Brexit Wars 3



fynne - hi.
No ‘probably’ about it m8
All traitorous gi@s!


So I’m just sat here eagerly awaiting for the postman to deliver all those anonymous Valentine cards through my letterbox but now depressed having just read the usual bilge from the backward Brextieer crew here

Overall I’m feeling gloomy with another storm on its way over the weekend. Then I hear that there has been the largest plague of locusts in East Africa for 70 years, stripping all the farmers’ fields, apparently a result of climate change which is also causing the temperature in Antarctica to rise to a record 20 degrees today. Expect a 3 metre sea level rise soon. Then there are the forest and bush fires raging across the world and the Amazon rainforest tipped into producing more carbon than oxygen now. Elsewhere torrents of flooding are occurring. Pandemic disease is sweeping around the globe. The UK and Europe are about to get poorer due to Brexit Britain being on its way to becoming a failed, pariah state. PM Johnson has decided to style himself after the Roman Emperor Caligula. The orange haired Lucifer, Anti - Christ reigns supreme in the White House. Soon it will be raining frogs (only one plaguing the BARC COMP right now) and the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse will come clip - clopping down the high street. The end is nigh.




Andrea Loathsome, the vicious McVey and Villiers were the hardest of hard Brexiteers duffer.




Bundy hi
No m8 sacked because they are incompetent gi@s.


Cheer up buns … euro’s @ 1.20 :+1:

True, but which candidate did they support for leader of the party :thinking:


And replaced with more of the same. But how would you know “Industrial Engineer” AKA glorified grease monkey?




McVey strongly supported Liar Johnson, Deadsome supported herself and who cares about the nonentity Villiers?

Why do you never look up things before you open your mouth fynne?




Can’t be bothered … and gives you lot something to do now brexit is all but finished :clown_face:


= dim and lazy. The Brexit process and debacle has only just started BTW.

While channel hopping the other night I saw there was a programme about British Ex Pats living on Greek Islands. Obviously I skipped that. What a shame such a country as Greece, the cradle of civilization, with perfect weather, friendly people and thousands of years of fascinating history and mythology should be so marred by fynne types.

Its surprising how someone like grasser fynne, the self-styled King of the Flaggers could ever afford to retire early to such a place, albeit it is cheap. Either he inherited and sold his dad’s butcher’s shop or he was a copper’s nark and the police relocated him under their witness protection programme.




Usual crap still being spouted by the dotard thicko Leave brigade I see.
Those “rules” are usually about standards and quality.
They were devised with the UK as a chief participant in their creation over years.

Last year a report from the House of Lords warned that the standards of UK producers could be put under pressure by demands from other countries to allow an influx of cheap and lower-standard food as part of trade deals.
That is now highly likely to happen.

UK farmers are going to face imports from countries that produce meat and other food with much lower standards. Without the support for agricultural and animal welfare standards in any trade agreements, the UK’s standards are at risk.
Eg. meat that has been fed with hormones and growth-promoting antibiotics is currently banned… see how quickly that gets dropped ahead of the US trade deal.
Eg. dozens of pesticides are permitted in the US but banned in the UK/EU on health and environmental grounds.

If you purely leave it to market forces then you are in a race to the bottom.


Bunsy - has my valentine Day card arrived yet?
… Don’t hold your breath.
Industrial Engineering? WTF has that to do with anything?
Are you ‘losing it’?


So where is the bluff?


Exporters always comply with the rules of the market to which they are exporting… otherwise no exports.

@HuwJarse and many others think we can survive without complying to the rules of anyone and still have exports. Their rules are just ‘a bluff’.

Farming today had an interview with an American farmer who apparently has advanced knowledge that these bans are more or less history as he gears up for his new export market.

Someone’s bluffing, and I don’t think its the guy spending millions of dollars in anticipation. Far more likely its our Brexiteers telling lies right up to selling us down the river.


So is that a Benefit ?? no single market, no customs union, no alignment.

Because its not what they told you muppets


There is no one in the country more incompetent than Liar Johnson when it comes to getting anything real done. Remember when he was the so -called Mayor of London and the disastrous:

Routemaster buses?

Water Cannon?

Garden Bridge?

Now we have to listen to rubbish like HS2 which will never get one foot further than Birmingham and a laughable bridge to Ulster. He’s just a BS merchant and a double agent for the USA and Russia at the same time.

Anybody who supports Liar Johnson does not have an ounce of integrity, dignity or grey matter.




And let’s see what happens to the “40 new hospitals”.
I see that Hunt said the other day that the government’s plan to build 40 new hospitals was “highly ambitious” and its funding promises needed “a lot more thinking and ambition”.
Whilst… the new chief medical officer, Chris Whitty has now warned that the NHS risks being swamped by an old-age health crisis.

Still… we’ve taken back control now so the nasty EU aren’t stopping us building new hospitals or spending on the NHS.


… I always thought Boris Island airport was a good idea … :clown_face:


To be fair there is a lot of waste in the NHS, unnecessary hip operations for example, for people who are at the wick end of their days. Come to think of it I wonder how they deal with the materials for such down at the Crems?

“Artificial replacement parts can be made of strong plastic, metal, or ceramic. In most cases, the femoral stem component is built from titanium, titanium cobalt, stainless steel, cobalt-chromium alloys, or a titanium and cobalt mixed metal.”

Can’t be a good thing to burn the plastic but all those rare metals should be recycled along with the owners’ golf clubs.




And it didn’t happen. A stupid failed idea.

Of course fynne if you knew anything that would have been a vastly expensive project and hugely damaging ecologically - not that yobs like you would care.

There will be a lot less air travel in future due to peeps becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and Britain becoming a backwater, basket case economy.




Its simple really.

Brexit is a mess UK will be worse off
In order to hide this from Brexiter muppets for a year or so.

Need to spend £bills eg £200BILL Hs2 and Bridge to NI.
Gives a short boost to £ and we borrow even more than the 2 Trillion already borrowed .
they need a chancellor and team to play that game and tell pack of lies.
they got rid of the ones with some pride…