Brexit Wars 3



Yes, they are going to miss the ignorant likes of Widdecombe, Farage & Co and the great contributions they have made to the EU whilst pocketing their EU salaries.
Maybe Widdecombe will now go back to telling us all how science could “produce an answer” to being gay.


There is a wry passage in the Gunter Grass novel “Dog Years” in which he recounts the number of times invading foreign armies trampled across Poland from all points of the compass. Yet ill -used as it has been over the centuries it has managed to retain its identity.

“Many Polish collaborators”? There were some but most would better be described as “coerced survivalists” and the same sort of thing happened , post war, under domination by the USSR. By and large, collaboration is a class thing. It goes like this: a victorious force takes over a country and then threatens and bribes its ruling elite so as to keep things running as smooth as possible. Navvies digging mass graves at gunpoint were not collaborators. The upper classes in Britain were quite careful to hedge their bets as regards fascism right up to the outbreak of WW2.

I can’t see much point in singling out Poland for criticism regarding collaboration., i.e. willing acquiescence. There was a lot more of it in the cases of France and Italy, both countries being divided from top to bottom.




Following the Iranian military strike on a US airbase Trump said: “No Americans were injured” and then mumbled something about a few “headaches”.

Now it turns out, the Iranian strikes were highly accurate, that they warned of the attack so staff/troops could leave the scene/bunker down… even so there are now 109 reported traumatic brain injuries.


110 if you include Trump. Mind you his was gained at birth.




Brexit means… UK citizens unable to make use of EU challenger banks:

Remember discussions pre-Referendum and since regarding passporting and banking licenses? Still not addressed… and so here are more of the real impacts.
Clearly, the UK needs to assess each foreign bank’s branch operations to decide whether it needed to be converted into a subsidiary or not (obviously it’s cheaper to have an overseas parent with its own capital rather than create another entity)… but given the state (non-start) of UK-EU negotiations then financial institutions have had to make their own decisions: the larger ones already did this a year ago and at large cost creating new legal entities that separate UK flows from non-UK. Net result… massively less corp tax intake for the UK.
Now, see how smaller companies ones are affected: any challenger banks based purely in UK but have client base outside of UK (particularly in Europe) will now be under direct threat too. Watch this space.


Remember how Leave politicians said in 2015/2016 (and since) that leaving the EU wouldn’t impact on transportation of food etc as there would be “frictionless trade” and no need for checks at borders.
We were lied to. Again.

Where is RRW with his bonded warehouses when you need him.

Brexit… we’re ready…not.

Post-Brexit transition border checks could cause fresh food supply problems, an industry body has warned.

Shoppers will notice the supply issues next January unless there is a “massive upgrade” in border facilities, the British Retail Consortium said.

The warning came after cabinet minister Michael Gove said that border checks are “inevitable” after the Brexit transition period ends on 31 December.

Officials said firms have enough time to prepare for the changes.

Border checks could quickly cause hold-ups at Channel ports of thousands of trucks, including those carrying fresh food, the BRC said.

The government will have to “move fast” to put in place the necessary border infrastructure and staff to cope with those checks by the end of the year, it said.

If it doesn’t, “consumers in the UK will see significant disruption, particularly in the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables” the BRC’s director of food and sustainability Andrew Opie warned.


And still the law was created as a reaction to Jan Gross. Did he claim that “the Polish Nation or the Republic of Poland is responsible or co-responsible for Nazi crimes committed by the Third Reich” as formulated in the latest version of the law?

I doubt he did. Why then the law? Probably it would be used to censor publications like his by twisting that he blamed “the Polish nation”. The PIS wants people to shut up.


To be fair: Germany had no other choice. There was no way of denying the obvious . On the other hand, Japan has been in denial of its wartime past and kind of wriggled free from dealing with their responsibility.

Other nations with lesser crimes (I would say almost every can find some) simply ignored what they don’t like in their history. It started only in the 2nd half of the 20th century that nations permitted themselves to be self-critical - and that is still the exception.

Ask someone in Belgium about Congo: “oh, that was not us. It was private property of the royal family.”


