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I just took a look at what the US ambassador to Poland actually tweeted… it was:
“On the occasion of the holiday of Pesach starting tonight, celebrated in remembrance of the Israelites’ release from Egyptian captivity, I wish you peace and a joyful holiday! Chag Pesach Sameach,”
(but in Polish)
Now, that was at the start of the Catholic’s Holy Week around Good Friday… maybe she should remember that most Poles are Catholic rather than Jews and be more inclusive.

I see that the tweets in response are basically saying just that.

By the way, the US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher has had way too many facelifts and wears way too much makeup.


Sexist commentary JW.



They were expelled or left as refugees. An ethnic cleansing would not lead to a 20% share of Arabs among the Israeli citizens.

“fun fact”: 300.00 Palestinians became refugees in 1967, but 450.000 were expelled from Kuwait in 1991. Who talks about them? Simply nobody. Double standards.

Israel is called an apartheid state, while the Arabs there have citizenship. Palestinian Arabs in Arabic countries are stateless.

The arabic world better had accepted the borders as they were 1967 in 1967. Which arabic countries do that now? Not Syria, not Iran

The Fatah does, Hamas doesn’t.

Does it make sense for Israel to even talk about it? They made negative experience withdrawing from Gaza. After that I don’t know. Would you tell them: “come on, try again in West Jordan. This time it will work.”

Maximum they will have peace with the Fatah, but still not with Gaza and not with numerous terrorist and combat groups that are sponsored by Iran.

I would also expect a civil war between Palestinians.


Just a fact. I deal in facts not bullshit.



Still sexist commentary that would not have been made if the Ambassador had been a man…and you know it.

Frog in a tree


If he’d had too many facelifts and was wearing too much makeup… you bet I’d have mentioned it.


That’s lamentable, but that’s what happened throughout human history and is only reversed with new war and violence.

With the Arabic “brothers” more inclined to integrating the Palestinians instead of making them 2nd class citizen (worse than Israel treats them) I think they could long ago have seen their chance in making peace with Israel and build a future first in their new home countries and then in their own state.

btw, I find it strange that both Jordan and Israel are successors of the British protectorate, but Arabs that were expelled from Israel are not automatically citizens of Jordan.

…and then nobody (really nobody) talks about the jewish exodus from Arabic countries. About 850.000 and thus much more than Palestinians from Israel. Again, double standards.


and so what?

Eastern european women look like that.


Nah… it’s a US thing; it’s the traditional US barbie doll look.

Well maybe just a “Happy Easter!”… would have done eh?

She is the US Ambassador to Poland… not Israel… maybe she got confused(?) Being an American she probably doesn’t understand the difference.


JW - hi

You obviously refer to the period when the Jewish state formed in the area before it became a Roman province before the birth of Christianity.
Well before the arabs took over (by military conquest), after Saladin’s victory at the battle of Hattin 1187.


Now… after Gove’s backtracking… Javid now explains how we will be fine even without frictionless trade:

Sajid Javid admitted frictionless trade with the EU would be “over” but said that Britain would have a “better future”.

Earlier, an industry body warned border checks on imports could cause fresh food supply problems.

But Mr Javid said supply chains “would be protected”.

“Of course, we are not going to have completely frictionless trade because we have left the [EU] customs union and single market,” he told BBC economics editor Faisal Islam.

“That is a deliberate decision, because we have a better future as an independent sovereign nation trading with European friends, but also trading more so with the rest of the world.”

He said the government would defend automotive and other industries that rely on frictionless trade, promising “complete equivalence”.

“We are working closely with the car sector,” he said. “We’ve been clear there will be some changes but that can be done in a way that the sector… continues to thrive.”

So the UK car sector will thrive… so he says.
That view isn’t shared by ANY car manufacturer, Union or car industry body.

How is it that within a few short weeks of leaving the EU that characters like Johnson & Gove are still around, still lying and noone seems to call them out for their backtracking on promises?


Good Googling John… but you are still thick as two short planks.
We were talking about the state of Israel.


JW - hi

Knew the history - googled the dates.
Yes Israel is modern - but who’s land is it then?


To some people very much so. I’m not going to go through a campaign of hate mail again for failing to observe the capitalisation when talking about the ‘6 million Jews’ who died as part of the Holocaust within the holocaust.

As I said, there is a very sophisticated and well-funded propaganda arm behind this, and you seem to have been reeled in hook, line and sinker in terms of the numbers. The piece below from Wiki shows how history has been re-written. Holocaust, small h, once referred to the whole system, only in the late 60s and early 70s did the capitalisation argument start. Besides that, the rest of the article from Wiki is basically correct so far as I was taught about the holocaust.

Whoever told you it was just 6 million Jews you need to go back to and ask why they dismissed the others, I would suggest, or to enlighten themselves before passing on misinformation and Holywood History (note the capital Hs).

You’ve admitted the death of 6 million jews but ignored the deaths of at least 6 million others, indeed questioned my use of the number or any number over 6 million, which suggests you think only jews were involved, if you thought at all.

Perhaps you should educate yourself on the matter, it isn’t difficult to spend a few minutes looking it up instead of just presuming I don’t know what I’m talking about.

"Names of the Holocaust vary based on context. “The Holocaust” is the name commonly applied in English since the mid-1940s to the systematic extermination of 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany during World War II. The term is also used more broadly to include the Nazis’ systematic murder of millions of people in other groups they determined were “untermensch” or “subhuman,” which included primarily the Jews and the Slavs, the former having allegedly infected the latter, including ethnic Poles, the Serbs, Russians, the Czechs and others. "


So why is it we are discussing the complicity of Poles and no other nationalities? Don’t say because of the current Polish government’s laws, because the situation arose long before that red herring was thrown into the ring.


No it didn’t.

Thw whole discussion started because people like you were limiting the holocaust to the death of 6 million Jews. I said we should remember the other victims too.

Next moment we’re back to Obama’s labelling of Nazi camps as " Polish death camps" and the supposed complicity of Poles. No other nation. Just Poles, who clearly ran the railways across Europe … from the front line they were conscripted into or their bunk space in a German death camp.

I’m really glad the ignorance as been exposed. The “6 million jews” Holocaust story has really gained credence. No doubt I shall be labelled antisemitic for pointing out that others died too.

Which reminds me, all you academic references pointing out figures up to 6 million Jewish deaths and doubting my 12 million figure because you had never heard it before. If we take your lowest academic figure and add 2.5m Russian prisoners of war by the start of 1943, that massively exceeds your 6 million figure, without looking any further at all.

What do you say to that? You appear to be avoiding the fact by throwing in distractions and accusing others of ‘dumping the discussion’. Accusing others of doing what you are actually doing isn’t going to wash here, I’m afraid.


Why aren’t you condemning the governments of Austria and Germany also?


Same argument was used to support the white South Africa, except the latter part which was replaced by ’ the numbers involved in illegal immigration from the surrounding countries’.


Yes, quite.

No one ever comments on Mr Orange Man Trump, or makes a mockery of his ludicrous quiff. Never heard a thing from anyone. And certainly not from you.


Quite right…no comments on his appearance, certainly not from me, even if The Groper is a corrupt, authoritarian racist.