Brexit Wars 3



Latest Blame the EU rhetoric. Nows its Canada style Deal not Australia.

what were they saying in 2016?..


Raab might say that Pete… but it was thicko dotards who unquestioningly believed the lies.

Now we just have to wait for traffic queues in Kent, higher prices and poorer food & animal welfare standards (ie. whatever the US have).

All coming our way soon just as the lies about frictionless trade and border checks have been exposed as lies.

Heaven knows what’s going to happen on the NI/Ireland border… that seems to have gone out of the news.


Not in Ireland, of course. See recent election results.

As I predicted here a long time ago, a vote for Brexit was a vote for Sinn Fein, the whole organisation and what it stands for, including the break up of our Union. They’d been losing ground in the north, but now have this massive filip in the south.

Still, rather it comes out in the ballot boxes than on the streets which was/is my greatest fear. That wont happen until the summer though. If it does.

Brexit delays and loss of trade and business due to the border controls is going to play right into Sinn Fein’s hands on both sides of the border.

Even more pressure on Johnson to break with the EU as quickly as possible before the influence of a Sinn Fein appeasing Irish government starts having a say in what the EU will allow the UK to do when it comes to trade.

P.S. Almost all the UK’s fishing rights overlap with Eire’s. What fun that will be now the government has said they will make fishing rights a major priority, above and beyond that of the finance industry, for example.


The Brexiteer collaborators might not like it when the big job losses start in their Little Englander towns and the farms revert to the wild wood.

Then there will be the massive prescription hikes due to US pharmas taking control.

I can barely wait for these good things to happen.




That is true jackboot JAR, but the junta won on the back of gross lies. But that is the thing about your sort , you think lying is good and funny. Well it will be all downhill for Brexit and its collaborators from now on. For one thing the ferrets are starting to fight in their sack. The Liar Johnson V Liar Cummings battle has already begun.




If only that were going to happen I’d support it.
More likely is that they will be bought up by land developers for future poor quality build housing estates.


This Guy list benefits of the EU
pity the Brexiters dont listen and THINK??


That is what you might call the height of crass ignorance and stupidity beyond all belief.

I’d like the EU to slap a 90% tariff on all imports from Britain. The seas are massively over fished. Cod stocks in the North sea are on the verge of collapse. Piscine species should be left alone, its the woke and proper thing to do.

Anyway, due to climate change and rampant viruses the human race will soon be wiped out, starting with the old and bigoted ones first and thus saving the planet. What’s not to like?




Does anyone know any more about this
its from 2016 but there is a smell about the whole issue…


Good to see the racist, fascist thug Salvini going on trial.

It’ll be a great day when Mrs May, Farage, Liar Johnson et al are in the dock too.




They eat cuckoos don’t they?

Good to see that the EU taking the piss out of the Johnson government’s delusions.

Barnier warned the government that the City of London will not get a general open-ended equivalence deal with the EU. Clearly as the bigger partner the EU will dictate, not negotiate, the terms.

Also von der Leyen mocked Johnson’s Australia deal by puncturing his rhetoric by reminding everyone that there is no Australia deal as they trade with the EU on WTO terms which are much worse than we have at the moment. Even the Canada deal will mean some tariffs and some regulatory alignment.

Johnson and his chums will fall from cloud cuckooland with a heavy bump.

Ooo la la!

Frog in a tree


A bridge over troubled waters

I wonder if Nicola is thinking that a bridge between Scotland and Ireland might be just the ticket for both countries if Scotland gains independence and joins the EU and NI unites with Eire? Especially if it built with English money (AKA @HuwJarse and @john.a.reeves’s taxes) ? Just a thought.

Frog in a tree


I have to say Frog coming onto this BB and watching you, Buns and Pete whip yourselves up into an ever greater irate frenzy about Brexit is one of the highlights of my day.


Though OT & marking quite another 75th anniversary, which many still consider to be an Allied war crime, quite a moving interview at the end with 100-year old former British soldier & POW, Victor Gregg, who survived the fire-bombing of Dresden. He offers some strong views about what he thinks of his own side’s behaviour & motives in how that city was destroyed. - Catch all later as busy day away in spells.


If you agree Dresden was a war crime, how far back does one go until you reach a point where bombing was justified? Or was it never so?

One third of Britain’s GDP went into building a srategic bomber force, manned by the most technically minded of the fighting generation of the time.

Prior to the war, the purposeful bombing of civillians was a declared war crime, but the above force couldn’t get more than a few percent of its bombs within 5 miles of any specific target. Bombing cities generally was an inevitable outcome.

When you put that amount of effort into building a weapon of war, it takes on its own momentum. Had they arrived in time, you can be 100% certain that nuclear weapons would have been dropped on Germany for the same reason.

Crime or not, using hindsight to deny the men of Bomber Command their own campaign medal was disgraceful. They followed orders to create the best ‘second front’ that Britain, and later USA, could manage, when millions of Russian allies were dying on the Eastern front. Most air crew had no hope (or mathematical probability) of actually surviving a single tour of operations.

Had the Western allies not entered into this campaign, one possible alternative was a separate peace between Nazi Germany and USSR. If that had happened then D-Day would almost certainly have failed in 1944 and the war would have gone on for years and years more.

I’d caution that the bombing of Dresden has become a focus for the far-right and Nazi sympathisers and holocaust deniers, as the article states. Question everyone’s views on it, is my advice.

P.S. Glad to see that it appears that the holocaust appears to have been accepted as the systematic killing of over 12 million people on this thread and that the Holocaust involving the extermination of 6 million jews was a part of it.

Now people have had their attention brought to that point, listen out in future and recognise just how often the holocast is described as the extermination of 6 million jews. Full stop.

How is it that younger generations all know that number yet are unaware of the full extent of the atrocities? Indeed, how is it that older generations appear to have forgotten what they were taught at school and have replaced their knowledge of the full extent of the holocaust with the less-than-full picture of the Holocaust and the death of 6 million jews?


great post
Pity you dont have a single argument about what is good about the Fraud you believed to add to our discussion group…

PS more Bojo Lies


In the FT so the Link wont work unless you are a subscriber but the EU is moving ahead with targetting Tax avoiders since the UK lost its Veto…

EU adds Cayman Islands to tax haven blacklist


Hi Eadwig,

I’m personally disinclined to say that any one bombing campaign of any city was a war crime in itself whilst others weren’t. But to this day some question the purpose of bombing Dresden, a city sheltering mostly civilians, at that stage of WW2.

Generally speaking, we know that all recent wars saw criminal acts in that there were many avoidable civilian deaths. To me it says more about the fundamental flaws of much of the human race than anything else.

If ever there was honour in war, I think it died well before WW2 & even Nazi Germany’s call for “Total War”. Even before WW2 German Stukas frequently bombed Spain’s Republican cities causing significant loss of civilian life. Going further back, the British bombed Iraqi cities in the 1920s to quell rebellions & protect access to oil reserves. Arguably all such acts & many more of a similar nature are crimes to a significant degree. - Regards.


Good … another benefit of Brexit then :+1:


Did you see the news yesterday that German industrial production fell 7.2% in December Pete? Yes that figure is right, SEVEN POINT TWO PERCENT. It was 4.1% across the Eurozone as a whole. The fastest fall since the depths of the financial crisis.