First of all Israel is superior as a modern society with great universities, technology, companies etc.
Israel will persist and Palestinians in Israel live better than in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Syriah…

Btw, ranting about discrimination of Palestinians you completely forget how they are 2nd class citizens in Arabic countries. The Black September did its part.


Yes, and keeping and rebuilding that identity also meant to suppress the identity of minorities: Polonization

The polish identity was always multi-cultural, but that changed. The Poland of 1918 to 1939 was in some kind of a nationalistic/patriotic euphoria. The Second republic made Polish the only official language although one third of the population was not Polish.

After 1945 the forced polonisation involved prohibiting all other languages, assigning new family names, location names, relocation of people that did not assimilate.

Kashubian, Ukranians, Lithuanians, Germans, Silesians, Jews, Belarusians were affected. It was the first time in the history Poland became homogenous.

Not that this was anyhow special. Other countries did the same.

Poland also used internment camps. 16.00 Germans were put interned in camps in Stralkowo and Szczypiorno and two other sites in 1918/19. It began with the Posnanian War

In 1926 another set of camps was created for Ukranians and political dissidents (later also for Germans) at Bereza-Kartuska, Brest-Litowsk, Kowel, Nowo Georgiewsk.

I’m happy Poland it is now an accepted and unquestioned state and nation. As that it can deal with the darker spots in its history (far less than other countries have) with self-confidence and I think many Poles would agree to that (although not the PIS probably).


The above is precisely what you said @arsanias
There are a number of other points I could correct you on regarding this… but let’s start with that.

So… still waiting for the quotes, links or just who has said:
“ no Pole was ever involved in crimes against Jews.”

If you start off from a false assumption then everything that follows is a pile of shite.

  1. I’m not ranting. I have stated facts about how the Israeli state has and continues to treat Palestinians.

  2. I haven’t forgotten anything. Whether they are or aren’t treated better elsewhere is a distraction from how they are treated in their homeland.

Israel is an apartheid state. Fact.


arsanias - hi

Surely there’s enough discrimination to go around (and have some to spare), in arab countries
If the Sunni are the majority they discriminate against the Shia and (surprise surprise), vice versa.
Also, if there are any Christians still living there, they get discriminated against by … both.



I don’t know if somebody really said it, but the intention is to keep that image and suppress any discussion that scratches on Polands reputation as solely a victim. I know there was no polish state at the time. I think it’s a bit sophistic to say Poland did not do anything wrong with the argument that there was no polish state at the time. There is the state as a political entity, but there is also the people that constitutes a state and there is a polish nation that still existed under occupation. The same people founded the third republic - just as Germany was not suddenly nazi-free just because the regime had changed.

That is kind of diverting from the topic. The outrage of the polish nationalists is rather hypocritical. Do they really care about Jews? I doubt.

btw, I just learned a new term: Szmalcownik

Or that one: Polish Judas ritual in Pruchnik

What does the PIS: silence. Instead there are figures like the PIS member Krystyna Pawlowicz who said Passwover wishes from the US ambassador are a “provocation”.


Yes, and you do it very one-sided. No word about the Hamas still wanting to extinct Israel.

Do Arabic Israelis have to use separate schools, buses, public toilets, are excluded from universities, are treated differently by the law? No.

btw, Arabs can join the army.



But it remains the case that the Palestinian people were largely ethnically cleansed from their lands to form the state of Israel with the 1967 border. The ethnic cleansing goes on as Israel expands its illegal settlements in the West Bank. A compromise is needed for peace which will require a two state solution with Israel back within its 1967 borders in accordance with UN resolutions.

Frog in a tree


FIAT - hi

So, let me get this straight.
The Palestinians should get the land back that they lost when their attempt to destroy the Israeli state and kill as many Jews as possible failed?
Or am I missing something?


You’re missing that they Israeli state only exists as 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homeland… and towns and villages were destroyed/renamed.
Since then they are treated as 2nd class citizens on their own land.


JW - hi

Maybe the Palestinians (and other Arab countries), should have either:
a. Not started the war to exterminate Israel (and kill thousands of Jews); or
b. Won


And maybe you should take some basic history lessons and learn how the state of Israel was formed before spouting crap.