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But why wouldn’t you deride Trump for his appearance? He’s ripe for it.

And if you did, would that be sexist? He’s roundly mocked and I wouldn’t for one minute regard that as sexist when such insults are hurled in his direction. Would you, do you? Seriously?


Apologies. Didn’t mean to sound like Dr Seuss ! :joy:


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And as they say at every political rally … The next President of the USA!


Well one challenger bank, Handelsbanken (if they could be called a challenger bank), went through the rigmarole of becoming a UK subsidiary so that they could continue trading. So it is possible for banks to work around passporting. But yes, from what I can gather it was an arduous process.


Yes JAR, given The Groper’s characteristics as described above, it is no surprise that you are a supporter.




Absolutely. It is certainly possible and of course those financial institutions that didn’t already have UK legal entities are now compelled to get them or risk not being able to process UK based business (like Handelsbanken - which is a great bank by the way).
The issue is that it comes at a cost to them so only the larger outfits can afford to separate their capital and then await ever diverging regulatory regimes and accompanying costs.

You’re probably also correct that my connected point about the HMRC losing corp tax works both ways ie. Handelsbanken might end up paying more UK corp tax than before. However, for the large majority of financial institutions operating out of the UK already with UK legal entities then for HMRC they are only going to see net outflows of corp tax to other EU states (as they are increasingly using EU state legal entities for their non-UK business flows)… so net the UK tax income will be down… as ever… paid for by either tax increases, borrowing or poorer services… or any combination of those.


I have a little inside knowledge on Handelsbanken (:wink:) and it’s quite amazing how different the Swedish regulator is, compared to the FCA and PRA, but yet all part of the EU (for now). The FCA/PRA seem vastly more rigorous in their Anti Money Laundering rules and its been no small task to address that.

Not sure the UK sub will pay more tax, but it’s spent a lot of money bringing it’s controls up to standard which a smaller outfit would struggle with.


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Thanks for the compliment m8.
I do support Donald but his only problem is … he’s too liberal & needs to ‘toughen up’


It seems that opinion both inside Labour and in the general population favour Starmer and Rayner as the Labour Leader and Deputy candidates.

To my mind Starmer is the most credible in terms of Prime Ministerial credibility and background and Rayner is a good media performer. I gather that Rayner has been very visible up and down the country in terms of support in other constituencies.

Anyone but Long-Bailey!

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I’m unsure about within the Labour party. I feel Starmer is Labour’s only chance for a quick recovery from their recent electoral disaster.


Starmer has a good lead among the constituency parties where the constituency members vote collectively for their constituency nomination. There is also a forthcoming one member one vote process and then the union block votes. Given the numbers of Momentum supporters it seems that most of these have read the writing on the wall.

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Starmer seems to be way ahead in terms of nominations.

can’t think why…

Rebecca Long-Bailey@RLong_Bailey
Please sign to show your support for the trans and non-binary community, for whom the Labour Party should always be a safe space :rose:

I see one of the pledges describes Woman’s Place UK as a ‘trans-exclusionist hate group’. Seemingly because they argue that women’s changing rooms and the like should be protected for women, rather than allowing free access to anyone who decides they want to ‘identify as’ as a woman.

Seems to have gone down like a cup of cold sick with many women, judging from the replies on her social media, which isn’t exactly a good sign for the general population. If they still haven’t clocked the utter pointlessness of pandering to the social media echo chamber, after the last election, then they’ll assure Johnson a second term.


BBC 2, 9pm, Monday 17th February:

Should be interesting.




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Blimey - does Rebecca Long-Shot post on BW3 m8?
FIAT isn’t her ‘nom be poste’ is it?


Obviously you failed “comprehension” tests at primary school JAR.



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Would be worthy of a rejoinder … if I could comprehend your post!


He can’t spot a liar when he sees one either:




Well SBUK… you can add that to the lies about “frictionless trade” and “no additional checks at borders”… now Gove has totally backtracked.

It seems few care anymore that many of the things that were pointed out and dismissed by the Leave dotard brigade as Project Fear over the last few months are now all unfolding.


There is a lamentable lack of opposition to the Liar Johnson junta right now. The opposition parties should be demanding the publication of the Russian interference and bribery Report regarding the Referendum and elections. They should also be urging Inspector Knacker of the Yard to arrest the senior members of the Tory Party and Leave campaigns for offences against national security which carry sentences of Life Imprisonment.




SBUK - hi,
It’s all about consequences m8.
Arabs try to wipe out Israel twice (1948 & 1967), lose badly and the Palestinians lose land.
The opposition (sic) before and during the last election made Fred Kano’s army look like the height of efficiency, lose badly and the Tories have a ’ landslide majority.
All your whinging ain’t gonna change either.