


The “historical claim” doesn’t matter at all and they don’t need. Israel is a reality and that’s it. The arabs lost the several wars and it’s time to accept that. That’s what matters. Just imagine Germans would still shoot grenades into Kaliningrad or Wroclaw and call themselves refugees in the third generation. With the attitude the arabs show now war would ever end. They destroy their own future with that.

Israel in the borders suggested by the Peel commission (1937). Arabs didn’t accept it:

Israels border according to the 1947 UN plan (thee green part). Arabs didn’t accept it.

The Allon plan (167-1970). Arabs didn’t accept it.

Every time they rejected it turned out worse for them. They could have had their state decades ago. What do they expect to happen? Do they really believe they can remove Israel and get what they couldn’t get in 1937? It’s like a gambler that keeps losing and can’t stop.

The will not accept any plan, because they need the conflict. The hate for Israel is the business model of Hamas and the one thing the muslim world can agree on. It’s indentity-generating.

It’s still better than any arabic or muslim country. They don’t cut hands or heads. How many islamic states have the Shariah? How many have democracy? Religious freedom anywhere there? Not even in Turkey. It’s this obsession people have for Israel to blame it for things that they just don’t care about when it’s Malaysia, Brunei, Turkey… not even talking of Saudi-Barbaria.

Ask the Arabs with Israeli passport if they’d rather be ruled by Hamas or even King Abdullah or the cleptocrats in Beirut.


Yes it does matter and it should matter to everyone so I’ll say it again… their entire claim to the land is based upon a work of fiction.
Further, they have implemented a form of apartheid within Israel. South Africa too was allowed to do that for many years before they fell out of favour with the international community.

The whole supposed ‘state’ of Israel has only been around a few decades. Without the support of the US military and US finances it would have collapsed long ago.
Indeed, though it’s difficult to imagine in today’s world where the US dominate, that won’t always be the case and their support for Israel isn’t guaranteed. Israel’s position is precarious today and can get even more precarious in the future.

The two-state solution that Palestinians who are citizens of Israel want refers to creating a new democratic binational State of Israel that allows the legal right of return for descendants of Palestinian refugees… as well as a separate Palestinian state.
That has never been on offer and probably never will be.
That isn’t what most understand by 2-state solution.

Re: “It’s this obsession people have for Israel to blame it for things that they just don’t care about when it’s Malaysia, Brunei, Turkey… not even talking of Saudi-Barbaria.”

a) I am not “obsessed” by Israel… but that won’t stop me commenting on it.
b) I’m quite happy to call out other countries too when I know something about them but just because there are other shitholes out there doesn’t mean that we should ignore Israel.


I don’t comment on the rights and wrongs of the Israel situation even though I have been to a Kibbutz and also Palestinian refugee camp. There are plenty of rights and wrongs on both sides and the situation will continue forever.

Back to the main agenda: I would like to see a 4 state solution for the UK as Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales all want to stay in the EU (as do most people in the entire union).
Brexit is an affront to democracy and a small majority of now dead people from 2016 should not be allowed to oppress the people of the 3 smaller countries who want to live in a modern progressive world.




The question of the day is why has Inspector Knacker of the Yard not collared Liar Johnson yet for bunging public funds at his concubine Jennifer Arcuri?

He should be in clink by now.




Another question for the day is why hasn’t Inspector Knacker of the Yard collared Liar Johnson & Co for their receipt of money from foreign spies? Where is the Report which should have been released before the General Election?

They should be in clink by now - the Johnson gang and also those suppressing the report.